Planning to book group travel with Alaska Airlines and don’t know the process then no worries, as this guide will help you with the reservation process as well as give you a better idea of detailed information on Alaska Airlines Group Travel. Addition to that, you will also learn about the terms and Conditions, advantages and the types of Group the Alaska Airlines Provides.

So, let’s explore the Alaska Group Booking Travel choices and how you can make the Booking in a quick and easy way.

How Many types of Group Travel does Alaska Have?

Whether you are planning a group booking with a family for a vacation or a business trip, then Alaska Group Travel is the best choice to explore the various destinations. However, Alaska offers various types of groups to travel with, and these are:

  • Travel Together: If you plan to travel with a group, then Alaska Airlines offers a Travel Together program, that can help you to save money, with this option you can book the travel for up to 10 people, and that too in one transaction.
  • Travel Separately: if the Group wants to book their flight separately, they can book the ticket for 20 people, from the different departures and the departure to the same destinations. The passengers can save up to 25% on flights when the group is members is 6 and for the 4 people, you can get up to 20%.
  • Charter Flights: for the larger groups, Alaska Airlines has charter flights. This helps in making sure everyone in a group travels together. For this kind of flight, you should have at least 15 people in a Group.

Other than this, Alaska Airlines has various Number of Groups. To know the number of groups, check the Tabel underneath:

Number of Groups

Group AFor Members of Million Miller, Mileage PlanTM, Etc. 
Group BFor Mileage plan MVP Membership 
Group CFor Business car holder 
Group DFor who sits on the half Back on The Plane
Group EFor those who sits front half of the Airline
Group FFor who book the flight with budget category. 

Also, these groups work on the basics of Priority and Prebording.

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What are the Terms and Conditions of Alaska Group Travel?

So, as we know the types of groups Alaska has, quickly get the Alaska Group Travel terms and conditions before diving into the process because these terms and conditions will provide you help with your booking so that you can make the hassle-free travel. These are as follows:

  • Minimum passenger requirement: there should be 10 people traveling together. The trip can be one-way or round-trip.
  • Booking Time: the passenger can book their Flight 11 month before, and the entire booking process should be completed within that period.
  • Discounts: Alaska Airlines Provides Group discounts on the group booking.
  • Guaranteed fare: the base fare amount is guaranteed until the time of ticketing and if no changes are made to the booking.
  • Name change: the name change is allowed up to 72 hours before the departure time, and after that, the fee will be applied for every name change done.
  • Refund: No refund amount will be given after the ticketing, the value of the ticket may be applied to future travelers.

How to Book a Group Travel with Alaska Airlines?

So, as we know all the types of groups, terms, and Conditions, now quickly get into the Booking process. To know the procedure, follow the different ways mentioned below:

Book Through Website

  • Visit the website of Alaska Airlines
  • Now, go to book my flight option.
  • Select the flights and view the available flight scheduled
  • Now, choose the flight and add the passenger details, such as
  • Passengers name, booking date, and the destination.
  • Now, if you want to add extra services, such as special assistance or luggage.
  • After completing, tap on In and Proceed.
  • Now make the payment and complete the Process.

Once all the steps are completed, you will get the booking information on your email address that you have given when you book the Flight.

Book Through calling the Airline

Other than online Booking, Alaska Airlines Provides a group booking that can be done by calling the Airline customer service using the Alaska Airlines Group Travel Number; for that, you can simply make a call and request for Group Booking. However, if you want to know the steps, follow the details.

  • Visit the Website of Alaska Airlines
  • Now go to the Contact Us option and find the Number
  • Now save it on your Phone, and dial that number.
  • Once connected, follow the IVR option, and you can also choose the language.
  • Now, choose the IVR option according to your choice.
  • Speak with a representative and request him to book your Flight.
  • Then you have to provide all the relevant details.
  • Make the payment and complete the booking.

Once all your steps are done, you will get the confirmation on your phone, by text, or you will receive it on your email.

Book by reaching the Airport

If you are at the Airport, and fail to do the online booking, you can do that by visiting the Airport help desk, once you reach the Airport help desk, talk to the Representative and request him to book your travel.

If he’s agree, provide your Group details, such as the number of passengers, the date and the destination, once the representatives gets the details, he will send you a list of the Airline choose one that suits you, and make the payment and complete the booking process.

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Does Alaska Airlines Provide the Discounts on Group Booking?

Yes. Alaska Airlines provides discounts for those groups of people who make the booking with 10 passengers, or even more than that. To get the Alaska Airlines Group Travel discounts on your booking, you can visit the website or by calling the Airline customer service, ask the representative about the current offers and deals.

Moreover, by booking a flight with Alaska Airlines, you can get flexibility, and the customer service team is always there to help you.

Is it less Expensive to Book a Group Travel With Alaska Airlines?

Yes. It is cheaper to book a flight for a Group on Alaska Airlines, as you will get booking discounts for up to to 20% or even higher when you make the booking as a group. So yes, you can book a Group at a cheaper rate and get more discounts as well.

Additional Tips for Smooth Alaska Airlines Group Travel

Making a group travel sometimes gets difficult. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow to make your travel smoother. The tips are:

  • Plan Travel in Advance: Book your group flights early to get the best deals and discounts.
  • Book on Weekdays: Make a flight on Wednesday, Thursday, and Tuesday, as these are the best days to get flight tickets cheaper.
  • Avoid Traveling During a Peak Time: flight prices generally get high during the peak seasons and popular dates. Such as national holidays, Thanksgiving, and winter break, at these times you will not get booking discounts.
  • Know the Group size: if you need only 20 tickets, then do not ask for the 40 tickets, as bigger is not always better.
  • Select the Destination with Many Flight Tickets: by doing this, you will get better flights and discounts that have various flights per day.


Planning a Group Travel with Alaska Airlines is very beneficial, as Alaska Airlines Provides more comfort, savings, and fun you can share with your loved ones while Flying. Therefore, we hope by following the above details, you will get all your queries resolved regarding Alaska Airlines Group Travel, Further, if you face any queries, contact the customer service team and get the help you are looking for. Happy Journey!