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Tired of the daily monotonous schedule? You must plan a trip to some exotic destination with your loved ones. For making a booking to your final destination, you must choose Qatar Airways. The airline is a perfect choice for each kind of traveler because its services are designed according to your concerns. Make Qatar Airways reservations in the shortest span to fly smoothly. 

Moreover, the airline tries to understand all the problems of its passengers and therefore provides 24*7 assistance. It will give you the best experience in the air for your ease. Qatar Airways is one of the most famous airlines, and you must plan a trip with it for an unforgettable journey. Learn all the benefits of traveling with this airline, and complete the trip amidst relaxation. Confirm your Qatar Airways booking, and have a pleasurable journey. 

How to make Qatar Airways Reservations Online?

Make Qatar Airways reservations USA with confidence as the airline always ensures a safe and smooth travel experience. Purchasing flight tickets is no more a hassle as you are not required to stand in the long queues at the airport to confirm your booking; just make some clicks from your personal computer or laptop, and there you go! Visit the dedicated official site of the airline and follow the forthcoming steps to book flight tickets without any additional efforts. 

  • Open the Qatar Airways official site and on the homepage, you will see a search engine. 
  • Fill all the required fields in this extensible search engine to complete your Qatar Airways booking.
  • In the beginning, you are needed to select the type of your trip.
  • Enter the source and final destination in the fields that say “From” and “To” respectively. 
  • Pick the date on which you want to board the flight. Add the return date also if you are going on a round-trip.
  • Insert the number of passengers included in the same trip. 
  • On this page, you can also check travel and entry requirements. 
  • If there is any promo code, apply it.
  • Once done, click on the “Show flights” tab to retrieve the list of available flights. Select the flight that would not put any extra burden on your wallet. 

Apart from this method, you can also use the airline’s mobile app or the phone number of the airline to get their reservation done. Qatar Airways reservations number is available 24/7 to provide assistance to the passengers in need.

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

Have you confirmed your Qatar Airways Booking? If yes, then you must check the airline’s baggage policy to avoid any kind of last-minute hassle at the airport. Make sure that you are following the weight and size restrictions applied on the baggage to have a stress-free journey. Your cabin class and your route of traveling will determine the allowed number of bags on your flight. Check out the restrictions on the baggage from the following information. 

  • Hang Baggage

Passengers of Qatar Airways are allowed to bring at least one piece of handbag on the flight. Depending on your travel class, you can bring this bag for free. In addition to this handbag, one duty-free item is also permitted. The maximum dimensions of the handbag must not measure more than 50 x 37 x 25 cm or 20 x 15 x 10 inches. Guests of Business Class and First Class can bring two pieces of bags with a maximum of 15 kg or 33 lb weight. Give a call on the Qatar Airways phone number to know more information about this baggage policy. 

  • Checked Baggage

There is no limit on the number of checked bags on the routes where the concept of weight applies. You can check as many bags as you want unless or until they are following the weight restrictions. However, some limitations can be applied based on the carrying capacity of the flight. While booking a flight on the official site of the airline, you can find the allowed number of bags and the maximum weight of your bag. A single piece of the checked bag should not weigh more than 70 lb or 32 kg. If your bag is exceeding this limit, then it will be broken down so that each piece measures less than 32 kg or 70 lb. 

For excess baggage, charges may apply. Reach out to the Qatar Airways Booking desk for more help regarding this. 

Why choose Qatar Airways?

People usually get confused while choosing the right airline for their journey as multiple factors are included such as in-flight entertainment, meals, beverages, legroom, etc. Qatar Airways offers all these things at the lowest fares possible. Their utmost concern is to facilitate its passengers with the most luxurious journey of their life. They never hesitate to offer comfort and convenience to their passengers. Confirm your Qatar Airways Booking and avail all the benefits. Some of the benefits of making this airline you travel partner are stated below. 

  • Transparency

One of the best things that an airline can offer to its customers is transparency. Qatar Airways is well-known for its transparent nature with its passengers. Unlike many other airlines, this airline doesn’t include any hidden charges in the total cost of the flight. Once you check the fare of your selected flight, it will be the final amount. No hidden fees will be shown on the confirmation page. 

  • Easy and quick Booking

If you are thinking that making a flight booking will need additional effort from you, then you are wrong. The airline has a very simple and quick booking policy with which you can confirm your reservation in the twinkling of an eye. You have other methods also to buy flight tickets such as the mobile app of Qatar Airways and its phone number. Moreover, flight attendants are always available to help you with the Qatar Airways reservations process. 

