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Do you need to make changes to your current Southwest reservation? The first thing is to learn the Southwest Airlines change flight policy. You can change or cancel your flight until 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. Read the following informative post to get further details.  Here, this blog mentions the method to modify or change your existing Southwest Airlines reservation. You can easily change or change the flight with your booking confirmation number. In addition to this, Southwest Airlines does not charge any fee to change flight tickets. Have a glance at the following information to learn more about changing the Southwest tickets. 

Southwest Change Flight Policy 

If you have already planned to change your flight on Southwest, it is necessary to look into the Southwest change flight policy. The airline permits you to change the flight ticket free of cost Ten minutes before departure. To know the complete policy, you have to proceed further and read the following info.

  • Southwest Airlines allows you to make a change to the flight after check-in, provided that there must be 40 minutes left in departure. 
  • You can request to convert your travel funds into flight points as per the Southwest change flight policy. And then, you can use these Southwest flight points when booking another flight. 
  • You can use the promo codes to make changes to the Southwest economy flight tickets according to its change flight policy. 
  • The airline permits you to make changes to your flight ticket at no cost, whether you change the flight within or after 24 hours of booking.

Southwest Airlines change flight policy for Wanna Get Aways Tickets 

According to Southwest’s change flight policy, you can change your Wanna Getaway tickets at no cost up to 10 minutes before the flight’s departure.  The airline will not apply any change flight fee for making changes to the Wanna getaway tickets. 

Southwest Airlines changed flight policy for Business and Anytime Tickets 

The same policy applies to business and anytime flight tickets. You don’t need to worry if you have purchased a business or Anytime ticket. The airline allows you to make changes to the tickets up to 10 minutes before departure free of cost.  And if you want to keep your current booking, the airline will convert the value of your ticket into travel funds. You can use travel funds up to one year from the date of purchase for further bookings. 

Southwest Airlines same-day change flight policy 

When you make changes on the same day, then you have to be aware of a few exceptions. To change your Southwest tickets on the same day, you have to pay additional fees and taxes.  If you want to make changes to the international tickets on the same day, contact the airline by dialing the Southwest Airlines Customer Service Number.

How Much is the fee for changing flights on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines understands that travel plans change, and therefore it never charges a fee to make changes to the existing booking. If applicable, you may have to pay the fare difference, but no change will be deducted as per the Southwest flight change policy. Isn’t it great?  Traveling with Southwest Airlines would be a one-of-a-kind experience for you. You can even make changes to your booking at the last moment to make the most of your journey. 

Important Points to Note

Having a wanderlust soul, you must know how important it is to have a flexible change policy. Your travel plan can change at any time, and it can become an interruption in your journey.  Therefore, Southwest Airlines offers the most flexible flight change policy with which you can change your flight without any complications.  Before opting for the “change my flight Southwest,” you should learn about the rules and regulations associated with the change policy of the airline. Let’s explore these points. 

  • You can change your flight without any fee at any step of the journey. 
  • If your new flight fares are less than the original ones, then Southwest will send the refund in the original form of the payment. If it is not applicable, then you will receive a travel fund for future travel. These funds are applicable for one year from the date of the original reservation. 
  • If new Southwest Airlines tickets for passengers are more expensive than the existing ones, then it is a must for them to pay the fare difference. 
  • Sometimes Southwest Airlines changes your flight schedule owing to any technical issue. In that case, you may receive the details of your new itinerary through email or phone number. It simply means that your new booking has been confirmed and you don’t have to do anything. You can change or cancel your flight if it doesn’t work out for you. 
  • If your trip gets affected by any change by the airline, then you can change the time and date of your flight up to 14 days from the initial date of flying without any additional cost. 
  • You can change your flight by visiting the Southwest official site or by calling the Southwest change flight number
  • Passengers are allowed to change their flight as many times as they want; there is no restriction on that. 
  • Even if you have completed your check-in, you can change the current flight. 

How do You Change a Southwest Flight?

Changing your existing flight with Southwest Airlines is an easy task, and you can opt for the same with no extra effort. The airline facilitates you with both online and offline ways to confirm your flight change, and it is totally up to you which method you choose.  If you want to initiate the “Southwest change flight” procedure with the help of an airline agent, then get in touch with him to share your details. To change the flight online, implement the following steps. 

  • Visit southwest.com Log your account or call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792)
  • If you log then, enter the flight booking number or Traveler’s name
  • Then choose the Change flight option.
  • Enter the traveling detail and submit.
  • Then, pay the change flight fee, if required.
  • Finely download the new Southwest flight ticket.

