Does Aeromexico Airlines have group rates?

Are you looking to fly with more than 10 passengers? This can be an interesting trip as you are going to take-off with your loved ones in a group. Choose the Aeromexico group travel option to make the reservation for the all-in-single itinerary. 

These airlines always give you incredible benefits & multiple services on the board so that your group doesn’t face any problems. Travelers who wish to obtain the group reservation are not aware of the guidelines and the process. Hence, in this article, you can enjoy the travel and find suitable seats for the next journey. So, without any delay, read out the information for the complete details. 

Complete Guidelines of Aeromexico Group Travel:

When you wish to travel in a group, you must adhere to the terms and conditions that are suitable for the trip. So, note the following points on regarding booking policy to make the reservation smoothly. 

  • For group travel, passengers can request customer service or fill out the online form to submit the group quotation. 
  • When your request is approved, you must complete the remaining payment within 72 hours of the scheduled departure. 
  • The best group rates are as per the group travel agreement by the airlines and for more than 10 passengers in a single itinerary. 
  • In a single payment, you must pay the security deposit through a bank transfer. 
  • If you don’t complete the payment, then airlines can forfeit the security deposit. 
  • If you wish to add more passengers to a group, then it can be subject to the availability of seats in the aircraft. 
  • Reducing the number of passengers can cause you a penalty or fees. 
  • Passengers can change the itinerary for a maximum of 10 percent of the group booking passengers. 
  • You must submit any final changes before four hours of the scheduled take-off. 
  • It is essential to understand the rules for the excess baggage or any other special services for the group. 

Kindly note: You need to pay 25 percent of the booking guarantee fee from the total for the Aeromexico group booking. 

What are the key features of group booking on Aeromexico?

Once you know the rules and criteria for reserving the group journey, then you are eligible for the multiple advantages. Look at some of the features below to enhance the overall flying experience. 

  • When you get the group reservation, make changes to the name for the 10 percent of the total travelers in the group without any extra fees or charges. 
  • Seats are allotted to all travelers for free except the preferred seating or AM plus. 
  • Travelers under the main cabin can accumulate 50 percent of the Puntos Premier or miles, and cabin premier can utilize 100 percent of the Puntos Premier. 
  • If there are any previously established luggage allowances, then you can apply them to the next destination. 
  • Group passengers can get the tickets upto seven days before the actual flight takes off. 
  • You can make the group reservation for 365 days before the departure. But when you reschedule the flight itinerary, you must pay the fare differences and fees. 

How do I book Multiple People on Aeromexico?

Passengers have an option to request the group journey online through the official website by getting in touch with the customer representative. Here is the complete information on the methods for reserving multiple people on Aeromexico for the preferred destination. 

Book the trip on the website:

  • Open the official web page of Aeromexico at www.aeromexico.com
  • Go to the group booking handle from the main menu. 
  • You can see the appropriate details and the ways to get the group tickets. 
  • From there, choose the submit request option. 
  • You can find the group request form that you must open to proceed further. 
  • Ask for the quote by adding certain information about the group. 
  • Provide the group name and the total number of passengers. 
  • Enter the details of all the passengers and their travel documents. 
  • After this, give the trip type, travel class, and travel dates. 
  • You must add the departure and arrival details for the itinerary. 
  • The return date can also be there if eligible. 
  • Add any other additional information necessary for the journey. 
  • Give the group quotation and submit the request form. 
  • The Aeromexico customer agent will get through to you soon. 
  • They can ask you for some details and send you the final quotation in some time. 

By Calling offline method:

Passengers can also request Aeromexico on the customer service phone number to acquire the best quotation. You just need to follow the points stated further while reserving the group journey. 

  • Firstly, open the Aeromexico online site at www.aeromexico.com
  • Secondly, get the group booking section from the website. 
  • Choose the phone option to get the number as per the country/code. 
  • Dial the Aeromexico group travel phone number at 1 800 800 9999.
  • Listen to the on-call voice instructions promptly for help. 
  • Choose 1 for the language. 
  • Choose 2 to get the new booking. 
  • Choose 3 to acquire the refund. 
  • Choose 4 for changing the flight. 
  • Choose 5 to ask for the group travel.
  • Choose 6 to speak with the live person. 

Once you pick the preferred command, your phone will be assigned to the customer representative. They can help you in the group journey to submit the final quotation for your location. You can reach them anytime around the clock for the best satisfaction on the trip. 

To sum up:

If your booking requires extra travelers, you must get in touch with the customer service. With this information, you can easily obtain the Aeromexico group travel reservation without paying any extra amount. Although, you can reach the airport counters for further clarification about the trip.