Getting the best travel experience can be awful if your favorite people are not there on the journey. Undoubtedly, passengers can now choose the Singapore Airlines group travel feature for an unforgettable trip. Booking is the same for all the passengers to fly to a suitable location. In a group, there must be 10 passengers at a time to be eligible for the reservation. In the given information, you can get to know about the necessary details and information on the group journey.

How Can I Arrange a Group Flight with Singapore Airlines?

Making a group reservation with Singapore Airlines is not a tough task. They always make sure that your trip can be successful, whether it is an event, family get-together, friends reunion, or corporate function. To tailor your travel needs, enjoy the ultimate benefits of Singapore Airlines group booking as below and get the flights.

Benefits of Singapore Airlines

Discounted prices:

All Singapore Airlines flights have discounted fares for journeys of more than 10 passengers. You can acquire the preferred quote according to the needs and the availability of the plane.

Earn miles:

Krisflyer members can earn the miles on every purchase of the group travel. You can use all the miles in the next reservation or any flight-related things with the airlines.

Additional baggage:

Apart from the general baggage requirements, all the passengers in a group can access the additional 10 kg baggage. This benefit is applicable to all the fare classes according to the destination and availability.

Flexible bookings:

Group passengers can find flexible travel booking for up to 14 days ahead of the scheduled departure. During this time, you can modify the trip and add any additional passengers for the journey.

How does Singapore Airlines Group Flight work?

When you want to get a flight reservation, you often get confused about how group booking works? You won’t need to take more tension as they offer several ways to acquire suitable flight tickets. Here is the complete Singapore Airlines group travel that you can book as soon as possible.

Book through the website:

One of the first and foremost ways is to book the group journey online at their website. You need to fill out the group request form and quote the fare. Once your fare is accepted, the airline sends you the confirmation message. Look at the given steps to make the reservation as soon as possible.

  • Firstly, obtain the Singapore Airlines official online site at www.singaporeair.com.
  • Secondly, choose the group travel option from the top of the page.
  • Get the complete information about the flights and group program.
  • Select the group travel program and proceed further.
  • You can see the group request form that you need to fill out.
  • Enter the passenger’s personal details and event details, if any.
  • Describe the event or about the group.
  • After this, provide the departure date, destination, and number of passengers.
  • When you submit the details, you can move ahead.
  • You need to attach the travel documents and quote the fare.
  • Once they accept the quote, send you the confirmation message in your mail.

Book the group Journey on the Phone:

Another fastest way is to reserve the flight tickets by phone call. You can get in touch with the customer service team and talk to the live person for assistance. Therefore, to be aware about how to connect with a live person for Singapore Airlines group booking, go to the given instructions.

  • Proceed to the official site of Singapore Airlines.
  • At the home screen, get the contact section.
  • You will see the list of ways to connect with the representative.
  • From that, choose the phone icon and add the preferred country/region.
  • Dial the Singapore Airlines group booking number at +65 9184 8888
  • Follow the on-call prompts carefully to talk to the live person.
  • Choose the preferred language and pick the necessary prompt.
  • You can be in touch with someone on the customer service team.
  • They will ask you to share the trip details.
  • A representative is professional in their work and provides you with the best advice.

How Can I Manage a Large Group Booking on Singapore Airlines?

Once you send the group request, you will receive a number to manage your group and make the changes till the departure. If you want to manage group booking Singapore Airlines, you can read further.

  • On the Singapore Airlines website, open the manage booking.
  • Enter the six-character booking reference number and last name.
  • When you search for the flights, you can see the booking.
  • Under the group booking, get the flight and make the changes.
  • You can modify it from the menu and add it according to your needs.
  • Pay for the modifications and obtain the confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What airline group is Singapore Airlines with?

Singapore Airlines is a part of the Star Alliance network to provide supreme services worldwide. Passengers, once they get the group booking, can enjoy check-in, baggage services, connection team at the airport, and a group leader.

Is it cheaper to buy Singapore Airlines tickets as a group?

Group flight itineraries are always cheaper than individual flight tickets. Airlines provide discounts and special prices for your group according to the destination and number of passengers.

What is the best way to book a large group flight?

One of the best ways to reserve a large group is online and send the request over there. A representative may reach out to you sometime after checking the quote.

Why are group tickets cheaper on Tuesday?

Generally, Tuesday and Wednesday are considered low-cost flight ticket days. However, your group can board the early morning flights for better prices and comfort.

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