What is JetBlue Cancellation Policy?

Is there any change in your travel plan, but not sure how to deal with cancellation? Fret not because the airline has a simple cancellation policy that permits you to cancel the booking immediately. Review the rules and regulations associated with the JetBlue cancellation policy, and stay away from all the hassle. The airline completely understands that changes in the travel plan are very normal, and therefore it offers a comprehensive policy for it. If you have a booking with JetBlue, then you don’t have to worry about anything. You can change or cancel your reservation without any extra effort. Still want to know more? Keep reading further.

How to Cancel a JetBlue Flight through the Official Site?

Canceling a current JetBlue booking is not a complicated procedure because you just have to follow some easy steps on the official site. The site is designed with a customer-friendly interface where you can complete all your work with much ease. 

Moreover, you have various other ways also to confirm your cancellation, but nothing can beat the comfort the official site provides. Access your current booking with the airline, and get ready to cancel your flight reservation in a fraction of a second. 

To know the procedure to cancel your booking online, read further. 

  • Go to the JetBlue official site. 
  • Press the “manage trips” option, and retrieve your current booking easily. 
  • You have to insert certain details in the corresponding fields on the next page. 
  • After that, choose the “find flight” option to get your reservation details. 
  • Lastly, try to find out the “cancel flight” option and click on it. 
  • Now, you need to follow the instructions that popped up on the screen to confirm the cancellation of your flight. 

Can I Cancel my JetBlue Booking through its Mobile App?

Want to use the mobile app to cancel your flight reservation? The airline permits its travelers to cancel their bookings through the mobile app. This great app is very beneficial and is absolutely free to install. Visit the Google Play store or the Apple store to download the app on your device. 

You can cancel your booking quickly through the mobile app. Make sure to follow the required steps in the manage trips section to pull up your itinerary details. After that, follow the prompts to complete the cancellation procedure in the blink of an eye. 

What is JetBlue’s current Refund Policy?

Thinking about your refund? Whenever we talk about the cancellation, the first thing that comes to our mind is a refund. If you are a flexible passenger and are unsure of your travel plan, then you can select to travel with JetBlue Airlines because of its phenomenal refund policy. 

The airline knows that many travelers feel scared to cancel their reservations because of the sky-high airfares. Therefore, it features an outstanding refund policy that allows you to claim your money conveniently. You should know some important points before requesting a refund from JetBlue Airlines. Let’s take a glance at these points. 

  •  According to JetBlue’s refund policy, you can cancel your existing booking for a full refund within 24 hours of the original booking. 
  • JetBlue will refund all the money in the original form of payment if you are eligible. It may take some days to reflect a refund in your account.
  • If you think that it is taking more than usual to get your refund, then you can get in touch with the airline executive to track its status. Share the details of your current flight without any hesitation, and the agent will initiate your refund without any delay. 
  • In case you opt not to cancel your reservation and don’t even show up at the airport, the airline will not refund any amount. 

How to Cancel the JetBlue Booking made through a Travel Agency?

Have you confirmed your booking through a travel agency? Now want to cancel it? Well, you can cancel your reservation through the official site even if you have made it through any travel agency. However, you will have to pay $50 service charges for canceling your reservation from the official site. 

Please keep the following points in mind if you have booked your flight tickets through a third-party agency. 

  • A service fee will be charged to cancel the booking online. 
  • In case you are unable to manage the reservation, you have to connect with the JetBlue executive. He will guide you throughout the booking procedure. 
  • If you wish to avoid the additional charges, then make sure to cancel the booking through that third party. 
  • For any kind of help, reach out to the airline executive in an instant. 

Will JetBlue allow me to Reschedule my Flight?

Yes, you can rebook your flight with no extra effort with JetBlue Airlines. JetBlue is a very kind airline, and you can confirm your flight cancellation in the shortest possible time. 

To reschedule your flight, go to the official site or get in contact with airline experts. The representatives will help you to rebook your flight without any stress. The JetBlue representative is available throughout the day and night to guide its customers. 

Know more About JetBlue Cancellation Policy

According to JetBlue’s Cancellation Policy, passengers who cancel their tickets after the 24-hour window will be charged a cancellation fee. If the passenger fails to arrive at the airport, the airline will charge an early departure penalty. The route taken by passengers heavily influences the airline’s cancellation policy.

The Blue Basic Fare Class traveler is not allowed to cancel their tickets under this cancellation policy. You won’t get any money back if you cancel your reservation, and the online cancellation option saves a traveler $25 according to the JetBlue cancellation policy.

Passengers traveling in the Blue Extra Fare class will get a full refund from the airline within three weeks after their flight’s completion. The airline will not charge a cancellation fee if the flights are canceled due to corporate reasons. All travelers, including those with nonrefundable or Basic Economy Fare tickets, would be entitled to claim reimbursement. If the standby ticket is not confirmed, the airline will reimburse 75 USD following JetBlue’s cancellation policy. 

New Policy of Jetblue Cancel Flight.

If A Passenger Changes Or Cancels A Flight

If anything unexpected comes up, such as an emergency, you may need to adjust your plans or cancel your travel altogether. Fortunately, under certain situations, changing or canceling a flight with JetBlue is a simple process. All reservations booked one week or more before a flight’s departure can be withdrawn without charge up to 24 hours after the reservation is made. No-shows and cancellations with less than 60 days notice are subject to a fee:

  1. There is a $75 charge per person in addition to the ticket differential for Blue and BLue points travelers.
  2. For Blue Extra, the only price difference is the additional service fee. Mint:$200, plus any fare differences, and so on.


Bookings that have been changed do not qualify for a credit card refund and will be charged a cancellation fee even if they are canceled within 24 hours of the original booking. This implies that JetBlue customers, like everyone else, have the right to obtain a full refund if they cancel their reservations within 24 hours of booking time, and there will be no cancellation fees applied at that point. 

