Los Angeles International Airport popularly known as LAX is the major international airport in Los Angeles. The airport has also been serving the United States, California and its surrounding metropolitan area by operating flights through reputable airlines. LAX Airport is located 18 miles south-west of Downtown Los Angeles. The international airport is owned and operated by Los Angeles World Airports commonly referred to as LAWA which is a renowned Los Angeles government agency.

LAWA is formally named as the Department of Airports. Los Angeles Airport has four parallel runways and covers an area of about 3,500 acres. The international airport is also recognized as the world’s fourth busiest airport and the second busiest airport of the United States in terms of passenger traffic. According to the last year’s survey, Los Angeles International Airport handled 87,534,384 passengers. LAX is the main gateway to the United States. Moreover, it is also considered as the best point connecting point to passengers traveling to international destinations.

Los Angeles Airports ranks among the top 5 US airports in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. Apart from capable of handling millions of passengers, LAX is also identified for handling huge cargo traffic.

Terminals of Los Angeles International Airport

There are a total 9 passenger terminal at Los Angeles International Airport. In total, the airport has 132 gates arranged in the form of a letter U or a horseshoe. Shuttle bus service is always available at the airport to help the passenger reach the terminal in no time.

Top Airlines of Los Angeles International Airport

There are many well-known airlines that conduct flights to domestic and international destinations through LAX Airport. You can travel with Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, Air China, American Airlines, Australian Airlines, China Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Japan Airlines, JetBlue, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines from this major international airport of Chicago.

Los Angeles International Airport 
The airport in Los Angeles, California Address: 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
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Los Angeles Airport InformationLos Angeles International Airport is the world’s third-busiest airport by total movements (700,362).
Cheapest Fare:$39
Non Stop Flights:1200 Flights Daily
Contact Details 
Phone: +1 855-463-5252
Cheap LAX Airfare DealsLAX Airport Terminal Map
Miami To Los AngelesNorth Terminal (Blue), Concourse D
Miami To Los AngelesCentral Terminal (Yellow)- Concourse E, Concourse F & Concourse G
Miami To Los AngelesSouth Terminal (Red)- Concourse H, Concourse J
Miami To Los AngelesFormer concourses- Concourse A, Concourse B & Concourse B
Los Angeles To Los Angeles
Los Angeles International Airport Facts10 to 15 Facts
Airlines Fly from LAX AirportAmerican AirlinesDelta Air LinesSouthwest AirlinesUnited Airlines Alaska Airlines
Top Destinations258 (191 domestic, 67 international)LAX Domestic Destinations: San FranciscoNew York, Las Vegas, ChicagoSeattle, Honolulu, DallasAtlanta, Denver, NewarkLAX International Destinations: São Paulo, London, Buenos Aires, Havana, Panama City
List of Top Destinations 
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