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Alitalia is the flag carrier of Italy headquartered in Fiumicino, Italy. Maximum flights are operated by the airline from its primary hub, Leonardo DA Vinci–Fiumicino Airport in Rome. Linate Airport in Milan is the secondary hub of Alitalia Airlines. The airline is also globally known for being the 12th largest airline in Europe.  If you want to go on holiday destination or you want to go to a business meeting, you are always going to get the best facilities through Alitalia Airlines. You can make Alitalia flight booking by calling at Alitalia reservations help desk.

Destinations Alitalia Airlines Serves 

Alitalia Airlines, with huge fleet size is capable of offering non-stop flight service to more than 75 international and 25 domestic destinations across more than 40 countries. The popular destinations that Alitalia Airlines fly to are Paris, Barcelona, London, Miami, Tehran, Milan and Los Angeles. 

Alitalia Phone Number Details

In-formations Phone Number
Alitalia Reservations Number ( US ) +1-800-819-4710
Alitalia Reservations Number ( US ) +1-800-819-4710
Alitalia Customer Service Number +1-800-819-4710
Alitalia Booking Number +1-800-819-4710
Alitalia Group Booking Email [email protected]
Special Assistance and Web Assistance (+39) 06 65640
Alitalia Baggage Tracking E mail [email protected]
Customer Relation Services [email protected] Number : (+39) 06 65640
Hubs Milan Malpensa Airport
  • Air Italy Fleet Management
  • Meridiana Maintenance
  • Wokita
Fleet size 13
Destination 26
Parent company AQA Holding S.p.A
Headquarters Olbia, Sassari, Italy

Why Make Alitalia Airlines Your Flying Partner?

Each Alitalia flight is highly tested and therefore ensures ultimate safety to its passengers. The carrier has gained attention of travel enthusiasts from all around the globe with superb availability of highly affordable flight tickets. Moreover, this major airline of Italy helps passengers fly in style and comfort by providing them excellent facilities on the plane within the price quoted by the airline. 

From comfortable push-back seats to the streaming of favorite songs and movies of the passengers, Alitalia Airlines offers everything to all their passengers, no matter if they are traveling for leisure or business, or what travel class they chose to reach their destination of choice and need.

Above all, Alitalia Airlines adds flexibility to the entire process of flight booking. They make the entire process of reservation simple and time-saving. Furthermore, this Italian airline comes up with multiple platforms of flight booking. Reservation can be done online and offline when you choose to fly with Alitalia Airlines.

Classes of Service at Alitalia Airlines

  • Alitalia Airlines strives to offer top-class services to its customers at the most competitive rates. Apart from being identified as an ultra-low-cost airline, Alitalia Airlines is appreciated for its hospitality and special and required amenities.
  • Services offered by Alitalia Airlines have been divided into four classes, Classica Plus-Premium Economy, Classica-Economy, Ottima-Business, and Magnifica-Business. 
  • Passengers traveling in the Magnifica-Business class can enjoy delectable Italian cuisines with cocktails. Comfortable recliner seats are installed in the Alitalia business class of such type. Passengers can get ultimate entertainment on a 15.4-inch screen with a huge collection of 45 movies and 12 music channels.  
  • Ottima-Business class travelers can get in-flight entertainment, comfortable and spacious seating. They can also enjoy authentic Italian meals and wines along with tasty snacks on the plane.
  • Classics-Economy class passengers of Alitalia Airlines can get personalized in-flight entertainment. Movies and songs are streamlined on the personal gadget of the passengers traveling in this class. They can enjoy sumptuous food on the plane ranging from vegetables, meat to tasty desserts.
  • Passengers traveling in the Classica Plus-Premium Economy class can enjoy comfortable seating in recliner seats and with extra legroom. Get authentic flavors of Italy and enjoy the delectable Italian cuisine on the plane. On 10.6 inch LCD screens, passengers of this Alitalia premium economy class can watch movies and series of their choice.

Online Check-In at Alitalia Airlines

Alitalia Airlines is the ultimate destination for super-busy travelers. The airline with multiple platforms of booking has attracted passengers from all around the globe. Reservation can be done from the comfort of your home when you browse through the official website of this Italian airline. Online Alitalia Airlines reservations can save you valuable time while helping you make check-in without visiting the kiosk of the airline. 

Alitalia online check in can be done 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight. A web check-in facility is available 24 hours a day and is considered to be the fast, reliable and efficient way of fulfilling the formalities of check-in. It is the key to enjoy a stress-free journey and avoid last minute hassles. 

Baggage Policy of Alitalia Airlines

Alitalia Airlines follows some strict guidelines when it comes to baggage. At the cabin, Alitalia passengers are allowed to carry one bag and one personal item. The carry-on bag should not be more than 8 kg in weight with specifications like 55cmx35cmx25cm. 

According to the baggage policy of Alitalia Airlines, passengers traveling in economy and premium economy class are allowed to carry bags weighing up to 23 kg. Business class travelers can carry bags up to 32 kg.

In-flight Amenities at Alitalia Airlines

When you make Alitalia Airlines your flying partner, you can be sure of getting superb amenities at no extra cost or any other handling fee. This airline of Italy has earned global appreciation from travel enthusiasts for making their air journey enjoyable, comfortable, smooth and entertaining. 

The services include entertainment on the flight, which includes streamlining of movies, series and songs on the personal gadget of the passengers. Providing kitchen-fresh meals, special Italian cuisine on the flight with tasty wines is the specialty of Alitalia Airlines. Recliner seats, with USB ports installed at each seat make flying with Alitalia Airlines comfortable and luxury.

There are many other services offered by Alitalia Airlines with no hidden cost. It includes:

  • Wi-Fi at the airport and some Alitalia flight
  • Wheelchair assistance at the airport
  • Special meals for infants
  • Services required for passengers with special needs and disable passengers

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Alitalia Airlines FAQs

Alitalia is a part of which alliance?

Alitalia Airlines is a member of the SkyTeam alliance. Being a partner of the SkyTeam alliance, Alitalia Airlines offers its passengers premium membership and helps them earn miles and points. But the earned points can be used for reservation depending on the distance and the destination. 

Is Alitalia strict with hand luggage?

This airline of Italy is quite strict with its baggage policy. Professional security personnel at the check-in counter, check the carry-on and checked baggage and the weight, whether it is under the restricted weight and dimensions. Once all the bags are checked thoroughly, your items will be tagged by the personnel before you board the flight. 

Which terminal is Alitalia at JFK?

Alitalia Airlines operates flights from Terminal 1 at John F Kennedy Airport. 

Where does Alitalia fly?

Alitalia Airlines offers scheduled flight services to major destinations like Paris, Barcelona, London, Miami, Tehran, Milan and Los Angeles. Moreover, this major airline of Italy serves 75 international and 25 domestic destinations across more than 40 countries with non-stop flight service.

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