If Jetblue Cancels A Flight

If JetBlue cancels your flight for whatever reason, you have a few options:

  1. There’s a JetBlue Travel Bank Credit option available.
  2. You’ll be charged nothing more to change to the next available flight.
  3. You’ll get your complete refund if you can’t find another flight within two hours.

According to JetBlue Refund Policy, if JetBlue cancels your trip less than four hours before scheduled departure, you are entitled to compensation as a passenger. There is a USD 50 compensation if the flight is canceled less than 4 hours before takeoff, and there is a USD 100 jetblue cancellation reimbursement for flights canceled after the planned departure time.

Jetblue 24 hour Cancellation Policy

It is free to cancel tickets purchased seven days or more before departure during the first 24 hours of purchase. Except for flights bought through JetBlue Vacations, this policy applies to all tickets, even non-refundable ones.

You have 24 hours from the time of booking to cancel your reservation on JetBlue.com or over the phone.

Jetblue Weather Cancellation Policy

Weather-related delays with flights or airports are possible, and airlines have strategies and solutions to assist you in these instances. The airline will show weather-related notifications and charge waivers at the top of the airline’s webpage.

Fee waiver

If a fee waiver has been approved, passengers will be able to make changes or cancel their trip on jetblue.com in the Manage Trips area or by calling JetBlue. Please be ready to supply the following information when requested:

  1. Confirmation number
  2. Date(s) of travel
  3. Flight number
  4. Customer information 

No fee waiver

Unless a fee waiver has been obtained or a delay of more than 30 minutes, or a flight cancellation has occurred, JetBlue does not waive costs due to approaching storms. When a flight is delayed or canceled due to bad weather, the decision is often made the day before the flight is scheduled to leave.

Jetblue Getaways Cancellation Policy

  1. The Best Price Guarantee on JetBlue Getaways vacation packages, which include flights, hotels, and more, ensures that customers will get the best deal possible.
  2. In addition, True-blue members may earn six points for every qualifying dollar they spend on vacation packages as part of the airline’s customer loyalty programmed.
  3. Customers of JetBlue Getaways also have access to 24-hour travel assistance and Concierge On Call, which can assist with inquiries, problems, suggestions, meal reservations, tee times, and more. JetBlue Getaways provides holiday packages to 71 different locations in the United States, Mexico, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Visit www.jetblue.com/getaways for further information for tourists.

Changes and cancellations to JetBlue Vacations packages must be done over the phone at 1-844-JB-VACAY (528-2229). Due to your JetBlue Vacations package including Blue Fare, you will not be charged any JetBlue cancellation or change fees.

JetBlue Fare Cancellation Policy

For Blue & Blue Plus

The following fees will apply for cancellations under JetBlue’s policy:

  1. When the fare is more than $200, the traveler is subject to a $200 charge in addition to the difference in cost.
  2. If the fare is between $150 and $199.9, the passenger must pay $150 on top of the difference.
  3. In addition to the cost differential, the traveler must pay $100 for fares ranging from $100 to $149.
  4. A $75 payment plus the difference in fare must be paid by the passenger when the fare is less than $100.

For Blue Flex

If you have a Blue Flex reservation and need to cancel, you will not be charged for the cancellation if you do so before the flight departs, and you simply have to pay the difference in fare.

                                                JetBlue Cancellation Policy:  Faqs

Why are JetBlue Cancelling Flights?

JetBlue Airlines is very popular for its punctuality, and therefore there are rare cases of flight cancellations and delays. However, troubles can appear at any time. The airline may need to cancel its flights in some difficult situations. If there is any technical issue in the flight or anything, then JetBlue may cancel or delay your flight. Another reason could be bad weather. It is one of the most common reasons for flight cancellation. If your flight is delayed or missed, JetBlue will rebook your tickets on the next flight possible. 

Can I get a Full Refund if I Cancel my Flight?

Yes, you can get a full refund upon the flight cancellation within 24 hours of the reservation. It is the only way to get your money back from the airline. Once the 24-hour time frame is crossed, you will have to pay a cancellation fee. However, if JetBlue cancels your flight and you deny going on the next flight, then also you are eligible for a refund. 

How do I know if my flight is refundable?

You will get the details of the flight while making a booking. In addition to this, you can always connect with the airline executive to know about the type of fare. Furthermore, you can check out the mail sent by the airline to learn whether your tickets are refundable or non-refundable. The mail contains a small line with all the details. 

Does JetBlue refund if price drops?

JetBlue guarantees to provide the lowest fares on its official site. If you find the lowest fare somewhere else on the day of purchase, then the airline will refund the difference in fares. In addition to this, you will get a $50 travel credit to fly on JetBlue. 

What is blue basic JetBlue?

Blue Basic is the most affordable travel class of JetBlue. If you book your tickets in this travel class, you are going to be in the last boarding group. As the name is saying, it is the most basic travel class, and you will have a memorable experience in the air. Moreover, you can make a booking at much lower fares in this travel class and enjoy all the amenities. 

What is the best day to book a flight on JetBlue?

The best day to make a booking on JetBlue is considered Tuesday. However, fares change over the course of a minute, and it is difficult to select the best time for making a reservation. But as per some stats, JetBlue lowers its flight fares on Tuesday. You can check out fares on Monday and Tuesday to fly without ruining your bank balance. 

How to request a refund with JetBlue?

If you want to request a refund from JetBlue Airlines, then you can do it from the official site or by reaching out to the airline travel advisor. Both these ways are very simple to use, and you are not needed to put in any additional effort. Share the details of the flight that you have canceled, and claim your refund.

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