Do you want to explore your favorite places with your family, friends, or colleagues? However, high flight fares must be driving you crazy. In that case, Allegiant group travel is your savior. Under this, airlines give you the freedom to travel with your favorite people without stressing over the fares. Therefore, you can enjoy the best airfares when you board an Allegiant flight with a minimum of ten people.

Reduced air tickets are just one thing. You can also enjoy name change & seat selection flexibility when buying a group ticket. Allegiant Air has certain terms & conditions before you book a group booking with Allegiant Airlines. If you want to learn them in detail, then go through this blog properly.

Does Allegiant Airlines Do Group Rates?

Yes ! Allegiant Air offers a group rate when you plan a journey with ten or more people. Therefore, you can book an exceptional flying experience with Allegiant. The airline takes care of the needs of every passenger in your group.

First, you can share your requirements, including group price, passenger requirements, & other information. The representative will get back to you with a customized group price quote.

Does Allegiant Have Boarding Groups?

Allegiant Air categorizes the passengers into boarding groups. Now, you must be thinking about how Allegiant assigns a boarding group. It depends on various factors such as ticket type and add-on services you buy.

Different Boarding Groups at Allegiant

Pre-Boarding: Allegiant provides you boarding in this group when you need

  • Special assistance or
  • Additional time to board the flight

Priority Boarding: You can access this boarding group when you

  • Bought the priority access.
  • Hold an Allegiant World Mastercard

Military Boarding: You get boarding into this group when

  • You are an active military member or
  • Their relative

Family Boarding: Allegiant assign you this group when You are traveling with a child or children who needs

  • Car seats or
  • Strollers

Zone 1: You can access this boarding group When you have a seat in exit rows

Zone 2: Allegiant put you in this group

  • When you are traveling without carry on bag and
  • Have seats in 25 to 40 rows

Zone 3: You get this boarding group

  • When you do not have a carry on bag and
  • Have seats in 1 to 24 rows

Zone 4: You are in this group

  • When you have a carry on bag and
  • Seat in 25 to 40 numbered rows

Zone 5: Allegiant assign you this

  • When you have a carry on bag and
  • Seat in 10 to 24 numbered rows

Zone 6: You get this boarding group

  • When you have a carry on bag and
  • Seat in 1 to 9 numbered rows.

Note: Allegiant Air does not guarantee that you can sit with your companion or not. Therefore, book your seat in advance if you eagerly want to sit near each other.

Allegiant Group Booking – Terms & Conditions

To book a group ticket with Allegiant Airlines, you need to meet some of the important requirements mentioned below.

  • You can book an Allegiant group travel only when you have 10 or more people on the same itinerary.
  • Similarly, you can either visit our website or contact Allegiant customer service to secure a group ticket.
  • You can book a group holiday in advance and provide the final name list 60 days before the flight.
  • Further, Allegiant allows booking a group itinerary only on some flights.
  • So, please check if the airline provides group bookings for the available flights on the selected date.
  • All the passengers should fly from the same destination.
  • Similarly, Allegiant Airlines does not allow name changes for group packages.

Note: For detailed group travel terms & conditions, visit Allegiant Airlines official website.

How to Book A Group Ticket with Allegiant?

Allegiant Air provides you with different ways to book a group holiday. Therefore, you can use any of the following:

First: Group Travel Request Form

  • Visit Allegiant Air official website
  • Click on group travel
  • Then, a form will open.
  • Fill out all the details like destination, travel date, number of people, etc.
  • Further, choose your cabin class and other travel details.
  • Next, share your expected price quote
  • Finally, click on “Submit” button.
  • The airline representative will contact you with the available price quote
  • Further, complete the booking process.

Second: Call Allegiant Travel Executive

You can straightaway call Allegiant group travel phone number 1 (702) 505-8888 when you want a group ticket. Allegiant Air provides assistance 24/7 to its passengers.

  • Simply dial Allegiant phone number
  • Listen to the IVR commands and choose prompts
  • Connect to an agent
  • Request him for group travel booking
  • Next, the representative will ask for the necessary details.
  • Provide him with all the travel information properly
  • Similarly, the representative will provide you with the available quote
  • Finally, make the payment using the option you select.

Third: At the Airport

Directly visit the Allegiant help desk at the airport. Further, ask them for booking a group vacation. Next, provide the necessary details to the executive. For example, price quote, number of passengers, destination, travel date etc.

Further, the representative will provide you with the available options and help you with the booking process.

Benefits of Allegiant Airlines Group Booking

You receive multiple benefits when you choose Allegiant flights for a group holiday. Therefore, consider the below points before you book one:

  • Reduced Flight Fares: Allegiant Air provides concession on base fare for over nine passengers. Therefore, you can explore more in your budget.
  • Sit Together: You can request the airline representative to sit together on the flight. The agent will do its best to make you sit as close as possible.
  • Priority While Boarding: Allegiant gives you priority during the boarding process when you book a group holiday.
  • All time Customer Service: You can contact the customer service dedicated to group travel when you have any query related to your ticket.


So, booking an Allegiant group travel is easy when you follow the above terms and conditions. Therefore, you can request a group quote and save extra on your flight tickets. You can contact Allegiant air phone number when you need any help with the booking process.