  • Countless discounts and offers

Looking for great discounts to save on your travel expenses? Yes, then go ahead and avail the benefits of deals and discounts offered by the airline. There are innumerable discounts and deals posted on the official site of Qatar Airways, which can be fetched at any time for the maximum benefits. Be wise enough to grab these discounts on time, otherwise, it will get faded away, leaving you disappointed. Flyers can also follow the airline on its social media handles as some of the discounts are posted there. 

Apart from these deals and discounts, the airline also offers coupons, promo codes, vouchers, etc. These will also help you to maximize your savings on Qatar Airways Booking.

Avail benefits of various services by Qatar Airways on the Flight!

Board the flight and enter heaven!

Flying with Qatar Airways? Well, you have made the right choice because the airline offers plenty of services on the flight to make your journey a delightful experience. Passengers who have confirmed their Qatar Airways reservations will be bestowed with innumerable benefits throughout the journey. With top-notch services and incredible hospitality, you will have an unparalleled journey while soaring through clouds. The airline knows the on-board needs of each passenger, and therefore all these amenities are made accordingly. Use the entertainment option, enjoy delicious meals, or just sit back to enjoy the spacious seat. Here is the list of amenities that you will enjoy in the air. 

  • Comfortable seating

Settle into your personal space and enjoy the breathtaking views of the sky. All the seats have plenty of rooms to sleep, eat, and stretch out. The spaciousness of seats is perfect for making your journey smooth and comfortable. Moreover, elegant decor adds a sense of refinement to flight cabins. 

  • In-flight entertainment

The airline has various entertainment options that cater to every traveler’s needs. Browse the selection of available options and let your time pass like a breeze in the air. You can watch your favorite movies, shows or listen to your favorite music. Moreover, games are available on the flight that you can play. 

  • Premium dining experience

Travelers can enjoy the finest dining in the sky. Sumptuous meals are offered to them that are freshly prepared. Relax in the spacious dining area and satisfy your taste buds to the maximum extent. Your culinary journey will be a memorable one. Relish mouth-watering food, and satisfy your food cravings. 

  • In-flight connectivity

Don’t want any interruption in access to your family, friends, clients, and colleagues. On-board Wi-Fi is available for each flyer, and you can connect with it to stay in touch with your loved ones. Keep yourself busy with your near and dear ones and share each moment of the flight with them. 

Confirm your Qatar Airways reservations as soon as possible for a pleasurable on-board experience. 

Qatar Airways frequent flyer program

Do you always prefer flying with Qatar Airways? If yes, then you must have heard about its loyalty program, which is the Privilege Club. well, if not, then you are missing out on some great offers and amazing travel rewards. This program is designed by Qatar Airways for its regular passengers and it is just a way of the airline to thank passengers for choosing it as their travel partner. To make traveling even more enriching, members will enjoy a range of exclusive benefits and privileges. Join this program and start saving on your Qatar Airways Booking.

This program is free to join and you will earn Qmiles on each of your trips after joining this program. You must be at least 12 years to join this program. Membership benefits are designed in such a way that it will definitely meet the specific needs of various members in different tiers. There are four membership tiers and with the level of the tier, benefits also start increasing. Four membership tiers are mentioned below. 

  • Burgundy
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Below are the benefits of this lucrative program.

  • Book award tickets
  • Excess baggage allowance
  • Cabin upgrades
  • Priority in seating
  • Priority in boarding

Opt for Qatar Airways reservations and avail all these benefits. Check out some important points related to the Privilege Club. 

  • Members can also buy Qmiles so that they can get close to their next reward sooner. Purchase miles instantly to increase your balance or to take an award flight. 
  • Want to do something special for your loved ones? Gift Qmiles to them and let them help in turning their travel dream into reality. 
  • You are also allowed to share your Qmiles with your near and dear ones so that they can make way to their next reward. 

Don’t waste time in thinking; just join this program and enjoy incredible savings on Qatar Airways reservations.

How to manage Booking in Qatar Airways?

Do you want to make changes to your current booking? Fret not as Qatar Airways facilitates passengers with the manage booking option so that they can modify their existing booking without any difficulties. Under the manage booking section, passengers can-

  • Select seats or change seat assignment
  • Cancel or change flight
  • Make changes in contact and other personal details
  • Add extra baggage
  • Add special service
  • View journey and much more. 

Carryout the below-mentioned steps to pull up your itinerary and make changes to it. 

  • Navigate to the Qatar Airways official site and perform a click on the “Qatar Airways Manage booking” tab.
  • Enter the last name of the passenger, followed by the booking reference number.
  • After this, click on the “Retrieve Booking” button and check out your booking.
  • Now, apply the changes you want and save it. 

Can you Book extra legroom seats on Qatar Airways?

