How to Book JetBlue Group Travel?

Well, everyone has a dream to at least once in a lifetime explore a beautiful destination with the squad. Exploring, enjoying and witnessing the beauty of different destinations with the friend’s group will provide the best memories of life. If you plan to have a group trip with your friends, then selecting JetBlue reservations will be the best choice for you. 

With Jetblue Airways, you will get the best deals on group travel flight tickets. Also, you can get a chance to catch the best discounts and sales that can help you enjoy your trip without burning your pocket. 

To request the group travel flight booking in Jetblue Airways, you need to have at least ten members in your group. Apart from that, Jetblue Airways creates categories of the groups by which they can benefit from several services. 

  • Leisure Groups

If you are a sports team, a bunch of travelers, or a group of nuns, then Jetblue Airways will offer you the best group travel fares for the group of ten or more travelers. The characteristics of this categorized group are:

JetBlue group travel for this group offer customized fare quotes.

> If you want to confirm the passengers’ seats, you need to pay $50 per person in advance.

> It is mandatory to pay the total amount of the group flight ticket 30 days before the scheduled departure.

> You can change the passengers’ name 72 hours before the scheduled departure, and you also need to pay change fees of $100.

  • Incentive Group

This categorized group helps companies to send their employees on a trip. Most importantly, with this program, the company can send any number of employees. Here are the characteristics:

> Company can change the name of passengers for unlimited times.

> Passengers will get an amazing offer for their trip.

> To confirm the group trip, the company needs to pay $50 for each person as an advance deposit.

> Also, Jetblue Airways offers a 10% of deviation without paying any extra fees. 

You need to submit the final payments and final names for any domestic group travel 30 days before the scheduled flight departure. For more details, you can connect with the JetBlue reservations help desk for further assistance.

  • Meeting Travel

In this group travel category, Jetblue Airways offer high-end customer service and customized travel options. Here are the features which this program offers:

> You are allowed to change the name of any passenger unlimited times.

> The group ticket fare in this travel category is amazing.

> You need to pay $50 as a confirmation amount before completing the booking.

> You will get 10% seat confirmation 60 days before the scheduled flight departure. 

What are the conditions for JetBlue group travel booking?

  • If you want to book the group travel flight tickets from Jetblue Airways, you will be able to make multiple reservations for the seven passengers upto seven times.
  • You need to have at least ten people to create a group, which is mandatory for group booking.
  • If you want to hold the seats, you need to pay a $50 advance per seat 30 days before the scheduled flight departure.
  • If you cancel the group ticket, you will lose all of your booking money. 

Advice for group travel JetBlue reservations

  • You should make the group booking on the same day on the same flight. This will help you to spend time with your squad while flying from or to your destination.
  • But if the passengers are traveling separately, then the booking will be considered as a regular booking. 
  • You can also get a better understanding of the group travel by calling the customer service representative of JetBlue Airways.