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Whether you are planning for a family vacation trip to Guatemala City, Los Angeles, or a romantic escape with your partner to San Diego, Charlotte, or Houston, Spirit Airlines helps you to make the most of your trip. Book your Spirit Airlines reservations now to any of these exotic places, and you will get a smooth and comfortable flying experience every time you travel. 

With Spirit Airlines, it is now possible to travel affordably in any parts of the U.S., Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia, or the Dominican Republic. The airline is renowned for offering low-cost air tickets to these countries and several other regions to make your leisure or business trip a reality. 

Spirit Airlines reservations can be made easily as the airline stocks scheduled air rides to various destinations within the US as well as around the globe along with the Caribbean and Latin America. Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando, Florida, Detroit, Tampa, Chicago-O’Hare, Dallas, and Houston are some major Domestic destinations that you can roam around with Spirit Airlines Cheap Flights.

Why to Give a Call to Spirit Airlines Reservations Number?

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Give us a call on Spirit Airlines reservations number +1-888-526-9336, and you will be able to book flight tickets to your desired destinations, anywhere around the world. Our passionate travel experts are always ready to assist you with anything related to bookings, the latest offers, deals, or any other information related to the airline. 


Regardless of whether you want to book air tickets for your overseas studies, or a vacation trip with your family or friends, you will be able to book flight tickets from the comfort of your home. We assure you to give you the best possible air reservations without visiting any airline counters and standing in the long queues of people. 

Here are some of the key things you can learn by calling the Spirit Airlines reservations number:

  • One of the essential matters before traveling is to get notified about the current status of your flight, and with the help of our travel enthusiasts, that is just a matter of a few minutes. They will update you about your flight’s latest departure or arrival timings professionally and within wasting a minute of your precious time. 
  • Ring a call at our toll-free spirit airlines customer service number, and you can get the latest information on whether your flight will leave from the departing airport on its scheduled time or not. Updating with the current information helps you to plan and prepare for your boarding comfortably. Also, it will help you to decide if your flight is delayed or canceled due to any technical errors or adverse weather conditions.

Spirit Airlines all Details

Spirit Airlines Reservations Number +1-888-526-9336
Spirit Airlines Telefono +1-888-526-9336
Spirit Airlines Booking 1 -801 401-(2222)
Spirit Vacations Contact Number 954-(379)-8866
Spirit Special Assistance Number +(800)-772-7117
Spirit Airlines Cancellation Service +1-801-(401)-2222
Spirit Airlines Baggage Helpline Phone Number 718 316-(6329)
Website www.spirit.com

Less Money, More Go!!! Use Ultra Low-Cost Carrier

Spirit Airlines in 2007 for rebranding their name came up with a mutative transition as an ultra-low-cost carrier, with a new jingle ‘Less Money, More Go’. The low cost of Spirit Airlines reservations justifies the Term ‘ultra-low-cost’ as the prices are the cheapest of their availability. Now the travelers are allowed to select the extras and additional features as per their requirements. Things like Selection of seats, In-house refreshments, and baggage allowance can now be availed easily and the applied extra amount can be added on to the base fare of Spirit Airlines Tickets.  

Baggage in Spirit Airlines Reservations

Baggage Policy

Please note, the base fare of Spirit Airlines Booking only allows you to carry small and less space-consuming items like laptops, Carry-Handbags, and bag packs. You need to buy the additional carry-on and checked baggage that you carry as an excess baggage option.

Personal Items:
Your Spirit Airlines reservation fare allows you to carry one personal bag within inclusions. The item that you are carrying along with yourself should be able to fit in the size of 45 x 35 x 20 centimeters. Personal items could be things like a small handbag, laptop bag, or utility duffle of relatively small sizes.

Options for Carry-on Baggage:
The carry-on baggage is charged extra by the spirit airlines to keep the ticket prices low and pocket-friendly. Pre-booking of baggage allowance is highly recommended at the time when you’ll be making a booking. All carry bags should be able to fit in the size of 56 x 46 x 25 centimeters.

