Lufthansa Airlines Flight Booking +1-860-333-5386 Unpublished Deals

Willing to travel without any extra stress? Confirm your Lufthansa booking in no time, and get ready to explore your dream destination conveniently. You don’t have a better choice than Lufthansa if you are looking to complete your journey amidst sheer comfort. Moreover, you don’t have to pay high fares because the airline offers economical fares. 

Being one of the outstanding airlines, Lufthansa never hesitates to provide incredible services to its flyers. Make sure to avail advantages of all these facilities, and have a hassle-free journey. Want to explore this beautiful world? Look no further and make Lufthansa flight booking in a flicker of a moment. You can buy flight tickets from the official site, mobile app, and phone number. Use your desired way, and get your booking done quickly. 

Lufthansa Phone Number Details

InformationPhone Number
Lufthansa Reservations Number USA+1-860-333-5386
Lufthansa Seat Reservation USA+1-860-333-5386
Lufthansa Booking Phone Number +1-860-333-5386
Lufthansa Phone Number +49 (0) 800 – 83 84 267 
Lufthansa Customer Service Number USA+1-800-819-4710
Lufthansa Technical Support Phone Number 1 (866) 953-2294
Lufthansa Group Booking Phone Number +49 (0) 800 – 83 84 267 
HubsFrankfurt Airport, Munich Airport
AllianceStar Alliance
Fleet size294
HeadquartersCologne, Germany

Steps to Confirm Lufthansa Booking Online

Planning to travel with Lufthansa Airlines, but don’t know how or confirm your Lufthansa Flight Booking? If yes, then worry not as the airline has a very simple and quick booking process that allows even the novice to buy flight tickets at much ease. Different methods of booking are available for the convenience of passengers and they don’t even need to step out of their comfort zone to get their reservation done. Among many available methods, the airline’s official website is the best one. Let’s explore the procedure to purchase flight tickets online. 

  • Go to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines www.lufthansa.com
  • Once you arrive at its homepage, you will see the search engine on the page. 
  • Three options are displayed on that engine, which are flights, rental cars, and hotels. For making Lufthansa booking, click on the “Flights” option. 
  • Now, start entering your flight particulars and other required details. 
  • Firstly, input your source and final destinations in the “From” and “To” fields respectively. 
  • If you want to go on a one-way trip, then check the box that says so. 
  • After this, mention the date on which you are looking to board the flight. If going on a round-trip, add the return date also. 
  • Next, choose your preferred travel class and insert the number of guests going on this same trip and click on the “Continue” button. 
  • If you have an access code, add it in the specified field to get savings on your Lufthansa reservations.
  • After adding all your needed details, click on the “Search flights” button and it will then redirect you to the list of available flights. 
  • Make sure to go through the details of all the flights carefully and click on the flight that fits within your budget and proceed for payment. 

With this hassle-free process, customers can complete their booking in the snap of a finger. Moreover, the helpline number of the airline is available all time to help in the hour of need. 

Lufthansa Reservations Contact Details Worldwide

CountriesContact NumberEmail Address
Lufthansa Flight Booking Number+1-860-333-5386 
Lufthansa Flight Booking Georgia995 32 2243324[email protected]
Lufthansa Booking India 91 124 4888999[email protected]
Lufthansa Phone Number Azerbaijan994 12 4 907050 
Lufthansa Customer Service China86 21 5352 4999[email protected]
Lufthansa Reservations Hong Kong852 2868 2313[email protected]
Lufthansa Reservations Japan81-3-4333-7656 
Lufthansa Reservations Singapore65 6245 5600 
Lufthansa Contact Malaysia60 3 2052 3428 
Bolivia591 2 2431717 
Chile56 2 6301655[email protected]
Call Lufthansa Airlines In Brazil55 21 2169 8820[email protected]
Lufthansa Phone Albania55 (4) 223 5028[email protected]
Lufthansa contact number Germany49 69 86 799 79 
Lufthansa number Denmark45 70 100 333 
Lufthansa phone number Austria43 810 1025 8080 
Lufthansa Reservations number Switzerland41 900 900 922 
Lufthansa booking In Italy39 02 3030 1000 
Lufthansa In Croatia385 72 220 220 
Lufthansa booking  In Belarus375 17 292 8999[email protected]
Lufthansa In Estonia372 6868 800 
Lufthansa phone number In Hungary361 411 9900 
Lufthansa In Bulgaria359 2 930 4242 
Lufthansa contact In Cyprus357 22873330[email protected]
Lufthansa In Ireland353 1 8 44 55 44 
Lufthansa In France33 892 231 690 
Lufthansa In Belgium32 70 35 30 30 
Lufthansa In Greece30 210 6175200 
Lufthansa In Eritrea291 1 186904[email protected]
Lufthansa In Gabon241 07 07 09 77[email protected]
Lufthansa In Algeria213-21-435767[email protected]
Lufthansa In Australia1300 655 727 
Lufthansa Booking In USA Number1-800-645-3880 
Lufthansa Booking Ticket Number Canada1-800-563-5954
Lufthansa Reservations New Zealand0800 945 220 
Lufthansa customer service  In Iran0098-21-83388[email protected]
Lufthansa Phone NumberBahrain00973 178 287 61/2/3[email protected]
Lufthansa number In Egypt00202 19380 
Lufthansa Reservations In Indonesia001 803 852 6562 
Lufthansa call center In Ecuador(5932) 3970 370[email protected]
Lufthansa In Colombia(+57) 1 7447246 
Lufthansa seat reservation number In Argentina(+54) 11 4319 0602 

