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If your next holiday destination is somewhere across Molokai, Kahului, Honolulu, Lanai, Kapalua, Kona, then look no further than making Mokulele Airlines reservationsMokulele Airlines was founded in the year 1998 and started flight operation as an independent commuter carrier, which is headquartered in Kailua-Kona in Hawaii. It is better identified as an airline of the United States-based in Kona which is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. The airline is known for operating scheduled and chartered flights to Hawaii and many other destinations. 

Mokulele Airlines Phone Number Details:

Information Phone Number
Mokulele Airlines Booking Number +1-888-526-9336
Mokulele Airlines Reservations Number +1-888-526-9336
Mokulele Airlines Customer Service Number +212 5 22 48 97 97
Mokulele Airlines Baggage Claim Number 204-285-0844
Mokulele Airlines Email ID [email protected]
Local: 1-808-495-4188
Address Mokulele Airlines P.O. Box 4409 Kailua-Kona, HI 96745

Why Make Mokulele Airlines Your Flying Partner? 

The reasons for choosing Mokulele Airlines to fly to the destination of your choice, need and requirement are not restricted to one. In fact, there are endless reasons behind the gained popularity of this Kona based airline. The impact of getting affordable airline tickets just can’t be ignored. Moreover, passengers can have access to excellent on-board facilities with no hidden costs at Mokulele Airlines. 

This airline is the one-stop destination for super-busy travel enthusiasts. Mokulele Airlines check-in online facility and the access to book a flight by getting connected with the booking representative of the airline over the phone has been a major contributing factor that led to the success of this carrier. 

Besides, no more standing in the queue of the airline to collect your boarding pass when you can get the pass printed directly from your personal gadget from the comfort of your home, before boarding the flight. 

Other reasons that make Mokulele Airlines a perfect flying partner for travel enthusiasts globally:

  • Flexible and convenient flight reservation
  • Stress-free flight cancellation
  • Availability of travel professionals, 24/7
  • Full refund on flight cancellation after 24 hours of booking
  • Notification on flight delay and cancellation at the moment over phone or email from the dedicated and responsible staff pf the airline

Class-Fares of Mokulele Airlines:

Mokulele Airlines is a regional airline housed in Hawaii. The airline uses small regional planes for flying; hence it has only one cabin class. The cabin is different and more spacious in comparison with normal standard cabin-classes of the other airlines. The flying experience is much more like a private charter air-rides than a typically scheduled basic flight by some famous airline. But here’s a catch, the airline doesn’t offer any in-flight services or meal options throughout the flight duration. The large windows of the aircraft enable you to take a breathtaking and scenic glimpse of the marvelous Hawaiian islands.

Mokulele Airlines Facilities:

The seats in the cabin are equipped with individual reading lights and air vents. Travelers can store their small items inside their seatback pockets. Limited baggage is allowed to be carried in your flight because of the size of the aircraft. The under-seat storage is immensely limited as well because of which carry-on items are meant to be ‘gate checked.’

The Cabin has a controlled in-flight temperature system for passenger comfort, this helps the travelers to stay cool in hot Hawaiian summers.

In case of any issue, you can call the helpline numbers of the Mokulele airline, A trained army of excelled helpers is always available at your disposal. 

Seats in Mokulele Airlines

One Mokulele aircraft has 9 leather seats in its cabin, in a 1 x 1 formation. This means that each flyer would get a separate window seat and can enjoy the panoramic air-views of all the eight Hawaiian islands. 

Baggage Policy of Mokulele Airlines

Checked baggage weighing up to 50 pounds with 45 linear inches are not subject to an additional or handling fee. Passengers are liable for extra fees in case the checked baggage is overweight or if it exceeds the restricted size. If more than three bags are checked at Mokulele Airlines, passengers need to pay extra fees.

As per the baggage policy of Mokulele Airlines, hassle-free Mokulele Airlines check-in is allowed to passengers who maintains the restricted weight of carry-on baggage, which is 15 labs with outside dimensions of 30x15x45 cm. 

