United Airlines Change Flight Policy

Searching for an airline that gives maximum flexibility to its flyers? Don’t look further and book your flight tickets with United Airlines. The airline is a perfect choice for flexible travelers because it offers a simple and comprehensive United change flight policy. The airline understands all concerns of flexible passengers, and therefore, offers this great policy. If you are unsure of your plan, go ahead, and book your tickets with this airline. 

Confirm your booking with the airline as soon as possible to avail maximum benefits. Moreover, you can connect with its customer service at any moment of the day to seek immediate guidance. If you wish to know anything about the United Airlines change flight procedure, then get in touch with travel experts immediately. They are available 24*7 for your convenience. Move further to know about the flight change policy.

How to Change United flight within 24 hours of the Reservations?

United knows that travel plans change, and therefore it offers a 24-hour flexible booking policy for its customers’ ease. Passengers who want to save their money can change their flight within 24 hours of booking it. No fee will be charged for it as long as you have made the reservation one week or more before the scheduled departure. You can initiate the “change my flight United” process by calling on the airline’s phone number or by visiting the official site. 

How Much the United Airlines Change Flight Fee?

If you want to know what is United Airlines Change Flight Fee?, then here is a reason for you to smile. The airline has permanently waived its change fee for most premium and Economy cabin tickets for flights between Mexico and the USA or the Caribbean. This rule also applies to flights within the USA.

International travel that is originating from the USA will not require any change fee. Start planning your trip with United Airlines now because you have more flexibility with no United flight change fee.

United Flight Change Policy for Different Fares

If you have booked with miles, you can make changes either before or after completing the check-in procedure. Let’s explore more details.

  • Untied Change Flight Policy for Premier Members

If you are a premier member, you have extra flexibility to change your flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure. You can confirm a seat on another flight without any additional charges. Please note that if your original ticketed fare is not available on a new flight, then a fare difference will be applied to it. Moreover, you can stand by for free if your original fare class is not available.

  • Flight Change Policy for All other flyers

As per the United flight change policy, passengers who are a member of MileagePlus without any Premier status can confirm their seats on another flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time. You need to pay the fare difference is applicable.

  • What is the United Basic Economy Fares Policy?

You should remember that you cannot change or get a refund on basic economy tickets. However, you are not permitted to change the basic economy tickets as per the United change flight policy.

Flight Change Policy for Non-Refundable Tickets

United Airlines has modified its flight change policy. You can now change your non-refundable flight ticket without paying any extra charges. However, you are required to pay the fare difference, if needed. For same-day changes, United Airlines will charge.

  • USD 0 if you are a 1K, Platinum, or Gold member
  • USD 75 if you are Silver-tier or general member

What is Flight Change Policy for Refundable Tickets?

There is no fee to change your refundable flight ticket. You can make any change to your reservation without any additional effort. However, if you are changing your flight ticket to a higher fare, then you will pay the difference in fares. But if your flight is cheaper than the original one, then the difference in fares will be refunded in the original form of payment. Please note that your fare condition will decide whether you will get a refund or not.

How to Change the United Airlines flight?

Flyers who have used the “United Airlines book a flight option to confirm their reservations can change their flights by visiting the “My Trips” section. The customer-friendly interface of the website will help you to complete your work with much ease. Perform the following steps to change your flight conveniently.

  • Go to the United Airlines official site
  • You will see a search engine on the left side of the screen. Here you will find the “My trips” option. Click on it to proceed further
  • After that, you will have to add some details in the specific fields.
  • Firstly, enter your confirmation number.
  • Secondly, mention the last name of the flyer.
  • Lastly, click on the “search” tab, and open up the details of your current booking.
  • Now, click on the “change flight” option.
  • After that, you have to enter the details of your new flight.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm your flight reservation in a fraction of a second.

Moreover, flyers can get in touch with the agents of the airline to change their current flight without any extra effort. They are available all the time to guide you in the hour of need.

I hope now you know how to initiate the United change flight process. 

Can I Change the United Airlines Booking Date?

If you are traveling with United Airlines, you can change your flight date with no extra effort. The airline permits all the flyers to alter their reservations at the last minute quickly. Moreover, the change policy of this airline is very comprehensive. Therefore, you can understand without any expert assistance.

Please note that you may have to pay some amount to change your flight date. Moreover, you can change the date online and offline both ways. Changing a flight date is like a piece of cake. Apply the following steps on the official site to confirm the change.

  1. Go to united.com and locate the “My trips” option.
  2. Here you have to input some needed details, such as last name and confirmation number.
  3. Lastly, choose the “search” option to retrieve your flight information
  4. After that, click on the “change flight” option, followed by the “Edit” option.
  5. Now, click on the “travel date” option.
  6. Enter the new details, and check out the availability.
  7. If the seats are available, confirm your booking as soon as possible.
  8. You may have to pay the difference in fares.
  9. Continue to confirm your flight change.

What is the United Airlines Same-Day Change Policy?

Need to change your flight, but your scheduled departure date is approaching? Fret not because United Airlines allows you to change your flight on the day of departure. Passengers can make united airlines same-day flight change at lower fares if they have a restricted ticket.

Please keep in mind that basic economy and economy tickets can’t change flights. Travelers with the following status can opt for the change without any cost.

