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Caspian Airlines is unique in its fleet operation. It is one of the major airlines from Tehran, which operates a fleet of 154 aircraft, specifically designed for medium-range flights. This specially operated aircraft is good for medium-range flights with passenger capacity ranging from 140 to 180. 

Caspian is a full-service carrier, which believes in fulfilling customers’ needs  at the airport and on the plane. The assistance of super-dedicated crew members of Caspian Airlines makes the journey of an enthusiast safe, smooth and comfortable. Furthermore, it’s worth making Caspian Airlines reservations for flexibility, convenience, 24/7 availability of its staff and last but not least excellent on-board facilities.

Easy, Flexible Check-In at Caspian Airlines

Flexible, convenient Caspian Airlines reservations is not a single reason to fly with this carrier to your favorite destination. Simply check-in makes the task of flying and fulfilling the formalities before boarding the flight time-saving. Furthermore, Caspian Airlines come up with more than one platform for booking flight tickets. 

Both online check-in and airport check-in make flying convenient with this Tehran based airline. Making flight reservations online is a handy and reliable platform. The best part of browsing through Caspian Airlines website and find reservation option is travel enthusiasts don’t have to stand in the queue to reach out to the help desk of the airline. Caspian Airlines reservations can be done from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks. 

When you opt for airport check-in, you can be sure of getting complete assistance from the dedicated ground staff of Caspian Airlines. They will guide you through the whole process of check-in, ensuring that you get the best deal on Caspian flights if there is any or that matches your criteria. 

Booking Classes of Caspian Airlines

Caspian Airlines doesn’t categorize service into classes. It has only one travel class, Business Class. All of Caspian, no matter whether it is designed for small, medium and long-haul flights, build in the same model with comfortable push back seats.

Passengers traveling in Caspian Airlines can enjoy tasty and healthy meals with complimentary beverages, recliner seats with extra legroom and in-flight entertainment. Amenity kits at no extra cost are provided by Caspian Airlines to its esteemed global clients.

Baggage Policy of Caspian Airlines

According to the baggage policy of Caspian Airlines, checked bags are allowed weighing up to 20 kg Carry-on baggage of 7 kg per person is allowed on the Caspian Airlines with dimensions of 55x35x25 cm. 

In-flight Amenities at Caspian Airlines

When you browse through the Caspian Airlines website, making a reservation, have a thorough glance and understanding of the amenities the airline provides to its passengers on the plane. It includes:

  • Kitchen-fresh meals with complimentary beverages
  • Entertainment on the flight in the form of music, movies, and series
  • Comfortable seat with more leg space

Perks of Booking Caspian Flights with Iairtickets 

Air-ticket facilitates super-busy travelers with telephonic booking. This reliable and handy platform for making Caspian Airlines reservations saves the valuable time of travel enthusiasts. Moreover, Iairtickets informs passengers about any deal, offer or discount on airline tickets.

                                                      Caspian Airlines FAQs

Where does Caspian Airlines fly? 

Caspian Airlines operates scheduled flights to major cities of Iran and Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Turkey, Syria, Hungary, and Belarus. 

Is Caspian Airlines safe?

Caspian Airlines is fully safe and secure to fly with. The crew members checks all its aircraft and ensures ultimate safety to its passengers. But, it is always advised to crosscheck the airline’s safety by checking its certification and have a clear understanding of its safety measures by reading customer’s feedback, reviews, and testimonials. 

Caspian Airline Review

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