JetBlue Mint Upgrade

Are you traveling with JetBlue Airlines? Have you heard about its Mint cabin? No, you are surely missing something huge. JetBlue has a special travel class that is designed while keeping all your comforts in mind. You can easily opt for a JetBlue mint upgrade and fly like an elite in the air. Once you get on the flight, you will realize why it is so hyped among flyers. Moreover, you are guaranteed to complete your journey amidst sheer convenience and smoothness in this travel class of the airline. 

There is no other place on the flight like JetBlue Mint. It is decorated with the important features that will make your journey a delightful experience. With the comforts of home and residential touches, this travel class offers a premium travel experience. Moreover, you will see what can be the heights of seamless living. So, go ahead and select JetBlue Mint seats for your journey. After that, get ready to be welcomed in the suite life. 

Seats and suites of JetBlue Mint

If you upgrade to JetBlue Mint, you will notice that you have two options, which are seats and suites. Yes, you can either book a seat in this premium travel class or go for the entire suite to feel special in the clouds. Explore the details of both options, and choose the one that suits your preferences. Travel in the JetBlue Mint class, and relish your journey forever. Let’s check out the details of both these options. 

With seats

You may have to pay less for choosing the seat than the entire suite. If you are traveling in the Mint class of the airline, you can really expect a lot of space on the flight. All the seats are fully lie-flat and are 6 feet and 8 inches long. Each and every seat has cushions with a massage feature and adjustable firmness. Upgrade your seats now and have a pleasant journey. You may have to pay a small JetBlue Mint upgrade fee to upgrade your seats without any hassle. 

Moreover, there is a fully-loaded TV on each seat. You can watch on-demand shows and movies to pass your time during the journey. If you love reading newspapers, then you have access to a digital newspaper as well. 

With suites

If you can spend a little extra for your comfort, then book an entire suite for you. Some of the features that you will enjoy on the flight are a seat-back screen, a phone ledge, wireless charging capabilities, small-item stowage, and in-seat power. Avail all benefits of JetBlue mint service, and experience heaven while spearing through clouds. These suites follow the herringbone configuration. Flyers will notice 16 private suites on the transcontinental version and 24 on the transatlantic version. 

How to opt for the JetBlue mint upgrade?

Do you really wish to upgrade your seats to the JetBlue mint? Yes, then don’t waste time thinking and just go ahead to confirm the upgrade procedure. Flyers can use two methods to upgrade their seats to JetBlue mint flights. Pick any of these methods, and start with the seat upgrade. 

JetBlue Airlines official site

The official website of the airline is the online way to request an upgrade from the airline. It has a user-friendly interface that will make your work easier. Go to the official JetBlue Airlines, and click on the “Manage trips” button on the top of the homepage. Enter your required details, and click on the “upgrade” option to proceed further. 

JetBlue customer service number

If you have confirmed your JetBlue booking, then you can call on the phone number +1-860-321-6827 of the airline to request an upgrade. Get in touch with the airline agent and share your concern with him. If there is availability, the agent will upgrade your seat immediately. You will be required to pay a small fee for the same. 

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