Explore Lufthansa Airlines Travel Classes!

Perfect facilities for every kind of traveler!

Are you traveling with Lufthansa Airlines? Well, it would be great for you because the airline has multiple classes that satisfy everyone’s needs. No matter if you are a penny-pincher or want luxury on the flight, the airline offers multiple travel classes for your ease. Moreover, the services offered in each travel class are perfect for making your trip a memorable experience. So, choose your preferred class of travel, and confirm your Lufthansa Airlines reservations now. Below is the information that you need to learn about Lufthansa travel classes. 

Economy Class

Whether you are going on a long flight, or a short one, Economy Class is designed to make your journey comfortable in the air. Moreover, the fares are not very high, and it is perfect for those who are tight on their budget. In addition, a wide range of in-flight entertainment options are available, which will help you stay entertained throughout your journey. Just make yourself comfortable on the seats, and have a pleasant journey. In addition to this, there are plenty of meal options for you. Moreover, you can pair your meal with your favorite drink. 

Premium Economy Class

Confirm your Lufthansa Airlines reservations if you want a little more luxury than Economy Class. More service, more free baggage, and more space, all these facilities are offered in Premium Economy. Some amenities that will be provided on the flight are-

  • Firstly, you will be welcomed with a drink.
  • Two free baggage are permitted on the flight. 
  • Enjoy 50% more personal space on the flight. 
  • Comprehensive on-board entertainment program, which you can enjoy on an 11 or 12-inch monitor. 

Business Class

If you wish to experience the award-winning privacy and comfort in the air, you must confirm your Lufthansa Airlines reservations in Business Class. You will land at your destination more relaxed than ever. Here are some of the amenities of this travel class. 

  • You have access to a lounge where you can relax before your flight. 
  • Get ready to experience fine dining while soaring through clouds. 
  • In addition to this, you will be given priority boarding the airport. 
  • Use the in-flight entertainment system to pass your time in the air. 

First Class

As the name is suggesting, it is the most luxurious travel class of the airline. Your every moment in the air will be memorable if you confirm Lufthansa Airlines reservations in this travel class. Look at its amenities. 

  • Step into the lounge door and relax like never before the take-off. 
  • Satisfy your taste buds with the delicious food on the flight. 
  • Relax on the full lie-down seats and sleep comfortably. 
  • Indulge in the world of entertainment with a top-notch entertainment system. 

Why Fly with Lufthansa Airlines?

There are good reasons to make Lufthansa Booking. The convenient process of making flight reservations along with stress-free flight cancellation has been a focused point behind the gained popularity of Lufthansa Airlines. 

Also, round the clock, Lufthansa Airlines customer service makes reservations, cancellation and even modification in flight tickets a flexible and stress-free task to perform. Other reasons to choose Lufthansa as your flying partner are:

  • Ultimate onboard comfort, luxury, and entertainment at the best price.
  • No hidden cost or additional fees.
  • Seat up-gradation and advance seat selection.

Baggage Policy of Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa is one of those airlines that follow some strict guidelines, policies, and rules when it comes to baggage check-in. Passengers are advised to weigh their bags and make sure that the bag is under the restricted weight and dimensions to enjoy a hassle-free air journey and to board the flight in a stress-free manner.

