Complete Guide of Singapore Airlines Change Flight!

Do you wish to change your travel date or flight destination with Singapore Airlines due to any unavoidable circumstances? If true, the following guide can be fruitful for you. Here, you can get everything related to Singapore Airlines change flight procedure and policy. 

Passengers can change their flight tickets as per Singapore Airlines change flight policy. However, the flight change policy is limited to specific conditions and fares. Stay connected with this information post if you are also here to change the flight date or Destination. 

If you are seeking a perfect guide on Singapore Airlines Change Flight policy or methods, get a human via dialing the Customer Service Number or read the given post. 

Can I Change Flight with Singapore Airlines? 

Yes! You can change the travel date, time, and Destination with Singapore Airlines. Change flight can be done via visiting the official website of Singapore or getting in touch with one of their travel agents. Apart from it, you can proceed further to get additional information regarding Singapore airlines change flight. 

Singapore Airlines Flight Change Rules 

The first thing you must know is that Singapore airlines change flight policy applies to both tickets, whether bought via credit/cash/debit card or KrisFlyer Miles. The flight change fee are different if you are eligible for complimentary rebooking. 

Now, you may proceed further to check out the terms and conditions for Singapore Airline change booking. 

Terms and Conditions for Singapore Airlines Change Flight 

  • You can rebook or reschedule the flight at least 2 hours before departure on Singapore Airlines. 
  • The validity of the original ticket will apply from the re-issued date and is subject to the new conditions of the fare. 
  • You don’t need to worry if you have purchased any add-ons on the previous flight, as the additional baggage and seat option will transfer to the new flight if you only change the travel date. Else, you can ask for a refund for the add-ons. 
  • However, you will get a refund from Singapore Airlines if you change the flight destination.  

How Much is the Singapore Airlines Change Fee? 

Well, the flight change fee relies upon the fare type of your ticket. If you are not eligible to use KrisFlyer Miles or a travel waiver, it is a must to pay a fee for a Singapore air booking change. 

  • To change Economy class flight, you must pay USD 75 and change the flight at least 2 hours before the flight departure. 
  • If changing to the Premium Economy class, you must pay USD 100. 
  • And, you have to pay USD 200 to change a Business Class flight. 
  • However, USD 500 will be charged to change the First class flight on Singapore Airlines. 

To get additional information associated with the Singapore Airlines change fee, contact one of the travel agents via visiting the airline’s official website. 

How to Change Singapore Airlines Flights? 

As you read above, Singapore Airlines permits its passengers to change their flights online and offline. You may or may not have to pay the fee for changing your travel date, time, and Destination in Singapore.

Below, we have given step-by-step instructions to change all of them respectively. 

How to change flight ticket date Singapore Airlines?  

  • To initiate with, you have to choose the Manage Booking option.
  • Next, go with the Change Booking, choose a new flight, and options. 
  • And then, follow the ongoing instructions to change your Singapore flight. 
  • Remember that the flight can only be changed when you have purchased the ticket via the website, call center, app, or sales office. 

If you have purchased the flight ticket from a travel agent, then you should connect travel agency and ask how can I change my flight ticket date Singapore Airlines. 

Steps to change your Destination 

  • If you want to change your Destination, try to find a local Singapore Airlines office.
  • Or, directly call one of the Singapore Airlines travel agents and ask them to change your flight. 

What to Do with Add-ons when Changing a Flight Singapore? 

If you have bought add-ons such as seats, baggage, or any other deals, read the following information to check what to do with these add-ons. Because it depends on whether you are changing the travel date or the flight destination. 

Following are the options you will get on changing the travel date. 

  • Additional baggage can be transferred to your new flight. 
  • Suppose you have selected your desired seat on the previous flight, no worries, as you can choose a seat for the new flight. Else, you can ask for a refund from the airline. 
  • Singapore Airlines offers a refund if you have bought an add-on deal with the precious flight. 

Following are the options you will get on changing the Destination. 

  • You can ask for a refund from the airline if you have bought any add-ons on the previous flight. 
  • You will get an option to choose add-ons while booking a new flight with Singapore Airlines.  

If you want to buy add-ons when rescheduling a new flight, feel free to connect with a travel agent via dialing the Singapore Airlines Customer Service Number. 

How Can I Reschedule a Singapore Airlines flight? 

There might be instances that result in rescheduling a flight with the airline. If you are also looking for the complete steps to sq flight reschedule, proceed with the following information. 

The following steps can be followed to reschedule flights on Singapore Airlines hassle-free. 

  • The first step is to visit official website of Singapore Airlines from your web browser. 
  • Next, choose the Manage Booking option from the Homepage. 
  • Enter the mandatory details, such as the booking reference number and the passenger’s last name. 
  • Next, choose the Submit option. 
  • It will redirect you to your flight booking details, where you have to select the Edit option. 
  • Enter the date when you want to fly and follow the ongoing instructions. 
  • Make the payment to confirm your booking with Singapore Airlines. 
  • It is mandatory to pay the fare difference if you have chosen a more costly flight ticket. 
  • Enter all the necessary details to make the payment. 
  • Once your request gets accepted, you will receive an email to your registered email ID regarding rescheduling a new flight. 

If you still have doubts about how to reschedule a flight on Singapore Airlines, we suggest getting in touch with one of the Singapore Airlines representatives. 

What If Singapore Airlines Changed Your Flight?

If the airline has changed your flight or you missed a connecting flight, you will get one of the following options.

  • You can choose to fly on the next available flight with Singapore Airlines. 
  • Or, you will get the travel option from the airline without paying an additional cost. If the new ticket price is less, you will get a refund of the extra amount.
  • If you don’t want any of these alternatives, ask for a refund from the airline.

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