  • Premier 1K
  • MileagePlus Premier Gold
  • Premier Platinum

For any other passengers, a service change or a change fee will be applied. Let’s have a look at the services charges by the airline.

  • Premier Platinum and Premier 1K – $0
  • For Premier Gold – $0
  • Premier Silver – $75
  • MileagePlus members – $75

Important points to remember

  1. You can opt for the same-day flight change if your flight is operated by United Express or United Airlines.
  2. The number of your ticket must begin with 016.
  3. Within 24 hours before the departure, the same-day flight change is possible.
  4. Your requested flight must depart within 24 hours from the time you have requested the change.
  5. You can stand by if the seats are not available on the alternative flight that you have chosen.
  6. Passengers can make the change only for the same destination and origin city.
  7. Travelers with an upgraded tickets will be added to the upgraded stand-by list.
  8. Same-day flight changes can be made at the airport kiosk, check-in online, or by calling the local contact center of United Airlines.

Learn About the United Standby Policy

United Airlines permits its passengers to fly standby on a flight that departs within 24 hours of booking. You don’t even have to pay the standby charges for it. Also, if you wish to book your seat on the different flights rather than stand by for it, it can be possible too. Look at the following point to get detailed info. 

  • MileagePlus elite status holders/Premier members are allowed to book their desired seats on the same day of departure and arrival in cities. The airline will not charge any fee for the new seat in the same fare class. You may have to pay the fare difference if no seats are available in the booked class. 
  • Non-Premier MileagePlus members can also book a seat on another flight within 24 hours of departure. You must pay the fare difference even when the same fare class is available.

How Can I Get on the United Standby List?

If you want to get on the United standby list, you should check out the following points. It can be done via visiting the official website, app, at the Kiosk airport, or by getting in touch with a travel agent. 

  • You have to choose the View Flight option if you are getting the list online or at the kiosk airport. 
  • You can also track the standby status on the United application to get on the standby list. 

If you are still getting any issues regarding the United standby list, get in touch with a travel agent by dialing the Airlines Customer Service Phone Number.

Can I Change United Flights on the Travel Day? 

If you wish to change the flight on the travel day, it is a must to pay the fare difference. United Airlines allows Mileage Plus premium members to make changes for free. You can contact the airline by visiting the official website for further information.

How to Cancel the United Flight?

If you can’t find a suitable flight as per your priorities, then you must prefer to cancel your reservation. Moreover, you can cancel your flight booking in the blink of an eye. Use the official site or install the mobile app to confirm your flight cancelation online.

To cancel your flight booking offline, you have to dial the airline’s phone number. Reach out to the United Airlines representatives over the call, and share your flight details. After that, an agent will listen to your details and confirm your flight cancelation with the snap of a finger.

Access the “My trips” section, and check out the details of your reservation. After that, you need to find out the “cancel reservation” option. Follow the instructions posted on the screen to terminate your current booking in a moment.

United Airlines: Faqs

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with United Airlines?

With United Airlines, you may have to pay a fee to cancel your reservation viz. $50 or up to 10% of the fare, plus non-refundable taxes and administrative service charges. The airline permits you to cancel the booking without any fee within 24 hours of the flight reservation. However, if someone crosses this time frame, then they will have to pay according to their route. The airline may keep up to 10% of the fare and $50 for canceling your reservation. In addition to this, you may have to pay administrative service charges and non-refundable taxes.

Can I get my money back if I cancel my United flight?

Yes, You can claim your money after canceling your flight ticket up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure.Moreover, you can do it with much ease. The airline allows you to cancel your booking whenever you want. After that, check out the eligibility criteria for the refund. If you are eligible, get your money easily. The airline allows you to get your money back regardless of the reason, and the consumer chooses not to travel. 

How do I call United Airlines?

To get in touch with the real person at United Airlines, you have to dial 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331). The airline has posted a list of phone numbers on its official site. Travelers can give a call on the number to discuss their queries. After that, one of the agents will talk to you regarding all your problems. 

Can I change my United Airlines flight?

You can change your United flight at any step of your journey but before the flight departure. This outstanding airline permits all the flyers to change their flight within no time. Moreover, it has a simple change policy that is designed while keeping all the important points in your mind. Within 24 hours of your reservation, one can change the flight without any additional fee. 

Can you change your flight date?

Yes, you can change the date of your flight as per your convenience. The airline allows every flyer to modify the flight. United Airlines guests can change the flight date by visiting the official airline’s website. Provide the necessary details on the site to fly according to your priorities. Moreover, you can even get in touch with the United Airlines’ executive to book your flight ticket on a new date.

How do I cancel a flight on United?

To cancel your flight reservation, you have to apply some quick steps on the official site. Pull up your flight details, and choose the “cancel flight” button to get your reservation done. The airline follows a customer-centric approach to facilitate all its flyers. Moreover, you can reach out to the United Airlines officials to cancel your flight booking on the call. Share your booked flight details, and one of the executives will initiate your cancelation procedure in the shortest time. In addition to this, you can ask for refund eligibility from the airline executive. 

Can United Airlines change my flight?

Yes, United Airlines can make changes to your flight due to any reason. In that case, it is totally up to you whether you want to accept that change or not. Moreover, if you don’t wish to take that flight, you can seek a refund from the airline. Have a conversation with the airline agent regarding your flight change. 

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