According to Lufthansa Airlines baggage policy, Economy Class passengers are allowed to carry one bag weighing up to 23 kg. Passengers traveling in Premium Economy Class can carry two bags up to 23 kg each. Lufthansa Business Class travelers are permitted to carry 2 bags up to 32 kg each.

Personal Items:

Each passenger is permitted to bring a small personal item along with them. The Item could be anything such as a laptop bag, umbrella, diaper bag, and a utility bag. 

Options for Carry-on Baggage:

Economy and Premium Economy flyers are allowed to bring one carry-on bag. However, business and First-class flyers can bring two carry-on bags on their Lufthansa Flights without any cost. The weight limit for the bags is 8kg each, and the carry-on bag should be able to fit in the space of 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

Checked Baggage Allowance:

Across Europe:

  • Economy Light flyers are allowed to bring a free piece of checked baggage. 
  • Flex and Economy Classic flyers can carry a free piece of the checked bag with a weight limit of 23 kg.
  • Business-class flyers can carry two checked bags for free within a weight limit of 32kg per bag.

If a Traveler wants to check additional bags, they might as well have to purchase extra checked baggage limit.

Across Continents:

  • Economy class flyers can carry one free checked bag of max 23 kg.
  • Premium Economy flyers can carry two free checked bags but not weighing more than 23 kg each.
  • Business Flyers can carry two free bags of max 32 kg each. 
  • First Class Flyers can check three free bags, not more than 32 kg each.

What is Lufthansa Airlines Cancelation Policy?

Did you confirm your Lufthansa reservations sometime back, and now wish to cancel it owing to some unforeseen reasons? Well, you don’t have to take stress at all. Lufthansa has a very decent cancelation policy under which you can initiate your cancelation without any additional effort. Change of travel plans is very common because interruptions can appear without any prior warning. Therefore, the airline has an effortless cancelation that permits flyers to cancel the booking at much ease. 

Lufthansa Airlines tries to consider all your concerns, and therefore it designs all its policies while keeping your convenience in mind. The airline offers maximum flexibility so that flyers can adapt to their travel plans however they want. This cancelation policy also has terms & conditions that cater to everyone’s needs. Travelers must go through all the guidelines associated with this policy to avoid any kind of last-minute hassle. So, let’s get started and review the airline’s cancelation policy. 

Terms and conditions

There are some important points that every passenger must know before canceling their existing Lufthansa reservations. Read all these points and check whether you are eligible for a refund or not. Proceed further to know the guidelines. 

  • Flyers can cancel their original reservations within 24 hours of the purchase of a flight ticket without any extra fee. Just make sure that your scheduled flight departure is no later than seven days after the cancelation. 
  • An additional fee will be charged if you are initiating the cancelation after 24 hours of the initial booking. 
  • Your fare conditions will decide the status of your refund. The refund value will be calculated according to fare conditions and any segments of the ticket you have used. 
  • Check out your booking confirmation mail, and go to the “fare conditions” section to discover whether your ticket is refundable or not. 
  • Please note that the reimbursement will be processed in the original form of payment that you have used while making the booking. 
  • If you have used some segments of your booking, then the fare, fees, & taxes of the unused portion will be calculated accordingly. 
Steps to Cancel Lufthansa Reservations Online

Perform the following steps to cancel your reservation online. 

  • Visit lufthansa.com after opening your browser. 
  • Locate the “My Bookings” tab, and start entering all your details. 
  • Firstly, add your first name.
  • Secondly, mention your last name. 
  • After that, write down your booking code. 
  • Lastly, click on the “Find Bookings” tab, and the details of your booking will open up on your screen. 
  • Find out the “cancelation flight” tab to cancel your reservation without any hassle. 

Class Fares in Lufthansa Airlines:-

First Class:

The airline gives you a totally stress-free experience since the moment you enter the airport, you receive a 5-star treatment. Lufthansa offers a personal assistant to guide you throughout the journey.

Facilities in First-Class:

Flyers departing from Frankfurt Airport get to enjoy the access of the airport lounge before their flight. Travelers can enjoy a buffet or à la carte meals and cigars at the Cigar Bar in the lounge. In case of wanted privacy, flyers are allowed to use the office units of the airlines. A complimentary WiFi service is offered.

First-Class Seats! What are they like?

The seats are able to convert into a 2-meter long bed with a cozy cushion. The travelers are provided with an amenity kit filled with high-quality toiletries and a complimentary temperature regulating duvet. The cabins are equipped with soft lights keeping your needs in mind.

