A Complete Guide to Frontier Airlines Change Flight 

Do you ever face a situation where you need to change your current flight? Changing a flight is a common situation, and many flyers get stuck in the same problem. Especially if you are a flexible flyer, you just have encountered this situation. If you have made a Frontier Airlines booking for your trip, then you must enlighten yourself with the Frontier change flight policy.

In addition to the flight change, you can even alter other options.  Use the manage booking facility of the airline or reach out to the travel experts to initiate the change quickly. 

If you want to discover the rules and regulations of the change frontier flight policy, then this blog will help. Let’s get started. 

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How Much is Frontier Flight Change Fee? 

Excitedly, you don’t need to pay a fee if you are changing the flight within 24 hours of purchase. You must know that the fee for changing Frontier flight depends on fare type and days left for departure. 

As per the Frontier flight change policy, you must pay an additional fee to avail of different services for every ticket. 

  • You don’t need to pay any fee if you make changes at least 60 days before departure. 
  • A $49 will be applied for changing flights within 59 to 7 days before departure. 
  • A $79 will be applied for changing flights up to 6 days or less before departure.

And if you have purchased ‘The Works’ service at the time of reservation, you don’t need to pay any fee. To get this service, you must pay an amount between $57 to $83. After availing of this service, you will no longer have to pay a fee for changing flights with Frontier Airlines. Along with this, you can get a full refund on canceling flights on Frontier.

What is the Frontier Flight Change Policy? 

If you have to change your flight on Frontier for any reason, it is a must to check out the flight change policy of the airline. Check out the following information to get the complete Frontier flight change policy.

  • You are permitted to make changes to flight tickets before departure as per Frontier’s policy.
  • Frontier Airlines allows you to make changes to the ticket within 24 hours of booking for free. 
  • You must pay a fee if you are changing the flight after 24 hours of purchase. 
  • You are not allowed to transfer your Frontier ticket to someone else.
  • If the price of a new flight is less than the original ticket, Frontier Airlines will transfer travel credit to you for future travel. 
  • And if the cost of a new flight is more than the original one, you must pay the difference. 

If you want further guidance on Frontier flight change, you can get in touch with an executive by dialing Airlines Customer Service Phone Number 24/7. 

Frontier Airlines 24 hours Change Flight Policy

If you are traveling with Frontier Airlines, you don’t need to worry at all because it is really a good choice for flyers. It permits passengers to opt for the Frontier airlines change flight process with no extra effort. If you have confirmed your reservation at least seven or more days prior to the scheduled departure, then you are entitled to change your flight without any charges within 24 hours of the original booking. 

The airline holds the ticket of every passenger for 24 hours and doesn’t charge any fee for making changes in this time frame. If any passenger has purchased the ticket within seven days of the departure, then no free change service will be provided.

If you have confirmed your reservation through any third-party agency, then get in touch with the agency to initiate the “change my flight Frontier” procedure.  

Frontier Airlines Change Flight Rules

As per Frontier Airlines change flight rules, you must cancel the ticket before the flight check-in time. You must cancel the domestic flights 45 min & international flights 60 min before the check-in time. 

Below, you can learn the rules for changing flights before departure and on the travel day. 

For Changing Flights Before Departure 

  • You don’t have to pay the penalty for changing flights on Frontier. 
  • Frontier Airlines allows you to transfer the value of an old ticket to a new flight. 
  • You will be asked to pay the penalty for changing the basic ticket.  

For Changing Flights on the Travel Day

  • You will be qualified for standby travel only when you are a member of Frontier Miles Elite. In this case, you can travel early or late without paying extra charges.
  • You can change the Frontier flights on the same day of the trip only if you are the holder of WORKS and Miles Elite. However, changing the flight on the same day costs 59 USD for anyone else. 

Rules for Changing a Paid Frontier Reservation

Frontier Airlines has the same fee structure to change a paid reservation as the cancellation booking. 

  • You must pay $49 for making changes to flight 59 to seven days before departure. 
  • And if you are changing the flight within six days, you must pay $79. 
  • You don’t have to pay any charges by changing a flight 60 days or more before departure.
  • The fee for booking a flight before July 26, 2021, is relatively less.

Rules for Changing a Frontier Reservation Booked with Miles

You can book Frontier flight tickets at a low cost using Frontier miles. To know the additional rules for changing a reservation booked with miles, look at the following list. 

