Get the benefits of quality services according to your needs and make a reservation with Air France. All the travel services are accessible on their website, and you can gather to acquire the booking. When you book the journey, you want to avail the extra services regarding the journey. You can enhance your travel by upgrading the seats to business class. Their personalized services, spacious seats, and lavish food encourage you to fly in business class. One can proceed for an Air France seat upgrade by the multiple options as per their choice like website, airport, on-board, or flying blue miles. In the given article, you can explore the seat upgrade eligibility and related terms.

How to Upgrade to Business Class Air France?

One of the easiest and simplest ways to fly in business class is to upgrade the seats directly. When you upgrade the seat, you need to check the availability online or by contacting customer service. Airlines provide various modes to upgrade the seat, such as paid upgrades, flying blue miles, bid upgrades, operational upgrades, etc. Read the following information for the step-by-step instructions on the upgrade.

Upgrade at purchase

When you get the booking to your destination, you can upgrade the seats to business class. Here are the steps to perform this method.

  •  Open the official online site of Air France at www.airfrance.com.
  • At the book option, add the departure and arrival destination with the number of passengers.
  • After that, provide the travel dates, travel class, and trip type and search for the available flights.
  • You will obtain a list of flights from which you can choose accordingly.
  • For the extra services, you need to choose the upgrade option for the higher facilities.
  • With this, choose the business class as your upgrade and get the seating map.
  • Choose the preferred seat and make the payment for the upgrade.
  • You need to add the other essential information and pay the fare difference with the upgrade cost.
  • Air France will share the flight confirmation message in your mail.

Bid upgrade

Air France has a bidding system called Upgrade to Business, where passengers can bid for the upgrade to business class or any higher travel class. In the bid upgrade, you need to quote your amount and the travel requirements. If the airlines accept the bid or make it successful, they will notify you of the same by email.

Upgrade at the airport

Before boarding the flight, you can request the upgrade at the airport ticket counters. A representative over there will help you with the Air France seat upgrade to business class for your destination. If there are vacant seats available, you can choose the same and make the payment.

Upgrade on-board

Sometimes, you are not comfortable with the seating on the plane. Air France understands this situation and allows a last option to upgrade the seats on the board. You need to ask the flight attendant to modify the journey and provide a higher level of seat for more comfort.

Connect on the phone call

In the end, if nothing works, then the only solution is to connect with the customer service team and talk with the representative. You need to call the Air France phone number at 800-237-2747 and follow the instructions. When you connect with the live representative, you can ask for assistance regarding the seat upgrade.

Operational seat upgrade

This type of upgrade is very rare and occasional, as when the flight is overbooked in economy class due to irregular operations, Air France allows the seats to business class. You need to ask the representative at the terminal for the operational seat upgrade.

Can I upgrade my seat on Air France with Miles?

Yes, you can upgrade your seat with Air France using the miles. If you are a Flying Blue member, you need to use the points/miles to upgrade the seats to business class. Here is how you can do this.

  • To begin, you must access the Air France official site or download the mobile app.
  • You need to log into the Flying Blue account with the correct username and password.
  • When you get into the account, you can see the My Bookings handle.
  • You will find the list of bookings with Air France.
  • At there upgrade the seats and pay using the miles.
  • The appropriate amount of the upgrade will be deducted from the miles.
  • Air France give you the confirmation message by mail.

Can I upgrade my seat after booking my flight?

If the seat is available and passengers pay for the flight, then they can upgrade the journey. Although you cannot expect the free upgrades, you can still get the Air France seat upgrade till the boarding for the much more comfortable seats. You need to check out the simple points below for the upgrade after reservation.

  •  At the Air France website, you can choose the My Booking option.
  • You can log in by flying blue or through the booking reference number.
  • With the help of the passenger’s last name and itinerary reference number, you can able to view the reservation.
  • In the menu on the right side, choose the upgrade seat option for your flight.
  • You can select the business class and follow the simple instructions.
  • At last, you can easily upgrade the seats with Air France for your destination.

Are seat upgrades refundable with Air France?

The upgraded seats are typically refundable depending on the flight itinerary, destination, fare rules, and the origin of booking the ticket. Although, you cannot transfer the upgrades to the new reservation or itinerary. If the check-in window is closed, you are also unable to purchase the upgrades again.

How much does an upgrade cost with Air France?

When you proceed to upgrade the seat, you need to pay the relevant fees for the same. Therefore, the Air France seat upgrade cost will vary between $250 to $500 according to the travel class, route, upgrade time, ticket, destination, etc. You can also use the miles to avoid paying extra for the flight seat.

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