Do American Airlines Upgrade with Miles?

Are you an AAdvantage member? Yes, you can use your miles for various benefits while using the airline’s services. One of the best benefits that you can avail yourself is an upgrade. American Airlines upgrade with miles is an incredible service where you can enjoy luxury at the lowest fares. 

Enjoy a higher cabin in the air to make your journey stress-free and pleasant. Please note that upgrades are valid for a single one-way journey. Moreover, flyers can enjoy an upgrade to the next cabin of service. Additionally, these are subject to capacity controls. 

Please make sure to go through all the important guidelines before opting for an upgrade. Using miles is highly suggested because it can help you to save your money. If you regularly travel with American Airlines, then you must join AAdvantage. 

Collect your miles in your account, and use them for numerous advantages. Go for an AA upgrade with mileage option to apply your miles for an upgrade. If you want to know how to use your miles for an upgrade, then read the following blog carefully. 

Enjoy a Higher Class of luxury in the air!

You must upgrade your flight tickets to a higher level of service to make the most of it. Moreover, getting an upgrade has become simpler with the use of miles. If you have collected miles in your account, then use them for a leisure travel experience. 

Please note that Basic Economy fare tickets and award tickets are not eligible for these upgrades. Following are the eligible fare types that flyers can upgrade. 

  • Discount Premium Economy with posted fares reserved in P
  • Discount Economy with posted fares reserved in S, O, N, Q, G, V, L, M, K, H 
  • Full-Fare Business with posted fares reserved in J, D, or R
  • Full-Fare Economy with posted fares reserved in Y
  • Military or Government fares reserved in Y
  • Full-Fare Premium Economy with posted fares reserved in W

Use the miles upgrade American Airlines option to have a memorable journey in the clouds. 


Types of American Airlines Upgrades

While traveling with American Airlines, you have different kinds of upgrades. Flyers must read the following information to enjoy the upgrade without any hassle. Moreover, they must check out the eligibility before requesting any upgrade.

Wish to know about the types of these upgrades? Worry not, and go through the following information.  

Complimentary upgrades

As you know, American is an incredible airline, and therefore it tries to fulfill all your expectations. This outstanding airline offers some complimentary upgrades to reward the loyal flyers of the airline. If you are a frequent flyer and have elite status, then you will get complimentary upgrades. 

Elite members can enjoy the complimentary upgrades on some specific flights only. The length of the flight should be less than 500 miles to avail an upgrade. Moreover, there are different types of complementary upgrades, depending upon the elite status. Let’s talk about them. 

Platinum & Gold

These members can enjoy an upgrade on flights less than 500 miles. This kind of upgrade is known as 500-miles upgrades. These members should opt for American Airlines upgrade with miles option for a seamless experience. 

Platinum Pro

Are you a Platinum Pro member of American Airlines? You can upgrade on flights between the United States, the Bahamas, Canada, Central America, Bermuda, Mexico, and the Caribbean. 

Executive Platinum

If you are an Executive Platinum member of the airline, then you can enjoy both complimentary and systemwide upgrades. 

Executive Platinum Plus

The topmost elite status is Executive Platinum Plus members. These members get priorities throughout their journey. 

Systemwide upgrades

Flyers can upgrade to First Class from Business Class to enjoy our journey to the fullest. Additionally, they can initiate the American airlines upgrade to first class with miles process also. Moreover, guests of Premium Economy and Economy can upgrade to the next travel class. They can use the upgrade to any destination where American Airlines flies. 

There are some important points that you must know regarding this upgrade. 

  • You can use these upgrades for one-way travel. Additionally, you can use them for up to three segments. 
  • The airline will issue these kinds of upgrades to your account within 48 hours of being earned. 
  • Moreover, you can cancel your trip easily, and the upgrades will be sent to you. For this, you have to contact the AAdvantage status service desk. 
  • Additionally, you have permission to share your upgrades with any person. Moreover, you don’t need to travel with the chosen traveler. 
  • If you are a Million Miler member, then you will get 4 systemwide upgrades. You must reach 2 Million Miles for availing this feature. 
  • Please note that these upgrades expire within 1 year from the deposit date. Use these upgrades before the expiration period. 