Business Class:

Business Class Flyers can enjoy extra baggage allowance, priority check-ins, early boarding, and access to the premium lounge. 

Facilities in Business Class:

Business Class lounges are available for the flyers to loosen up and relax a bit before their departure. This class-fare delivers exceptional quality services and a selection of free meals. The flyers can also select from a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served in beautiful glasses. 

Business Class Seats! What are they like?

The Cabin has fully reclinable seats that allow travelers to sleep comfortably. 

Premium Economy Class:

Premium Economy flyers can check two free bags up to 23 kg each in weight. 

Facilities in Premium Economy Class:

Flyers who wish to relax and rest before their flight can access Luftansa’s Airport lounge at an additional price.

Premium Economy Seats! What are they like?

Premium Economy Cabins are equipped with ample legroom available to relax and stretch. Each passenger receives a complimentary headrest and amenity kit to make your journey more comfortable and relaxing.

Economy Class:

Economy Class Cabins are comfortable for all kind of cohort, long and medium-haul flights. The type of in-flight services depends upon the city of origin and destination.

Facilities in Economy Class:

Meal service is not available on short-haul Lufthansa Flights. On medium-haul flights, a selection of snacks and beverages is served. However, On long-haul air-rides, a wide variety of alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks is served on request.

Economy Seats! What are they like?

The flyers can reserve their perfect spots; depending on your fare class, you can get an excellent seat with ample legroom and the desired seating zone. These seats are comfortable for all kinds of journeys and allow you to relax comfortably.

Lufthansa Airlines Check-In Info

 Check-In Online:-

Check-In Online

Lufthansa Airlines offers online check-in to all of its passengers. You can check-in for your flight by entering your flight number and other important details. The online check-in process begins 23 hours before the scheduled departure time. 

Check-In at Airport:-

The flyers can also check-in at the airport for their Lufthansa Airlines Flight Booking by visiting the airport kiosks or using the self-help machines for check-in. It is highly recommended by the airline to visit the airport early in order to check-in properly. The arrival time for airport check-in is 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure time and 2 hours for the domestic rides.

Seat Selection In Lufthansa Airlines

Free seat-selection during check-in:

Lufthansa Airlines allows its passengers to select the available remaining seats at their online check-in page. The check-in process basically starts 23 hours before the flight departure, so it good to reserve your spot in time cause the seat-selection is subject to availability.

Changing and adding seats:

Flyers are able to reserve their seat up to 52 hours before the scheduled flight departure, even if your booking was made before that time. You can check your Lufthansa reservation by visiting the ‘My bookings’ section and select or change your seats there.

Please note that the changes can be made only to the seats with lower or the same price, the price will not be reimbursed in case of a seat with a lower amount.

You can also Reach out to the helpline number of the airline to get more detailed info about the availability of seats or any other booking related issue.

Manage My Booking:

By entering your Booking reference number you can access all the details of your Lufthansa reservations, you can cancel a reservation, book an advance seat, request special services, and rebook your flight at all times. Travelers can also add their passport and visa details for a safe flying experience. Travelers can also select their seats and check-in online using this option. In case of any desired help, you can always call the reservations department of Lufthansa Airlines.

Advanced features:

Flyers can check their booking details and get an overview of their reservation. It is effortless to manage your bookings and apply for additional in-flight services. 

Lufthansa Airlines also allows its customers to update and change their contact and other details any time and at their ease. The airline has trained a team of experts to help with all your queries and provide you a relaxed flying. 

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Lufthansa Airlines In-flight Amenities 

When you make Lufthansa Flight Booking, you can be sure of getting top-class services on the plane. The premium carrier of Germany is committed to providing its passengers with excellent facilities at the airport too. From flexible check-in, boarding pass collection to safe and on-time arrival of flights, Lufthansa takes care of everything.

The amenities passengers can get on Lufthansa flights are not limited to one. Kitchen-fresh meals along with complimentary beverages, and a wide collection of classics, latest blockbusters, and music videos make your journey entertaining and interesting as well. Passengers can also have access to eJournals, newspapers, and magazines on the plane. Internet access to long-haul Lufthansa flights makes flying comfortable and convenient. 

It’s worth Lufthansa Flight Booking to get special amenities for passengers with special needs. Wheelchair assistance at the airport and special onboard service of its crew members adds flexibility to the journey of disable persons.