Checked Baggage Allowance:
Purchase of Checked baggage must be done; fees depend upon the route that a flight follows. In Spirit Airlines, Checked Baggage should fit in the measurements of 158 centimeters overall and hence must not weigh more than 18 Kgs unless it is purchased as oversized luggage.

Pre-Booking of Baggage:
It is easy to book your luggage while making your Spirit Airlines reservations. You can find the procedure of booking your extra checked baggage here:-

Spirit Airlines Check-In Info:-

Check-In Online:-
To get more info about Online check-in please check Spirit Airlines online check-in page. Once opened, enter your flight details to check-in online. Online check-in starts 24 Hrs. before the scheduled flight timings and ends an hour before the exact departure time. For more info please check out Spirit airlines manage booking option. 

Check-In at Airport:–
If somehow passengers are unable to check-in online or some special assistance is needed, they can check-in at the airport and visit the Spirit airlines check-in desk. But for that, you’ll have to arrive at least two Hrs. before if traveling on a domestic flight and three Hrs. if the flight is international. That’ll give you a proper time to get your check-in and baggage drop done.

Class Fares in Spirit Airlines:-
A single cabin is available in aircraft, providing a single class: Economy seat. Also, an upgrade option to ‘the Big Seat’ is available, which is the airline’s Premium Economy product.

Economy Class
Economy Class is the most basic cabin class in Spirit Airlines.

Facilities in Economy Class 
In the Economy class of Spirit Airlines, passengers are provided with the in-flight menu, which allows them to order their favorites from a variety of beverages as well as hot and cold snacks. Refreshments can be purchased as per the requirement; with the help of a credit or debit card (cash payment is not available).

Economy Class Seats! What are they like?
The seat of an Economy Class has 15 and a half inches of width and 28 inches of pitch in Spirit Airlines. Further info about the seat configuration can be gathered at Spirit airlines official site.

Premium Economy Class
There isn’t a separate Premium economy coach in Spirit airlines. However, it is offered to the passengers as a chance to upgrade their seats to what they call it as; ‘the Big Front Seat’. Which is kind of a replica of, what you would expect from a Premium Economy class!

Facilities in Premium Economy 
Well if we see, Premium Economy (The Big Front Seats) is quite alike the Economy Class in terms of services. The size of the seats and the addition of a tray table is the only difference that is there.

Premium Economy Seats! What are they like?
The size of a Big Front seat is 22 inches of width And 36 inches of pitch, having no middle seats thus gives you plenty of space to breathe. Most of the seats are non- adjustable but some seats do have an adjustable headrest, which allows your head to relax while you travel. As an added extra from Economy Class, the spirit airline provides you a tray table for each seat.

Contact Details Representatives of Spirit Airlines Phone Number & Email Detail

Spirit Airlines Telefono Representatives in Ecuador Phone Number: +(593 4 371-0897)

(e-mail): [email protected]

Spirit Representatives in Bogota Phone Number: +(571)-2490688

(e-mail): [email protected]

Spirit airlines Cartagena Contact Number Phone Number: (55)-6741359

(e-mail): [email protected]

Spirit Airlines Contact Number Colombia Phone Number: (57)  4485158, (57-2505152+

(e-mail): [email protected]

Spirit telefono in Costa Rica Contact number: +(506 4032)-9449

(e-mail): [email protected]

Nicaragua: + (505)-227-81149
El Salvador: Contact number +503 2534-8228

Whatsapp: +(503)-7166-9738

(e-mail): [email protected]



Central America


Contact Number: 502-2292-0828 

(e-mail): [email protected]

Whatsapp Contact Detail : (31864865)

Representatives in “Honduras” Contact Number: (504) (2544)-0300

For WhatsApp: (504) (9452)-0238

For WhatsApp: (504) 9452-(0239)

(e-mail): [email protected]

Representatives in “Tegucigalpa” Contact Number: (504) (2544)-(0300)

For WhatsApp: (504) (9472)-8517

(e-mail): [email protected]

Entertainment in Flight

Spirit airlines manage booking

Well, it sounds bad to say, but there are no in-flight entertainment services provided by Spirit Airlines.

