Delta Same Day Flight Change

Have you ever got into a situation where you need to make same-day changes to your tickets? Delta is one of the best airlines that offer the same-day change policy. Each passenger of the airline must be familiar with the Delta same-day flight change policy. 

Delta Airlines understands changes are constant, and any flyer may need to modify his booking. Therefore, it features this incredible policy for their ease. This same-day change policy is one of the best policies of the airline. If you are willing to change your flight on the same day as the scheduled take-off, then read the policy in detail. 

Additionally, understanding the policy is very easy because it is very comprehensive. To learn this policy in detail, read the following information. 

Can I Change my Delta Flight Same-Day?

Yes, if you are traveling with Delta Airlines, then you can change your flight on the same day. However, you should check the Delta flight change fee the same day to avoid all kinds of hassle. Please note that there are two categories if you are changing your flight on the same day of the scheduled departure. 

Making changes on the same day of the take-off is very easy. However, it depends upon the availability, but you must try it. Moreover, you will have to pay an extra fee for it. Make sure to read all the important guidelines before opting for this policy. 

Some Important Guidelines Are-

  • One can use online and offline methods to make changes on the same day of the flight departure. Either open the official site or install the mobile app to confirm the same-day change. Additionally, you can connect with Delta travel experts to change your flight on the day of take-off. 
  • Moreover, if you are traveling internationally, then you can’t avail of this facility. 
  • In addition to this, passengers with Basic Economy fares can’t change their flights on the day of departure. Delta same-day change Basic Economy is not permitted. 
  • While making same-day ticket changes, there will be two options. One is same-day confirmed, and the other is same-day standby. 
  • You can change the flight only if there is seat availability. 

What does Same-Day Confirmed Mean on Delta Airlines?

Are you looking forward to changing your Delta flight on the specific day of the departure? If there is a seat in your purchased fare class, then you will have a confirmed booking with the airline. There are some eligibility rules that you must know before using this service. 

Eligibility Rules

  • Flyers with refundable flight tickets can use this service for free. 
  • If you have a Main Cabin ticket, then you can confirm your booking in that travel class only. You can’t book in any premium travel class. 
  • Moreover, you can easily use Delta same-day change later flight if you are eligible. 
  • Passengers traveling in Delta Comfort+ must check whether the seat is available in the travel class or not. If it is not available, then you will be booked in the Main Cabin. 
  • For non-stop and connection flights, same-day confirmation is not eligible. 
  • Additionally, Basic Economy tickets can’t avail of this facility. 
  • Delta same-day confirmed is available within the USA, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and Canada. 

Same-Day Confirmed Fees

For general SkyMiles members, Silver Medallion members, and non-members, the same-day change fee will be $75. In addition to this, they will have to pay the applicable change fee. This fee will depend upon fare rules and ticket type. 

Moreover, this beneficial service is complimentary for Platinum, Diamond, and Gold Medallion members. They will enjoy Delta same-day flight change-free. However, they will be charged with the applicable change fee. 

What are the Eligibility Rules of Delta Change Flight Same-Day?

If any passenger is not eligible for same-day confirmed, then he will be put on the same-day standby. If no seat is available on your preferred flight, then this list comes into existence. However, Delta Airlines tries its best to book your seats on the alternative flight. 

Once you are on the standby list, the airline will confirm your seat on the flight. Wait for the confirmation, and then board the booked flight. Let’s explore more about this policy of Delta. 

Eligibility Rules

  • Flyers can use this facility 24 hours before the scheduled take-off time of the airline. 
  • Moreover, one can opt for the same-day standby if the same-day confirmed is unavailable. 
  • Basic Economy tickets are the exception, and they are not eligible for it. 
  • There will be no Delta flight change fee same-day for standby. 
  • General SkyMiles members, Silver Medallion members, and non-members can only stand on a flight that is earlier than their scheduled departure flight. 
  • Platinum, Diamond, and Gold Medallion members can stand on any flight they want. 
  • Same-day standby is not available for flights operating internationally. 
  • It is not applicable on nonstop and connection flights. 
  • For same-day standby, destination and origin charges are not applicable. 
  • In addition to this, you can use the standby service on multi-segment flights also. Please note that you will have to stand separately for each segment. 

Delta Same-day Standby Fees

It is a complimentary service by Delta Airlines, and it doesn’t charge any fee for it. Use this facility for free if you are willing to make changes on the day of the scheduled take-off. 

What are the Special Routes of Delta Same-Day Standby Policy?

If you use the same-day standby upgrade option, then you are entitled to upgrade your flight. Moreover, there will be a small fee for it. However, your ticket should be eligible to use the facility. If there is no seat available, you can’t use this service. 

Same-day standby upgrade option applies to some specific routes and flights. 

  • Between St. Maarten and St. Lucia, Atlanta, and Costa Rica
  • Within North America (excluding JFK-SFO and JFK-LAX)
  • Between Memphis and Minneapolis, Cancun (Mexico) and Indianapolis, Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta
  • From/ to San Juan (Puerto Rico), Providenciales (Turks and Caicos), Nassau (Bahamas), Montego Bay (Jamaica), Los Cabos (Mexico), Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands), Bermuda, Aruba

Opt for Delta same-day change later flight, and fly comfortably. 

How to Fly Standby on Delta?

Passengers can wish to fly on standby or make the desired flight changes during check-in at the airport. However, the standby flight depends on the route, seat availability, and ticket type. 