  • You don’t have to pay the fee in case of making modifications to the award flight within eight or more days before departure.
  • You must pay $99 if you cancel the flight seven or fewer days before departure. 
  • Frontier Airlines waive $99 if you have purchased an award flight before March 31, 2021, within seven days of booking.

How Do I Change My Flight on Frontier?

If you are looking for the complete process to change your flight on Frontier Airlines, you are at the right place. Frontier Airlines allows its passengers to change their flights online and offline. Here, we have discussed both of these methods in detail. 

Online Change Flight Process

  • The first step is to go to the official website of Frontier and log into your account. 
  • Afterward, choose the My Trip tab and type in your booking confirmation code and the passenger’s last name.
  • Choose the Change Flight option from the trip confirmation page. 
  • Now, you can choose one of any round or one-way trips that you want to change. 
  • After choosing your trip, select the Change option.
  • Next, the new ticket price, along with the price difference, will display on the screen. 
  • Lastly, pay the fee to confirm the booking with Frontier Airlines. 

Offline Flight Change Process

Another method to change your Frontier flight is to connect with one of the travel agents at the airline. Here are the steps for how can you change the flight offline.

  • First, dial Frontier Airlines Customer Service Phone Number to talk to a live person. 
  • Click on the right key to speak to one of the Frontier Airlines representatives. 
  • Now, you should request him to change your flight. 
  • You must follow the IVR instructions. 
  • Pay the fee to confirm your booking. 

If you are getting any issues while performing steps for the Frontier Flight Change process, dial the customer service phone number and talk to a live person.

How to get my flight changed for free on Frontier?

Here are some effective suggestions that can help you change Frontier flights for free. For any further assistance regarding Frontier flight change, feel free to contact a travel agent anytime. 

Now, you may look into the following points to gain better insight into avoiding flight change fees. 

  • It would be best if you tried to change the flight within 24 hours of booking. 
  • If you change your flight within 24 hours of booking, you don’t need to pay a fee. 
  • Changing Frontier flights at least 60 days before departure is recommended to avoid paying fees.
  • Buying a flexible fare may also save you from paying the Frontier flight change fee. 
  • You can also avoid the fees by changing the flight on the same day as the booking. In this case, Frontier Airlines will not charge any fees for changing your flight.
  • If you are a member of Elite status, no charges apply to you for changing flights on Frontier. 

This way, you can avoid the fees for changing flights with Frontier Airlines. 

Important Points to Remember for Frontier Change Flight

 Are you ready to change your current flight with Frontier Airlines owing to any unforeseen reasons? Well, then just go ahead, and make your change quickly and conveniently. But before that, make sure to read all the points related to the Frontier flight change policy to avoid any last-minute troubles. So, let’s get started. 

  • You can purchase a special service of the airline, known as “The Works,” to avoid the change fee at any step of the journey. 
  • Passengers are even allowed to make a same-day change if there is availability on another flight. 
  • Ensure to pay the fare difference in case your new flight tickets are more expensive than the existing one. 
  • Avail travel credits from the airline if your new fares are less expensive than the current flight. Use these credits to save on your future trip. 
  • If you have a question, what would happen if Frontier Airlines changed my flight, there is no need to take stress at all. The airline will book your tickets on a new flight if there is any technical issue. 

Connect with Frontier Airlines Agents to Change Your Flight!

Do you wish to avail experts’ assistance regarding the change flight procedure? Get in touch with the agents of the airline at the earliest, and share your concern now. Dial the number, and one of the representatives will answer your call in no time. Passengers have to follow some simple steps to change their flights with the assistance of the airline executive. Let’s discuss these steps. 

  • Visit the official website of Frontier Airlines. 
  • Find out the “Contact Us” option at the bottom of the homepage.
  • On the next page, there will be a separate section of “Contact Info.”
  • Check out the “reservations” section, and check out the number of this department. 
  • One of the representatives will answer your call. 
  • Tell him that you want to change your current flight. 
  • After that, he will need your current flight details so that he can initiate the change flight procedure. 
  • Now, provide the priorities of your new flight to confirm your reservation. 

How to Change the Date on Frontier Airlines?

If you want to change the date of your current flight, then you need to follow some desired steps on the airline’s official site. Moreover, the airline offers online and offline ways to implement changes to your existing reservation. Use any of these available methods to confirm your date change in the shortest time. 