Availability of Wi-Fi in Spirit Airlines Flights-
Well if we must tell you, High-Speed WIFI services are available on all spirit airline flights. Under a Brand new initiative in summer 2019, WIFI was installed on all of the flights of the airline. Now, Passengers can stream or download anything online at their ease. And this service can now be exclusively availed on every aircraft that Spirit airlines own. You can enjoy unlimited high-speed internet from the moment you board a flight till the time you step off it.

Price of Wi-Fi
WIFI on spirit airline flights costs you around USD 6.50 for an entire flight but the price could be a variable depending upon the route you take.

Food in Spirit Airlines 

Meal Options
Spirit Airline has a wide variety of food, snacks, or beverage options available in flight that you could buy from using your debit or credit card. Fast food items like chips, cakes, confectionery, and nuts are available for a hunger quickie.

Alcohol and Drinks
A choice of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be purchased and consumed by the travelers on-board, as per their needs. Soft Drinks, Cocktails, hot drinks, beers, wines, and liquors are available for consumption.

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Spirit Airlines Flights Reviews: 

About Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, based in Miramar City of Broward County, Florida is an American ultra-low-cost carrier and one of the largest used commercial airlines peaked at no. seven in the United States. Spirit has two widely used operating stations Detroit Airport (DTW) and Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) of the United States.

Founded in the year 1983, the airline offers scheduled passenger flights to around 76 destinations across Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and the U.S. Operating with a fleet size of 141 aircraft, its main bases are at Atlantic City, Dallas/Fort Worth, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and Las Vegas International Airports. 

Some Spirit Airlines faq’s 

  • Are there any guests who can’t use the online check-in facility?

Yes, there are some passengers who can’t use the online check-in facility. The list of all these passengers is described below. 

  1. Fliers with a lap infant
  2. Unaccompanied minors
  3. Fliers who are traveling on a group Spirit Airlines reservations of 10 or more
  4. Fliers with no passport and a Military ID
  5. Non-US citizens flying from international destinations
  6. Fliers with service animals or pets
  7. Passengers who have booked extra seats or purchased special items
  • Am I allowed to select my seat in advance?

Yes, each and every passenger of Spirit Airlines can book his/ her seat in advance. Please note that you will have to pay an extra fee in addition to the base ticket fare for choosing a seat in advance. The price of reserving your favorite seat can vary from $1 to $175. This price will depend upon the location, seat size, and time when you book a seat. If you can sit with anyone, then go for the random seat assignment at the time of check-in at the airport. 

  • Can I change or cancel my Spirit Airlines flight?

Yes, passengers are permitted to cancel or change their Spirit Airlines reservations for a particular fee. For online changes or cancelation, $90 will be charged and $100 will be deducted for the changes over the phone. However, if you are canceling your initial purchase within the 24 hours of the original booking, then no cancelation fee will be charged. Visit the “My Trips” section on the official site of the airline to cancel or change booking online. 

  • Can I bring my kid’s stroller or car seat on the flight?

Yes, Spirit Airlines check one car seat and one stroller per child without any additional fee at the ticket counter available at the airport. Passengers who are traveling with two children can check double strollers. These items will be checked at the airport. Collect these items at the arrival airport after getting off the plane. Fliers are permitted to bring an FAA-approved child restraint system. 

  • What is the loyalty program of Spirit Airlines and how to join it?

Free Spirit is the frequent flyer program of Spirit Airlines and it is specially designed for loyal passengers of the airline. This program is free to join; visit the airline’s official site and fill out the membership form to be a member of this program. After signing up, you will receive a welcome email from the airline. While booking a flight ticket, you can earn credits that will help you to save on your future Spirit Airlines reservations. You can easily manage your booking with this beneficial program. Join it and avail all its benefits. 

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