Are you planning an air trip? Air travel is becoming more popular day by day. Even budget-savvy travelers don’t hesitate to book flight tickets due to the available discounts. Moreover, many benefits are offered by paying with credit cards. Most passengers tend to use credit cards as a mode of payment. Almost everyone uses this method to pay for their reservations. It is the most popular way of making payments. There is a reason behind its popularity; you get multiple benefits by using credit cards. From earning airline miles to receiving cashbacks if something goes wrong, credit cards bestow customers with innumerable benefits. But what to do if you don’t have a credit card. 

Want to discover how to book online flight tickets without credit cards? This blog will enlighten you with the same. There are several other ways also that permit you to enjoy specific benefits. Maybe you can save your money while using these options. Almost every airline accepts different payment methods, and you have the freedom to pick your desired method. So let’s get started and read further carefully. 

Methods to buy flight tickets without credit cards

Each payment method has its own perks. Airlines facilitate customers with different ways so that they can confirm their flight booking without any hassle. If you wish to purchase the flight tickets without using your credit card, then here is the list of available options for you. 

  • Debit cards

Other than credit cards, debit cards are prevalent for making flight purchases. This method is very easy to use, and you can complete your transaction within no time. The only difference is these cards don’t ensure a cashback. If something goes wrong, you can’t be assured of getting a cashback. There should be a sufficient amount in your bank account to buy flight tickets using a debit card. If it has an insufficient amount, your purchase will be denied. Fill in your debit card details like full name, account number, security code, and expiration date to confirm your reservation.  

If you are traveling with Spirit Airlines, then go to the official website. After entering the required details, choose “debit card” as a method of payment and confirm your Spirit Airlines reservations in a jiffy. 

  • Prepaid card

Like debit cards, prepaid cards are also an excellent option to pay for your flight booking. It is a great alternative if you don’t wish to use a credit card or a debit card. It has to be affiliated to a major credit card network like MasterCard or Visa. Most banks provide prepaid cards, or it is available at various retail stores or online. Once you own a prepaid card, you can easily pay for your flight reservation. Moreover, some airlines sell gift cards, which flyers can redeem for their flights. 

  • Miles

Frequent flyers of every airline must be aware of this option. If you have a loyal passenger of the airline, then make sure to join its loyalty program to save maximum on your travel expenses. In that way, you become eligible to earn miles. Though getting a free flight is quite difficult, but it is not impossible. You have to collect enough miles to get an award ticket. Check out the policy of a particular airline and start to assemble miles. Suppose you are a loyal flyer of Spirit Airlines, then sign up to Free Spirit to earn miles. Once you become a member, you will earn miles on every flight. After having enough miles, make Spirit Airlines reservations by paying through miles. 

  • Other online payment methods

Many airlines offer several options to pay online for your flight reservation. For example, American Airlines accepts electronic checks. Check which options are available on the official site of your selected airline and pick the suitable one. Moreover, many websites accept other online method payment methods such as AmazonPay, PayPal, etc. You can visit any third-party site to buy flight tickets. 

I hope all your doubts are cleared now and you know how to book online flight tickets without credit cards.

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