How can I get an upgrade with Air Canada Flights?

Air Canada is the largest flag carrier that provides services according to the destination and travel demand. Book or purchase the flight ticket online at their website or on the mobile application. When you make the reservation, you always want to gather the preferred seat of your choice for the utmost comfort. You can upgrade to the higher travel class anytime before the scheduled departure. When you proceed with the Air Canada seat upgrade, you will have a variety of choices and services on the board. Not all airlines provide this facility, but with Air Canada, you can acquire this unique feature. Here are the complete details of the same.

Types of Upgrades with Air Canada:

Air Canada understands the passenger’s situation and offers three types of upgrades. Let’s have a look at all of the following.

Bid upgrade:

In the bid upgrade, you need to fill out the form online and quote your price for the bid. If Air Canada finds it comfortable, then they will share the confirmation. A bid upgrade will give 20 percent off on selected flights depending on the dates and help you experience higher cabin class.


Get the upgrades to the premium class on the selected flights with e-upgrades. If you have the Aeroplan Elite Status or are a member of this, you can earn e-upgrades. This is an appreciation for the loyal travelers who use the points.

Last-minute upgrade:

We know that the holiday season is here when you need to upgrade at the last minute. Use this method and save 20 percent on the upgrades to acquire more perks and benefits on the journey.

Bid Upgrade Eligibility and Timing with Air Canada:

If you want to pursue a bid upgrade, you must be aware of the eligibility and appropriate timings.

  • You can bid for the Economy or Premium Economy Class ticket on all the flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Express Banner.
  • Aeroplan members of Air Canada can also use the points to bid for the upgrade. Also, you can enroll for free.
  • Instant bid upgrades are also available on the relevant routes up to 10-12 days before the scheduled departure.
  • Bid upgrades are available up to 48 hours before flying.
  • You need to make an offer and add all the essential details regarding the booking in the form.

How do you upgrade to business class on Air Canada Flights?

When you find all the essential points or rules related to the Air Canada upgrade, you can proceed with the same online. Therefore, to get an Air Canada seat upgrade to business class, you need to follow the points below.

  • To begin, go to the official Air Canada site and afterward click on the overhauls area.
  • Another page with Solicitation/change a redesign will be opened where you really want to enter your Booking reference number and last name into the given box.
  • Click on the Recover Booking tab to make the changes.
  • You will find the list of bookings that you have made with Air Canada.
  • From that, you need to choose the flight for the upgrade.
  • Under the menu tab, tap on the seat upgrade option and choose the business class.
  • You will see the seating assignment, where you can find the available seats.
  • When you choose the same, proceed to the next page.
  • At last, make the payment and complete the process.
  • Air Canada will provide you with the updated e-ticket at your registered email ID.

How does Air Canada prioritize seat upgrades for passengers?

Air Canada always prioritizes the passengers in upgrading their seats depending on the multiple circumstances. Air Canada considers a few measures while evaluating your upgrade offer. They incorporate how much your deal, the number of different offers, as well as the quantity of accessible seats. You need to check their website and your booking conditions for the upgrade seats Air Canada for your destination.

What are the eligibility criteria for Air Canada seat upgrades?

Air Canada seat upgrades are chosen in light of seat accessibility, the number of offers, and different elements that are at Air Canada’s only tact; as such, there is no assurance that your proposition will be acknowledged, even at the most elevated allowed level. This also depends on the Aeroplan status, points, and other things.

How to Get a Free Air Canada Business Class Upgrade?

Many passengers wanted to access the free upgrades for the journey. Here are the tips that you can follow to acquire free upgrades or at less prices.

Utilize Your Aeroplan Miles

One of the simplest ways of moving up to Business or Mark class on Air Canada flights is by utilizing your Aeroplan miles.

Check for Extraordinary Offers

Air Canada now and then offers extraordinary redesign offers to its travelers. These offers can be found broadcasting live Canada site, in your booking affirmation email, or on the aircraft’s web-based entertainment pages.

Bid for an Update

Air Canada’s offered redesign program permits travelers to propose a move up to Business or Mark class. To take part in the bid overhaul program, sign in to your Air Canada record and snap on the “Update” button.

Book Your Trip Ahead of Time

Booking your trip ahead of time can build your possibilities of getting a move up to Business or Mark class. Travelers who book their flights early have a superior possibility of getting an overhaul as there are more seats accessible free of charge.


Air Canada’s business class flight is by a wide margin the best decision in Canada. Walkway access and a comfortable seat are guaranteed, as are new and energizing dinners both in the parlor and ready, a choice of very good quality wine and spirits, and a smooth registration and baggage carousel experience. Therefore, get the Air Canada seat upgrade on most of the flights for the best journey. 

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