Southwest Airlines Missed Flight

Are you facing the situation of missing a flight? The problem is very frequent as unexpected problems can arise anytime and anywhere. As per the Southwest Airlines missed flight, you can easily get a new flight or apply for a refund.
They work with the traveler’s demand and services to deliver easy rules according to their preferences. If you are not aware of the necessary information about this issue, then you must read the given information and enhance the overall flying experience.

Rules for the Missed Flight with Southwest Airlines

You don’t need to worry about if you miss your flight with Southwest. They allow you to stand by for the next flight or get a refund. Following are some of the things and the rules you can follow after missing the journey.

Get the next flight:

When you find that your flight is missed, you can book a new flight. If there are vacant seats, then catch the next flight by paying some extra fees. However, a standby facility is also there, which can save you money, and you don’t need to spend any extra dollars.

Request the refund:

Another option is to get back the money with Southwest Airlines. You can apply for the refund or the travel credit online and fill out the form. However, passengers can speak with the customer service team to discuss this uncertain situation for help. 

Reach to the airport representative:

At the preferred terminal of your flight, you can talk to the customer service agent. Tell them your reason for not catching the flight and obtain their help. They can either adjust you on the next flight or ask you to wait for quick assistance.

How do you reschedule/Change the missed Southwest Airlines flight?

Unluckily, after doing a lot of hard work to reach the airport, you somehow missed the flight. In this situation, you can schedule your flight at no extra fees, depending on the situation. So, look at the ways to obtain the new updated ticket for missing a flight on Southwest Airlines for your destination.

Get the tickets on the web:

  • Initially, obtain the Southwest Airlines site at www.southwest.com.
  • Go to the My Trips section from the top.
  • Insert the reservation reference code and the passenger’s last name.
  • You can see the list of reservations you have completed.
  • From that, tap on the flight you are unable to catch.
  • At there, pick the reschedule option from the right.
  • You must add the new travel dates and search for the flight.
  • From that, choose the best flight and get the seats for all.
  • Pay the relevant fees, if any, to complete the process.
  • Southwest Airlines shares the confirmation message in your mail.

Reach to the Airport:

Once you find that you failed to catch your flight at an appropriate time, in this situation, you immediately need to reach the airport inquiry counter to talk to the officials. With this, they can check the information about the airlines and the time you reach the airport. Thus, get a new flight with their help according to availability.

Reschedule the flight on the call:

If nothing goes well, you can speak with the customer service team and obtain their help. You just need to call on the Southwest Airlines phone number at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792) and listen to the IVR instructions. When you pick the suitable command, your phone will be transferred to the customer representative for valuable advice.

What happens if I don’t show up for my flight on Southwest?

Sometimes, you are unable to make everything on time and miss the journey. You must inform the airlines before the flight takes off so that they can give you the necessary solution. If you don’t show up for the flight, then you can considered as a no-show. Consequences and the circumstances can be different for this as below.

Southwest Airlines No Show Policy:

  • You must inform the airlines at least 10 minutes before the actual flight departure.
  • If you don’t inform them, then business select or anytime fare will get the transferable flight credit for future use.
  • In the wanna get away and wanna get away plus, airlines forfeit the complete money.
  • Passengers who get the reservation through the rapid reward points are eligible to get a back deposit in the business select or anytime fare.
  • If there are any taxes on the business fare, then the airline gives the same to the travel credit.
  • According to the standard fare, you don’t receive any rapid reward points or taxes.

What to Do after missing your Southwest Airlines Flight?

If you have missed your scheduled flight, then you don’t have to take stress at all. The airline offers different ways for its passengers’ ease. Here are some things that you can do after missing your flight. 

Try Canceling your Flight

Travelers are allowed to cancel their booking even 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. If you are about to reach the airport or just a few minutes away from the airport, then try to convince the airline. Get in touch with the airline’s representative through Southwest Airlines customer service and explain your situation. Share your reason for missing the flight, and maybe the airline will get convinced. 

Inform the Airline

If you are about to miss a flight or just have missed it, then inform the airline about the same. The airline will give you a refund of unused portions, and your reservations are saved with the airline. Being one of the polite airlines, it always understands its travelers’ concerns.

After that, you can even book a new flight with the airline. Check out the availability of flights and stay and book tickets on your preferred one. 

Explore Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy 

Southwest is the only American airline that is kind enough to book your seat on the next flight with no extra fares. If you have missed your flight, then there are some guidelines that you need to know.  Read the important guidelines to avoid being a hassle. 

  • Don’t panic if you miss your flight with the airline. Southwest tries its best to give you a peaceful experience. 
  • Ensure to reach the airport at least 2 hours before the departure. If you arrive within this time frame, the airline will arrange your itinerary on another flight for free. 
  • It is known as a flat-tier rule. When you are at the check-in counter, tell your situation to the agent. He will guide you towards the gate agent. He will check the standby passengers and will give you a seat if available. 
  • However, you can reschedule your flight if you are uncomfortable with the new flight booking. For this, go to the manage booking section.
  • If you don’t cancel your booking and don’t arrive at the airport, you will be counted under the no-show policy.

Is there a fee for missing flights on Southwest?

Yes, there is a fee for missing the flight on Southwest according to the ticket type and situation. If you are unable to catch the flight due to the Airlines fault or weather disruption, then you don’t need to pay any fees. Apart from this, Southwest Airlines change fees due to missed flights can be between $75 to $400 as per your no-show rules and fare restrictions.

Can I get compensation for a missed connection flight on Southwest?

Sometimes, you miss the connection due to a delay in the first flight. For this, Airline’s perspectives are always different as further.

  •  Request the new connecting flight immediately for free at the same seat and location.
  • For the unused portion of your itinerary, you can also request a refund if there is no alternative option.
  • Till the next departure, airlines accommodate you at the airport lounge by providing luxury stay and food.
  • They always make the best efforts to reach your destination safely and without any hassles.
  • If you missed the first flight due to your fault and missed the connection, then you don’t get any refund or a new flight.


With the above information, you can see that one of the first options is to inform the airlines about your not coming. Airlines can provide a partial refund or reschedule the same flight. However, if you are still unable to get any solution, you can make a new Southwest Airlines booking and correct the mistakes.

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