Lufthansa Airlines frequent flyer program

Lufthansa Airlines believes that travel is much more about getting from source destinations to the final destination; it also means discovering the new world. That’s why the airline offers a loyalty program to benefit its frequent customers that provide plenty of privileges and benefits to make passengers’ journeys even more enjoyable. Once you join this program, you get eligible to save on your Lufthansa Airlines Flight Booking. The frequent flyer program of the airline is known as Miles & More and it will let you earn miles on each you take. These earned miles are known as Lufthansa miles. You can earn miles on the ground and in the air and treat yourself with attractive awards. Join this program and discover a new world of Miles & More. 

This frequent flyer program has different status levels and the higher the status, the more are benefits. Some of the benefits of this program are mentioned below. 

  • Spend your earned miles on an upgrade or a flight.
  • Priority in check-in and boarding are offered to members of Miles & more. 
  • Redeem your miles and book flight awards effortlessly. 
  • If you have a higher status level, you will enjoy a higher free baggage allowance. You will also get access to the lounge.
  • Guests can earn miles on hotel stays, car rentals, and some airports. They can also earn miles in different areas of daily life like shopping online or locally. 
  • Use the services of partners of the airline to redeem your miles. 
  • The airline conducts various mile promotions programs, takes part in it, and grows your mile balance quickly. 

Join this program without giving any second thoughts and enjoy excellent savings on Lufthansa Airlines tickets.

Why Book Lufthansa Flights with Iairtickets?

Giving a call to the Lufthansa Airlines phone number +1-860-333-5386  helps you make your reservation right at the moment. But, booking Lufthansa flights through Iairtickets helps you get competitively priced airline tickets. Plus, you can get updates on discounts flights and deals and offers when you choose Iairtickets to make Lufthansa reservations.

Lufthansa Airlines FAQs

How much baggage is allowed on Lufthansa Airlines’ international flights?

While going to any international destination, the baggage allowance depends upon the class of travel you have chosen for your journey.
Economy – one bag not exceeding 23 kg or 50 pounds of weight
Premium Economy – two bags with a maximum weight of 23 kg or 50 pounds
Business Class – two bags of maximum 32 kg or 70 pounds in weight
First Class – three bags having a maximum weight of 32 kg or 70 pounds
The maximum dimensions of these bags must not measure more than 158 cm or 62 linear inches.

How to check Lufthansa booking status?

Visit the Lufthansa Airlines official site in order to check the status of your Lufthansa Airlines booking. Navigate to the “Book and Manage” tab and click on the “View Booking” option available there. Now, you can retrieve the information of your itinerary by adding the booking code and the last name.

When can I check-in for a Lufthansa flight?

Passengers are allowed to check-in 23 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. While checking-in, you can also select your preferred seat and get a print out of your online boarding pass.

How to choose a seat on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa seat reservation is free of charge from 23 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. Passengers can book their seats in advance to ensure a relaxed journey. Under the “Book and Manage” tab, click on the Advance seat reservation, followed by the “Reserve seat now.” You have three options to open your booking and make seat selection that are booking code, Lufthansa ID, and Miles & More. Choose any one of them as per your preference and enter the required details to proceed further. From the seat map, pick your favorite seat and fly comfortably.

Does Lufthansa have a mobile app?

Yes, Lufthansa has its own mobile app for both Android and iOS apps. This app offers automatic push notifications for the ease of passengers. Download this dedicated app and it will give you all the important information at the swipe of your fingers.

When Lufthansa flights are canceled?

Cancellation of Lufthansa flights can be due to disruptions, harsh weather conditions, and major technical failure.

Where is Lufthansa Airlines from?

Lufthansa is the flag carrier and largest airline of Germany.

Which countries do Lufthansa Airlines fly to?

Lufthansa Airlines operates scheduled flights to more than 78 destinations across the United States, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

What are the benefits of Lufthansa iD?

Lufthansa iD is one of the best services offered by the airline. It makes your Lufthansa reservations easy and efficient. Lufthansa iD basically remembers all your preferences and details and thus automatically does all the work on your behalf. You can effortlessly link it to your Miles & More account. Some of its benefits are-
1). With this, your booking process becomes convenient and simpler.
2). Lufthansa iD will automatically credit miles in your account.
3). It will automatically check you in. you are not required to follow the check-in procedure.
4). As it saves all your details, it will also choose your preferred in-flight menu in advance.
5). The iD will automatically fill out your travel forms.
6). You can register for Lufthansa iD through the official site of the airline.