Passengers are definitely going to enjoy their journey with Qatar Airways as the seats of Qatar flights are one of the widest in the aviation industry. They can purchase their preferred seat in advance through the manage booking section. For seat selection, Qatar will not charge any additional fee, but your selection of seats will be limited as per the fare class you choose. Go for Qatar Airways flight booking and book your favorite seat in advance. 

Book preferred seats and enjoy numerous benefits. These seats have a comfortable workspace and generous legroom, making it an ideal choice for you. For Flexi ticket fares and Economy Value, preferred seats are free of cost. Sit together with your family or friends and enjoy greater convenience. These seats are designed to bring you the ultimate in comfort and space. Qatar Airways is famous for offering good recline and the most legroom in the Economy and does not charge for it. 

How to Book wheelchair Assistance in Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways strives to provide the best to passengers with special needs. Passengers can request wheelchair assistance 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight through any of the airline’s reservation offices and official site of Qatar Airways. They can also dial the Qatar Airways customer service number to request for the same. Wheelchairs have been made available on all the airport locations. You may have to fill the Medical Information Form (MEDIF) to avail this service. The airline provides wheelchair assistance free of charge. 

Flights of Qatar Airways are equipped with various beneficial facilities like handrails in lavatories and seats with movable armrests. In addition to these services, on-board wheelchairs are also available on some of the flights to make the journey convenient and hassle-free. If any passenger wants to fly with his/her wheelchair, then he/she must inform the airline either after the completion of the Qatar Airways reservations process or at the stage of seat booking. Some of the related points are-

  • Passengers can use a wheelchair or mobility aid whenever needed. Another wheelchair will be used to take you to the aircraft. 
  • Battery-powered wheelchairs will be considered as checked baggage. Leaking or a damaged battery will not be accepted by the airline.
  • Before travel, you must provide all the details about your wheelchair to the staff of the airline. This will enable the staff members of the airline to assist you in a better way. 

How do I Reserve my Seat on Qatar Airways?

There are different ways to choose your desired seat with Qatar Airways, which are mentioned below. 

  • If you are traveling with Qatar Airways and have made a Qatar Airways booking from the airline’s official site, then you can purchase your favorite seat from the booking confirmation page after the completion of the reservation process. 
  • If you wish to book your preferred seat after the completion of your booking process, then visit the “Manage Booking” section available on the Qatar Airways official site. Add the last name and the booking reference number to open your booking. Once you have retrieved your booking, click on the “Modify Seat Selection” to pick your desired seat in advance. 
  • Apart from this, you are also permitted to choose your desired seat while checking in online, up to 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the flight. 
  • The agents of Qatar Airways will also help you to book your favorite seat by calling on the Qatar Airways reservations number or by contacting the nearest office of the airline. 

For Privilege Club members-

  • For Platinum and Gold members, preferred seats are complimentary.
  • If you are a Privilege Club Silver member, then you will get 25% off on the purchase of a preferred seat.
  • Don’t forget to enter the Qatar Airways Privilege Club membership number in your booking while purchasing flight tickets from the official airline’s site. 

How to Book stopover Flights Qatar Airways?

Explore more of Qatar with the stopover packages of the airline, starting from USD 86. Check out the enhanced Qatar Stopover Packages where you can select from the range of luxurious hotels. Packages of the airline include fantastic tours so passengers can explore more of Doha and its tourist attractions. Book your favorite stopover package and have an unforgettable holiday in Qatar. Below are the steps to book stopover flights while making Qatar Airways flight booking.

  • Browse the Qatar Airways official site and search for the right flight as per your preference.
  • While searching, enter your origin and final destinations. Please note that Doha can neither be your origin destination nor the final destination.
  • Click on the “Add a stopover” button if you would wish to stop in Qatar during your outbound or inbound flight. Enter your duration of stay also as per your convenience.
  • The available Qatar Stopover Packages will appear on the booking confirmation page. Choose your preferred flight and confirm your booking. 
  • After this, you will receive a confirmation email from the airline. 

How to Book extra Baggage in Qatar Airways?

If any passenger wants to fly with more than the allowed number of baggage, then he/she can purchase extra baggage on the official site of Qatar Airways, ticketing offices, city offices, and call centers up to three hours before the flight departure. Purchase excess baggage and save up to 20% on excess baggage fees. Follow the below steps to book extra baggage.

  • Log in to the “Qatar Airways Manage Booking” tab on the homepage of the airline’s website.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and booking reference number to retrieve your excursion. 
  • Once opened, go to the right panel and apply a click on the “Purchase Excess Baggage” to add an extra amount of luggage. 

