Get Details on the JetBlue Standby Policy!

Are you traveling with JetBlue Airlines but need to change your flight? You can even change to your current flight with JetBlue on the same day of the departure. Moreover, you must have heard about the JetBlue standby policy. If not, then you should know about this policy to make the most of it. 

JetBlue Airlines tries to provide the best services to its flyers. Therefore it offers some great amenities. The airline has the most amazing on-board facilities for you. In addition to this, JetBlue also curates some incredible policies to ease its passengers. 

One such policy is the standby policy, which is very beneficial for you. JetBlue knows that one may need to make changes to his flight. Therefore, you can make changes to your existing reservation even on the same day of the scheduled departure. 

To know more about this policy, lets’ read the following information. 

How do I Fly Standby on JetBlue?

JetBlue has two standby options, both of which are limited to same-day flight modifications – meaning you must have acquire a JetBlue ticket before seeking standby.

  • First option, dubbed “same-day swap” by JetBlue, may be completed over the phone.
  • Same-day standby, the second option, must be completed in person at the airport prior to your planned flight departure.

What is the Same-Day Switch?

No matter what are you have purchased, you can make the same-day switch. There will be a $75 fee for the same-day switch. Moreover, flyers can only opt for the change on the dame day of travel. To confirm the change, you have to visit the official site or install the mobile app. 

If you are going on the partner airline with JetBlue, then you have to connect with customer service. Please note that same-day switch is only available in certain cities. These cities must have multiple flights in a day. 

What are the Guidelines Related to the Same-day Switch?

Looking for the same-day switch? You must be aware of some important points to tackle all the problems. The airline offers this great policy to ensure the comfort of its flyers. Look at the essential facts that each traveler should know. 

  • Passengers may adjust their travel plans to a later or an earlier flight only on the same day of the originally scheduled flight. 
  • You can make the same-day change beginning at midnight. The time zone will be according to your departure flight. 
  • Same-day flight change is available for all fare options. 
  • Members of TrueBlue are alos eligible for the same-day change. 
  • Please note that your new travel must be between the same pair of cities. However, you can opt for the nearby airport. 
  • If any flyer has a refundable fare, then he doesn’t need to pay a same-day change fee.
  • Are you a Mosaic customer? You don’t require to pay the same-day fee. Moreover, they can switch the flight starting 24 hours before the scheduled take-off of the departure flight.
  • Interline bookings may be occurs on a same-day switch or not. It totally depends upon the connection times and other circumstances. For making same-day changes to interline bookings, one has to contact JetBlue. 

What is the Same-day Standby?

If you are looking to switch your flight on the same day of the journey, then it depends upon the availability. If no seat is available on the next flight, then the airline will put you on a standby list. Based on the fare you have, there will be an additional fee of $75. 

Moreover, if you wish to travel on standby, then you must have a ticket with JetBlue Airlines. Additionally, the airline can put you on standby on any sold-out flight. It should be on the same calendar day and between the same cities. 

Look at the Standby Details Carefully!

While putting on the standby list, you have to wait for a few hours to book on a new flight. Moreover, using this facility is very easy, and you don’t have to put in any additional effort. However, there are other vital points that everybody should know before claiming standby.

Check-Out These Points :

  • For all fares, there will be a $75 fee to list in JetBlue standby. Blue Extra fare is an exception in that. Moreover, you will get your money back if you willn’t confirm on the same-day flight. 
  • Passengers with refundable fares are not eligible to a standby fee. In addition to this, Mosaic members are also not needed to pay this extra fee. 
  • Please note that only one traveler per booking needs to be at the airport to list himself and others on standby. However, make sure to be available at the airport to complete the check-in procedure. 
  • Flyers with Even More Space seats have to forfeit their fee to put themselves on the standby list. Moreover, they are not even eligible for a refund. 
  • To list yourself on this list, you have to be available at the airport. It will be not be listed on the call or online. 
  • Mint passengers can also opt for this service, but there is no guarantee for their seats. It depends on the availability of seats. If you got the core seat, you would not get reimbursement for the Mint Experience. 
  • To travel standby on the flight, you must be in the city with multiple flights. If you are in the city with one flight a day, then there will be no standby service.
  • Make sure to travel between the same pair of cities to avail benefits of standby. 

If you still have any queries related to JetBlue standby, then connect with the airline executive. 

How do I Look Up a Standby List on JetBlue?

Check-in online via our iOS and Android mobile app or at Jetblue Checkin which is accessible 24 hours a day, until 90 minutes before departure. Your check-in time stamp will position you on the standby priority list by checking in using our self-service channels.

FAQ of Jetblue Airlines:

What are standby flights?

Flying standby means arriving at the airport without a ticket and hoping to score a cheap seat on an overbooked aircraft. You’ll almost always need a ticket to travel on standby, but if you have one you might be able to:
a). get an earlier flight,
b). upgrade your seat,
c). go to a different airport in your destination city.

What is a JetBlue buddy pass?

If you have family or acquaintances who work for an airline, buddy passes are a pleasant bonus. Most airline crewmembers, on the other hand, are eligible for buddy passes, which may be shared with our loved ones and can be used to fly everywhere the airline flies for a little price and taxes, and those who use the cards pay just a modest charge and taxes on the tickets.

How does standby work with checked bags?

Passengers with checked bags must check in with a customer service employee at the airport and request a standby flight. In case,  there are no seats available on the standby flights after the standby request is submitted, the airline will preserve the original confirmed flight reservation.

How much does it cost to fly standby on JetBlue?

Standby travel is dependent on availability of seats, is not guaranteed, and may cost an additional $75 based on your price (no fare difference applies).

Are standby flights guaranteed?

You haven’t been assigned a seat on the plane if you’re on the standby list. You won’t be able to board if you don’t have a seat on the plane.

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