Worst Airports In The United States

The place from where you begin or end the journey decides whether your trip was worthwhile or a nightmare. Regular travelers would definitely know that airport experience plays a vital role in the overall journey. Many factors make your experience at the airport enjoyable, such as offered amenities, lounge accessibility, flight punctuality, and many others.

IAirtickets care about you, and we have created a comprehensive list mentioning a few airports in the United States, where you might not have the experience to talk about. Read on to find about the seven worst airports in the United States.

Chicago Midway International Airport

When talking about airport facilities, Midway internationals do not offer anything to discuss about. The airport has only one lounge and a relatively less smattering of airport. Moreover, Midway does not offer on-time flights, and sometimes reaching the airport is also so hectic. It was also listed as the worst airport in the United States by The Points Guy, a lifestyle media brand.

Orlando International Airport, Florida

The airport is situated in Central Florida, and probably every theme park visitor will know about the fanned structure of the airport. The timelines and amenities offered at the airport are not suitable as well. The biggest issue at the airport an individual can face is accessibility. You are in trouble if you can’t get a shuttle or a car. The airport is building a train station to enhance the access facility, but according to Orlando Sentinel reports, the train station is not going to start in several years. Orlando was listed as the 2nd worst airport in the United States.

Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale’s airports also feature in the list because of the frequent flight delays, long security lines, and high cancellation as well. Additionally, the check-in process and baggage claim services offered by the airport are also not so much appreciated.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Detroit’s airport handles more than 90,000 travelers every day, despite that it has only 44 restaurants. That doesn’t look enough to offer the jam-packed public at the airport. Moreover, reaching the airport will blow your mind; it is almost 20 miles away from the Detroit city, and 25 miles from Michigan.

Southwest Florida International Airport

Southwest’s airport is also not a great place to catch a flight. According to The Points Guy, the airport is 5th worst airport in the United States. Based on the traveler’s experience, the flight gets delayed, amenities are not good, and staff experience is not much great either. These are some factors that make Southwest’s airport one of the worst airports in the United States.

Kansas City International Airport

As a small airport, it should make sure to mess things up as little as possible. But Kansas City International airport does equally opposite to this. There is no affordable parking near the airport; because of this flyers are forced to use the expensive valet or taxi parking near the airport.

Moreover, the facilities at the airport are also inadequate. There is not enough space to accommodate new security screenings, bathrooms are so small, and less seats for the seating arrangement of flyers. Because of which Kansas airport features the list of worst airports in the United States.

John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York

JFK airport welcomes almost 59 million passengers every year. It handles the arrival and departure of hundreds of thousands of flights every year, and one in the five of them is delayed according to the statistics provided by the Bureau of Transportation.

Moreover, when we sum up all the factors, then we found out that reaching the airport is tough and flight hardly leaves on time. These are a few reasons that make JFK one of the worst airports in the United States.

Washington Dulles International Airport, Virginia

The trip to Washington from a distance can be backbreaking. Since Washington Metro Silver Line Subway is not going to complete for at least another year. So, reaching the airport can be grueling because you would need to come here via a long drive, bus-and-subway ride, or an expensive taxi or Lyft /Uber trip. Moreover, Dulles airport has outgrown its original space and expanded so much in recent time, and become like a mess.

Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark

Newark’s airport is the second busiest airport in the city, and reaching the airport is also tough because of the traffic on the road. Moreover, the airport also doesn’t have a nice track record when it comes to the punctuality of flights. So, at the airport, you are going to be surrounded by many travelers. However, while waiting at the airport, you will not get any upscale amenities. These are a few of the reason due to which Newark’s airport also feature in the list of worst airports in the United States.

Miami International Airport

Miami City is so popular among travelers, and also near to the Caribbean because of which the Miami’s airport is always jam-packed with tourist, and annoyed Floridians who are trying to each home as soon as possible.

Travelers complain about the long walks from the security to boarding, confusing signboards, and worse services all around. Moreover, every one in five flight gets delayed.

That’s it, now you know about the seven worst airports in the United States. So try to avoid using these airports, and if you have visited any of these airports, then share your experience in the comment section below.

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