If you are flying from or to Canada or the US, you will be penalized as per the number of extra bags, not an extra kilo. For the first checked bag, you will have to pay $50 in advance and $65 at the check-in desk. For subsequent pieces, $200 will be charged online and $250 at the airport. 

                                                     Qatar Airways Faq’s

What is the frequent flyer program of Qatar Airways and what are its benefits?

The loyalty program of Qatar Airways is Privilege Club. This program is absolutely free to join and it permits passengers to earn elite status and miles. These collected miles are very beneficial and can be redeemed later for various things like award flight, duty-free shopping, priority seat selection, etc. To earn elite status, passengers are required to earn the required number of Qpoints for each tier. 

Can I check two bags with Qatar Airways?

There is no restriction on the number of baggage you can check as per the official website of the airline. Just follow the given weight and size restrictions and you are fine to travel with two checked baggage. You can even fly with extra baggage by purchasing it through the airline’s official site, ticketing offices, and city offices.

How can I check-in online for Qatar Airways flight?

Save your time and enrich your travel experience by checking in online in advance. Online check-in is available 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Print your boarding pass, select your favorite seat, and use the fast-bag-drop counters available at the airport to check bags at much ease. Navigate to the “Check-in” page at the airline’s official site and follow the below-mentioned steps.
Retrieve your reservation by adding the booking reference number and the passenger’s last name.
Check all the details of your Qatar Airways reservations and click to confirm check-in. 
Confirm passenger details and choose your preferred seats.

Can I get a refund on Qatar Airways?

If you have canceled your flight ticket, then as per the fare rules you have chosen, penalties will be applied. If you are eligible for a refund, it will be credited in the initial form of payment you used to purchase a flight ticket. Your ticket can also be refunded in Qmiles.

Do I need to print an e-ticket on Qatar Airways?

When you book a flight ticket with Qatar Airways, you will be provided with an e-ticket that is an electronic ticket. If you need a hard copy, you can print it. Some airports may require a physical copy of the e-ticket as per the rules and regulations of the concerned airport.

Qatar Airways Country-wise Contact Details

+974 4023 0229
+ 1 312 392 3679
Australia+61 291654313; 1 300340600
+32 22900850
Botswana+267 316 5057 (Sat-Sun Closed) +974 4023 0000 (24×7)
+55 1147008673
+33 186995684
Germany+49 69 260 904 400
Greece+30 2111 988 802
Hong Kong+852 800-969-848
India+91 95129 72827 (Sat – Sun Closed) +974 4023 0000 (24×7)
Indonesia+62 21 2358 0622 (Sat – Sun Closed) +974 4023 0000 (24×7)
+974 4023 0000
Ireland+353 1 526 6489
Italy+39 02 6797 6000
Japan+974 4023 0000
Qatar+974 4023 0000
Philippines+632 8521 4261
Russia+7 495 981 0077; +7 495 9810787
Singapore800 1891060 (Sat-Sun Closed) +974 40230000 (24×7)
United Kingdom+44 330 024 0125
United States of America+1-860-333-5386
South Korea+ 82 2 3772 9000
South Africa+27 11 267 7700

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 by Benjamin Scott
A comfortable short flight!

I traveled with Qatar for the first time, and it was a delightful experience for me. I am a finance-savvy traveler and always look to save my money. When I opened the official site of Qatar Airlines, I found out various deals were going on the flight tickets. I got very happy and chose the best deal as per my travel schedule My journey was very reasonable and I loved it!

 by juliemitchel
On-time flight!

Last week, I took a flight with Qatar Airlines and it was an incredible experience for me. I am a very punctual person, and I am glad that my flight was on time. Everything went pretty smooth. Though there was no entertainment option on the flight, but that can easily be avoided due to other amenities, like legroom, recline, food, etc. I will definitely fly with the airline again. Highly recommended!

 by Dominik
Excellent services!

I am highly impressed with Qatar Airways’ services during these tough times. I traveled with my newborn baby and my wife and I was very concerned about the safety of my child. The flight attendants have been excellent throughout the flight. Would love to fly again!

 by Zachary

I flew to Dubai with Qatar Airlines last week, and it was a hell of an experience. There were free drinks and free wifi on the flight. The flight attendant serving us was terrific. I will definitely fly with them again.

 by Maison
Brilliant on-board crew!

I have heard about Qatar Airways but never got a chance to travel with the airline. This time I decided to travel with Qatar Airways and took a flight from Amsterdam to Paris. I was traveling with my friend and she got sick on the flight. I got panicked and didn’t understand what to do. The flight attendants came to help and handled the situation very patiently. The crew was so supportive and they took care of her throughout the journey. I am really grateful to them.