How can I select a seat in advance?

All passengers can choose their desired seats ahead of time via Lufthansa Airlines’ official site. There are two ways to do it. You can choose your seat on the confirmation page of your booking. You will see a seat map on that page; checkout whether your desired seat is available or not, if yes, purchase it.
Another way to reserve your preferred seat is through the manage booking section. You can use this method if you are selecting your seat after the confirmation of your purchase. They just need to follow some simple steps that are expounded below.
1). Open the official site of the airline.
2). Click on the “My Bookings” tab located on the airline’s homepage.
3). Now, you should fill your booking code and the last name to log in.
4). Click on the “Find Bookings” button and see all your Lufthansa reservations.
5). After this, you will see various options on the next page. Click on the “seat selection” button and choose your favorite seat from the available ones.

How will I receive my ticket if I have made a reservation through the airline’s mobile app?

Once you have completed your booking, Lufthansa will send you a confirmation via email. You can also receive a confirmation on the text on special request. You will automatically receive an electronic ticket if it is applicable to the route you have selected for your travel. If you have made Lufthansa reservations using the mobile app of the airline, then it will be saved under the “My Bookings” section. Once done with the booking, you can proceed towards the check-in procedure. You have multiple options to check-in for our flight.

Can Miles & More award miles expire?

Your collected award miles can be used within 36 months of the date of the activity, otherwise, it will get expired. If they have not been used for so long, they will expire at the end of the quarter.
a). Go through your online statement as it will show the miles that can expire at the end of the current quarter.
b). Subscribe the online newsletter to receive the summary of all miles that can expire at the end of the quarter at least two months in advance. c). Subscribe this through the airline’s official site and stay updated with the status of your miles.

What items are prohibited on Lufthansa flights?

Make sure to check the airline’s baggage policy after confirming your Lufthansa reservations. There are some items that are prohibited on the plane. Some of these items are-
Oxygen generators, liquid oxygen
Heat-generating objects
Explosives, fireworks, flares
Dry ice in excess of 2.5 kg
Strongly magnetic materials
Radioactive items and materials
Caustic materials, such as wet cell batteries, alkalis, acids
Containers with gas
Filled scuba tanks, gas cylinders, camping stoves
Petrol-operated equipment
Containers with flammable liquids like cleansing agents, varnish, paint, lighter fuel
Oxidizing substances
Security bags or briefcases with pyrotechnic devices or lithium batteries

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 by Eleanor
Love the punctuality!

I have been traveling with Lufthansa for many years, and I always end up having an unforgettable journey with it. Its services are great that always make my journey smooth. But one thing that I love the most about this airline is its punctuality. I am a very punctual person, and I don’t like to get late for anything. Therefore, I always choose this airline because it is always on time. Apart from this, all other services are also excellent. I highly recommend this airline to everyone.

 by Michael hoes
Love its punctuality!

One thing that I can’t compromise is punctuality. I am a very punctual person and love to be on time. Last week I traveled with lufthansa Airlines and it was on time. I had traveled with it earlier also and my flight never got delayed. I landed on time and had a great journey. The seats were comfortable, food was delicious, etc. I enjoyed my journey a lot.

 by Jamir
No complaints at all!

Last week I traveled with Lufthansa Airlines, and trust me it was an unforgettable experience for me. Comfortable seating, delicious food, fantastic entertainment system - couldn’t have asked for more. Many thanks and regards to crew members for ensuring our safety.

 by arohin
I love the cleanliness!

I have OCD and I can’t stay in an untidy and messy environment. It was my first time with Lufthansa and I was really confused about buying tickets with this airline. But once I boarded the flight, I noticed that everything was so clean. Even the staff was cleaning the lavatories after regular intervals. I loved my first flight with the airline.

 by Lily
Great handling of luggage!

I flew to Frankfurt with Lufthansa Airlines and upon arrival, I noticed that my luggage is missing. I immediately contacted the agent of the airline for help. He looked into the matter and told me I would get it back soon. I was getting updated from time to time about the tracking of my luggage, which I loved the most. My luggage was delivered within a few days and there were no scratches on it. I am really thankful to the customer service team of the airline.

 by nikolos
What an amazing crew!

The flight crew was great. They were very professional and polite and always ready to help us. They really took great care of our comfort and made sure that we don’t face any trouble during the flight. I am very much satisfied with the airline and looking for my next trip with it. Would love to fly again!