Change Southwest Airlines Flight With No Effort!

As mentioned above, Southwest Airlines permits flyers to change their scheduled flight as many times as they want. They can apply these changes up to 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. Therefore, booking with Southwest Airlines is the best deal because you can make changes even at the last moment. If you are a flexible traveler, then don’t look further, and just confirm your reservation with this airline.  But if you have booked a round-trip, and you want to change the one leg of the journey, then it will be quite difficult for you. Get in touch with the airline executive to cancel the whole itinerary.

Can I Change My Flight at the Last Minute?

Yes, Southwest allows all its flyers to change their flights at the last minute without any additional effort. However, you can’t change your flight online at that time. Therefore, you have to reach the airport and contact the Southwest agent. He will check if there is a flight on the same route on the same day.  Southwest Airlines executives will change your flight without any fee for the day. If there is no availability, the airline will put you on the standby list. Passengers will need to pay the taxes and fees. So go ahead, and change your flight at the last moment with no extra effort. 

What happens if Southwest Changes the Scheduled Flight?

If Southwest changes or cancels your flight due to any reason, you are eligible to request a refund from the airline. However, the airline will rebook you on the next flight or will give you the travel credit in case of cancellation.  If Southwest made a significant change to your itinerary, and you don’t want to accept it, then you can get your money back. As per the airline’s policy, you may be put on the waitlist on the original day of the journey. However, if you wish to use the standby option, you will have to upgrade your flight ticket to the “Anytime” fare option. 

Some important points related to this area-

  • Please note that if the airline makes any changes to your flight for any such reason, you can reject the change at your convenience. 
  • However, you travelers will be booked on the next flight, but you can ask for the money if that schedule doesn’t suit you. 
  • In some cases, you may get a refund, while in others, you may get your money. 
  • Get in touch with the Southwest representatives to request your refund. 

What is the same-day Flight Change Policy on Southwest?

Do you wish to make changes to your current reservation on the same day of travel? Well, you can easily do it. Flyers can modify their bookings at least 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure. However, there may not be another flight on that day, and you have to wait for that.  One can visit the official website of the airline to opt for the change. In addition to this, you can even reach out to the Southwest officials to make all kinds of changes. Changing a flight with Southwest is quite an easy task because of the customer-oriented policies of this airline. So go ahead, and make changes as per your comfort.  Please note that the same-day change policy of Southwest is quite different from that other airlines. There is no fee for same-day change and stand by. If you have a Wanna Get Away ticket, you should upgrade to a full Anytime fare. After that, you can change your flight on the day of departure. 

Southwest Change Flight FAQ’s

Can I change the name on the Southwest Airlines booking?

Well, Southwest Airlines doesn’t have any name change policy. You are not allowed to change your name. If you wish to correct your name, firstly, you have to cancel your flight and then rebook it with the correct name.

Can I Cancel My Southwest Flight For a Full Refund?

Yes, passengers who cancel their reservations within 24 hours of the booking are entitled to get a full refund upon the cancelation. They just have to ensure that they have confirmed the booking at least seven days before the flight departure. 

Do I Have to Pay to Change My Southwest Airlines Flight?

No, if you wish to change the Southwest Airlines flight, then there is no need to pay any extra charges. However, if your new flight is more expensive than the older one, then the fare difference needs to be paid. 

What are the Ways to Change My Southwest Flight?

Passengers can change their existing flights online and offline ways. They can navigate to the official site or contact the airline’s agents to initiate the flight change. Provide your necessary details, and you are done with the same. 

Will Southwest allow flight changes?

Yes, you can change your Southwest flight without any hassle. The airline believes in providing the utmost flexibility to its passengers. There is no cost to change your mind. One can change the flight at any moment without paying any money. However, you will have to pay only the fare difference. 

How do I change my departure at the airport Southwest?

You can change your origin city through the mobile app of the airline. If you haven’t logged in to your booking, then you have to enter the reservation number to retrieve your reservation. Click on the “change departure city” option. After that, insert the new details to confirm your change 

Is wanna get away refundable?

Southwest has very popular fares, known as Wanna Get Away fares. Please note that these fares are not refundable. However, you can reuse them whenever you want. Only the original ticketed traveler can use it for making reservations. Travel funds that are associated with these fares can easily be used for future journeys. You need to complete the trip within one year of the date you have bought the ticket.  These are very beneficial fares and will help you to complete your journey at affordable fares. 

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