Mokulele Airlines In-Flight Amenities

Flying to your favorite destination in luxury, style, and comfort without costing a dime is possible with Mokulele Airlines. Apart from identifying as a customer-centric airline, Mokulele has been recognized globally for being an airline offering high-class amenities on the plane at no extra cost. It includes:

  1. Sumptuous meals with complimentary beverages. Tasty snacks are also offered to passengers free of cost. 
  2. Entertainment on the flight. Passengers can enjoy the latest series, blockbusters and newly released songs throughout their journey.
  3. Recliner seats with pillows and blankets make seating comfortable and journey of each passenger convenient. 

Reading Mokulele Airlines review is a smart approach towards getting an idea and a clear understanding of all the amenities offered by the airline on the plane. Also, enthusiasts can ensure the reliability of the airline, the commitment towards its customers and the quality of the services offered by reading previous client’s feedback and testimonials.

Perks of Booking Mokulele Flights with Iairtickets 

Give a call to Mokulele Airlines phone number can help you make flight reservations any time and from any corner of the world. But, when make you make flight reservations through Iairtickets, you can get notified about discounted flights and can even find the best deal on airline tickets, and therefore can reduce your travel expense by saving money on unnecessarily expensive airline tickets.

Mokulele Airlines FAQs

Q). Is it essential to pay a service fee for children flying alone?

According to the policy of Mokulele Airlines, children between five to eleven years of age are labeled as ‘unaccompanied’ when they are flying to their destination alone or not accompanied by any of their family members on the same flight. A service fee is applicable for children flying with Mokulele Airlines under the ‘unaccompanied’ category. 

Q). What’s the impact of not checking in on time? 

Passengers who fail to check-in the time specified by the airline while making Mokulele Airlines reservations don’t get their confirmed and chosen seats. For any query or to solve their issue, passengers can feel free to contact the customer executive of the airline.

Q). How to check-in with Mokulele Airlines?

The airline only offers airport check-in facility, online check-in is not available with them. It is recommended by the airline to complete your Airport check-in at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. But if you’re running a little late, in that case, your check-in must be done at least 45 minutes before your flight departure. This ensures that you’ll get enough time to check-in securely.

Q). Does Mokulele Airlines have a ‘Frequent Flyer Program?’

The frequent flyer program of Mokulele is commonly known as ‘Imi Loa.’ the program is initiated to reward the regular flyers of the airline. Mokulele Airlines allows you to traverse through some of the most wondrous places on the face of the earth within 45 minutes of each other, no matter what island you want to visit or what activities you’d like to do.

Q). What is the Hub airport for Mokulele Airlines?

Mokulele Airlines has its hub at Kona International Airport. The airport serves North Kona, Kailua Kona, and South Kohala. The airport is comparatively small with the availability of a single runway and airport terminal. Currently, the airport is majorly serving for Mokulele Airlines only as its base hub. However, other popular airlines such as American Airlines,  Alaska Airlines, WestJet Europe, Makani Kai Air, Japan Airlines, and many more fly from the airport on a timely schedule.

Q). What is the Carry-on Baggage allowance in Mokulele Airlines?

An allowance of one carry-on bag within the limited dimensions of 22 x 12 x 9 inches and weight limit of 15lbs is permitted per head for all the Mokulele Flyers.

Q). What is the Checked-Baggage allowance in Mokulele Airlines?

A bag with maximum dimensions of 30 x 15 x 45 inches and weight of 70lbs, including wheels and handles, can only be checked per person.

Other irregular shaped items, fishing poles, and surfboards more than 6 feet 8 inches will not be allowed on-board.

Q). Where does Mokulele Airlines fly?

Mokulele is a local Hawaiian airline that operates a number of scheduled flights throughout Hawaii, Honolulu, Lanai City, Hana Ho’olehua, Waimea, Kailua-Kona, Kalaupapa, Kapalua, Kahului, and many other surrounding places. 

Q). How to contact Mokulele Airline?

You can either email the airline with your query or can reach out to their customer care helpline number. For more detailed info, you can also visit the official site of Mokulele Airlines.

Q). Are children allowed on Mokulele Flights?

For children below 18 years of age, you can make reservations using the official website of Mokulele Airlines. However, the reservation of minors is to be made alongside an adult person (of at least 18 years or more). Please be careful while entering the age in your reservation as a fee of USD 100 will be charged in case the age doesn’t match. For more info, you can reach out to the helpline number of Mokulele Airlines reservations.

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