  • If a same-day flight has a seat left, you can lock it. However, you must not have a Basic Economy ticket. 
  • In comparison, if your same-day flight is not confirmed, you can wait for an earlier flight. 
  • Flyers can opt for the same-day standby upgrade service to upgrade seats for an extra fee. However, the service is not available on certain flights. 
  • Delta Edge or corporate members can get a priority standby and “tiebreaker” from the airline. It means if there are ten people on the waiting list and you have Elite status, get the confirmed stand-by flight. 
  • Suppose you miss a flight, you can request the team to put you on standby. Also, if the seats are available on an alternative flight, you can meet your travel requirements. 

Rules for Missed Flight Standby on Delta Air Lines

If you miss a scheduled flight and you are responsible for the same, ask them to put you on standby. 

  • As long as you are at the airport after two hours of departure, there are chances you may get a seat on the next flight. However, pay an extra fee based on the ticket type and level of your status with the membership. 
  • In another situation, on missing flights because of the airline’s fault, the team will search for the best seats. 
  • If all flights are booked, list yourself on standby and fly if the airline announces a seat on the plane. 
  • Moreover, the representative at the check-in desk will try to provide you with a flight replacement depending on the availability.
  • In case there is no flight available on the particular date and destination, you may be assigned the first flight the next day. 
  • Contact the airline at 1 (800) 221-1212 and request an executive for another missed flight standby confirmed flight or compensation.

Highlights of the Standby for Family Death or Medical Emergency Policy 

Standby flights can cause a lot of stress and a tense environment when you are already in a teary situation. Therefore, it’s best to avoid standby when your travel is necessary due to a medical or family death situation. 

  • You can call the team to inform them about the sudden event and ask for Bereavement or health-related emergency fares. Make sure these fares are unavailable online and can be purchased at the last minute. 
  • Moreover, it is not always possible to plan your trip as sometimes unexpected situations may happen. Then, the airline will put you on the standby list and approve your travel only if the seats are left. 
  • You have to be a SkyMiles program member to book these fares, which are not applicable on all routes. 
  • Spouses, parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, grandchild, grandparent, nephew, niece, stepchild, child, or step-parents are eligible for Bereavement fares. 

To qualify for the Bereavement fares, you need to provide the following details about the person who died. 

i) The name of the person who died

ii) Relationship with that person 

iii) The name, address, and phone number of the funeral home

iv) The name of the funeral director 

How to Change Delta Flight Same-Day?

Changing your flight on the day of your scheduled departure is an easy job. You are not required to put in any additional effort to modify your reservation. Moreover, you can go for the offline way and the online approach to confirm your change at the last minute. 

Connect with the airline agent if you need any kind of assistance regarding the same-day flight change policy. Moreover, they will guide you instantly. Additionally, you can perform the following steps to change your flight online. 

  • Firstly, use your browser to go to the official website of Delta Airlines. 
  • Secondly, add your needed details in the “My trips” section. 
  • After that, go through the flight details, and click on the “change flight” option. 
  • Follow the prompts, and you will see whether you are confirmed or on standby. 

What Happens When Delta Puts You on Standby for Overbooked Flights?

Most airlines sell more tickets for each flight than they have, which results in overbooking flights. When Delta overbooks a flight, it lets its customers decide whether it’s worth it or not. 

  • Have the best behavior when negotiating with the airline for giving up seats and standing by for a later flight. 
  • Suppose you are on an overbooked flight, request the team to put you on standby for a later flight. If the flight departs on a different date, you can still fly. 
  • Moreover, Delta will provide reimbursements in the form of Delta Dollars transportation credits. You can use the value toward the purchase of another flight to your preferred destination or any other airfare services.

Can you Make Same-Day Changes on a Basic Economy Delta flight?

No, if you have booked Basic Economy tickets, you are eligible to make same-day confirmed or standby changes. No matter if you share a Medallion or other Elite status, you can change your Basic Economy ticket on the day of travel. 


Change your flight on the day of departure for a delightful journey. The airline allows all explorers to use the same-day flight change policy. For any doubts, contact us! our travel experts will help you without any hesitation. 


Can You Change a Delta Flight within 24 hours?

Yes, each passenger of Delta Airlines is eligible to use the risk-free 24-hour cancelation policy. According to this policy, flyers can cancel their flight reservations within 24 hours of the reservation. The airline will not charge any cancelation fee. You can easily cancel your existing booking for free.

Can you Reschedule a Flight for the same day?

Yes, you are permitted to change your flight on the same day of departure. There will be two categories, same-day standby, and same-day confirmed. Your ticket must fall in the same-day confirmed category to complete your journey. If you are on the same-day standby list, then you will have to wait for some time to get a confirmation for your trip. 

Can I Change my Delta Flight to an Earlier Time?

Yes, you can conveniently change your flight to an earlier time. You can do it whenever you want before your flight departure. Open the official site, or interact with Delta Airlines agents to change your flight. However, Basic Economy Tickets are non-changeable. Guests traveling in this fare class can’t change their flight date. 

How Does the Delta Standby List Work?

Delta Airlines offers a special service for passengers who wish to change their flights on the same day of departure. If no seat is available on the same day of take-off, Delta Airlines will put you on a standby list. Thai Great Airlines will not charge any fee if you are on this list. 

Moreover, Delta will confirm your booking in no time when the seat is available. Wait for the confirmation if you are on the same-day standby list. 

How can I Change my Flight Without Fees?

To change your flight for free, you must initiate the change within 24 hours of the departure. Delta Airlines allows you to change your flight for free within this time frame. Moreover, you can change your flight on the day of the scheduled flight for free. For this, you have to be on the standby list. 

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