Companion upgrade

If you are flying with an elite member, then you will get the same priority as him. Elite members have permission to request upgrade to themselves and other companions. Moreover, the companion doesn’t need to be a member of AAdvantage. Additionally, these upgrades are available on both award tickets and paid tickets. 

Upgrade with miles

Eligible flyers can begin the AA upgrade with mileage procedure to request an upgrade. If you are a member of the loyalty program, then it is the best option for you to have an unforgettable journey. Please note that even discounted economy tickets can opt for this upgrade. 

However, the airline will not accept the upgrade request on award tickets as well as Basic Economy fares. To enjoy this upgrade, you will need a specific number of miles in your account. The number of miles will totally depend upon the fare class of the ticket and the route. 

Open the airline’s official site to contact the agent to know about the number of miles required for an upgrade. In addition to this, you can use your miles to get an upgrade on partner airlines as well. The number of needed miles will be different in this case. Miles upgrade American Airlines is a great way to save your expenses. 

How to Track American Airlines Upgrade Balance?

Each member of AAdvantage can track their upgrade balance in the wallet of the account. Enter your credentials to access your account and retrieve the following information. 

  • Available systemwide upgrades
  • Upgrades you plan to use or have used
  • Expiration date
  • Deposit date

Additionally, there will be summary details on the displayed page. 

How to Request an Upgrade on American Airlines?

Are you willing to request an upgrade on American Airlines? Use several approaches to get an upgrade and to fly comfortably. Moreover, requesting it is not a big deal because no additional efforts are needed for it. You just have to carry out some simple steps to get it done. 

Let’s have a look at the following points to initiate the American Airlines upgrade with miles process. 

  • Log in to the official website of American Airlines. 
  • After that, you need to open your AAdvantage account to locate the number of available miles. 
  • Next, connect with the AAdvantage status service desk to know about your upgrade. If an upgrade is available, then the needed number of miles will automatically be deducted from your account. 
  • If no upgrade is available, then the airline will put you on a waitlist. The sequence for the confirmation of the members in the waitlist is-
    • Firstly, the airline will confirm the Status level.
    • Secondly, comes the Upgrade type
    • Lastly, comes 12-month Rolling Loyalty Points

If the value of 12-month Rolling Loyalty Points and Upgrade type are the same, then the airline will look at the booking code. It will help the airline to determine the priority. 


Embark on a leisure journey by using the American Airlines upgrade with miles option. Assemble your miles, and request an upgrade smoothly. Call us to clear all your doubts. 


How many miles does it cost to upgrade on American Airlines?

You may need 40,000 AAdvantage miles in your account to enjoy the upgrade. However, the number of miles can vary dispensing upon the length of your trip and some other factors. 

You should start collecting miles in your account to go on the most luxurious journey of your life. 

Can you use miles to upgrade to premium economy on American?

Yes, if you are an AAdvantage member, you can easily upgrade your seat with your miles. The members of this beneficial program have the right to go to their favorite destination at the lowest fares. 

If you have a Premium Economy ticket, then call the airline to request an upgrade to a higher level f travel class. 

Can you upgrade a flight booked with miles?

Yes, American Airlines permits its flyers to upgrade their tickets booked with miles. They may have to pay the difference with miles. 

However, you will also have to pay additional taxes and charges of the higher cabin class. Redeem your miles to save maximum on your travel plan. 

How do I Upgrade on American Airlines?

First of all, you need to check out the number of miles available in your account. After that, connect with the service desk of the airline to confirm your upgrade. 

The assigned agent will check out your eligibility, and assist you without wasting any time. The number of required miles will be deducted from your AAdvantage account. 

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