In addition to this, you can change the date without any fee within 24 hours of the reservation. To change the date online, visit the official website to access the “My trips” section. Get your booking details after entering certain information. Enter the new date, and check which flight timing suits you. Proceed further to pay and confirm your new flight booking in the wink of an eye. 

Steps to change the Date on Frontier Airlines

  • Launch the Frontier Airlines official web portal on your device.
  • Once the homepage appears on your screen, click on the “My Trips” tab from the menu. 
  • Enter your necessary reservation number and details to locate your booking. 
  • Select the trip you wish to change the date for and click on the “Change” option.
  • Click on the date calendar to select dates that suit your travel plan best. 
  • Select the new date and follow the instructions to complete the change. 
  • Make the necessary payment to confirm the change is done. 
  • To avail of the new reservation without paying extra charges, you can purchase their “The Works” package. 
  • Please note that for the same-day flight change, you have to pay the applicable charges. 

Can I Change my Flight without Paying a Fee? 

Yes, you can reschedule your existing flight for free in some special cases. The best way to save your cancelation or change is to do it within 24 hours of the reservation. There must be at least a week before the departure of the flight. Moreover, you can get a full refund if you are canceling a booking within 24 hours of the purchase. 

Frontier is a great airline that aims at making your trip convenient, and therefore it offers some brilliant facilities. The airline knows that changes can become obstacles at any time, and therefore it offers the free change facility for the ease of flyers. So go ahead, and make bookings with this airline now, even if you are a flexible traveler. 

What is the Same-Day Flight Change Policy?

The same-day flight change policy is quite convenient and simple, which makes it easy to change the current flight. However, the same-day flight change will only be available if seats are available. You can opt for this facility by visiting the airport kiosk.

In addition to this, you can call on the Spirit phone number to initiate the process. Get in touch with the airline representative to share your details, and confirm your change at much convenience. Some points that you can’t miss before opting for this facility are-

  • If you have an Economy ticket, then you will have to pay $50 to make changes on the same day. 
  • Classic Plus ticketholders can enjoy this beneficial facility for free. 
  • Moreover, the Summit Level members of Early Returns can use the same-day flight change without any fee. 

Can You Uncheck in for a Flight Frontier?

Yes, if you have already checked in online, then you have permission to undo it without any additional effort. There is a special option on the official website of the airline for this. Use that option to undo your check-in. Moreover, you can get in touch with the airline agent to seek immediate guidance regarding this thing. 

Can I Get a Refund If Frontier Changed My flight?

Yes, if the airline changes your flight, you have the right to ask for compensation. You can even book your seats on another flight; otherwise, a refund is an option for you. The airline may give travel credits to you depending upon your fare type.

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FAQ’s – Frontier Change Flight

How can I Change My Flight without Paying a Fee?

To avoid any change fee, you must opt for it within 24 hours of the original booking. Passengers must have purchased flight tickets at least seven or more days before the scheduled departure of the flight. If all these conditions are fulfilled, you are eligible for a free change. 

Can I Change My Flight with Frontier Within 24 Hours?

Frontier Airlines allows all its passengers to change their current flight within 24 hours of the reservations without any extra fee. You just have to pay the fare difference, and you are done. The only condition is that your reservation must have been made at least seven or more days before departure. 

How Do I Talk to a Real Person at Frontier Airlines?

To talk to a live person, give a call on the phone number of the airline. There is a list on the airline’s official site where you can pick the right number +1-860-333-5386 to get rid of all your problems. 

How do flyers make amends in Frontier Airlines offline?

Any flyers who wish to make amends in their flight itineraries offline can contact Frontier Airlines customer service or visit a Frontier Airlines ticket counter at the airport. You can also submit a form or write down an email to make amends quickly.

How do I get my Frontier to waive change fee?

Frontier Airlines does not offer waivers for change fees. However, if you are a Frontier Miles Elite status member, you may be eligible for a waiver of the change fee. You can also contact Frontier Airlines directly to get deep insights into any other potential waivers for change fees.

Does Frontier Airline charge no show fee?

If you miss to catch a flight on time, you’re considered a no-show passenger. All the unused ticket segments will be considered null and void, and you’ll not get any refund or travel credit. However, the airline cancels your flight ticket, and the remaining ticket value will be forfeited.

Do I get a refund if Frontier Airlines change flights?

Frontier Airlines doesn’t offer any refund for events outside of the airline’s hands. If your flight is changed or delayed more than 3 hours, you can cancel your flight, and the airline will provide a full refund of an unused segment of your ticket.  


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