Alaska Airlines SFO Terminal!

Alaska Airlines is a renowned name in the aviation industry, based in SeaTac, a city in the southern king county, Washington. The airline ranked fifth when measured in the number of destination served, passengers carried, and fleet size. Alaska operates scheduled flight from its largest hub at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and other hubs San Francisco International Airport, Ted Stevens International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and Portland International Airport.

When you are traveling to/from San Francisco by Alaska Airlines flight, use our guide that will help you to know on which terminal you will land, or your scheduled flight will depart from which terminal. Read this blog till the end and know everything about Alaska Airlines SFO terminal.

SFO Alaska Terminal

  • Terminal 2

Alaska Airlines has co-located in Terminal 2 D Gates and the International Terminal A Gates.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Updating Gate Numbers

SFO is in the process of updating the terminal gate numbers at the airport. Alaska Airlines uses the International terminal and Terminal 2. Flights operated by Alaska Airlines will operate from the same terminal; only the gate numbers are being renumbered.

  • Alaska Airlines used to operate from 50A – 59C at terminal 2, but now it operates from D1 – D18.
  • Alaska Airlines used to operate from A1A – A12 at the International terminal, but now operates from A1 – A15.

Tips to follow when traveling from Alaska Airlines SFO terminal

When traveling to/from San Francisco airport, follow these tips to avoid the hassle in finding the terminal from where your flight will take off. 

  • Make sure to your flight information for the updated gate numbers on your boarding pass, by using the Alaska Airlines mobile app, or in the information on the mail, you will get on the registered email id.
  • You should check the flight status online on the airline’s website or by using the Alaska Airlines mobile app. We also recommend you sign up for the Alaska Airlines flight notification.
  • Please note that the International terminal at SFO is for the arrival of the Alaska flights, and the majority of the flights arrive and depart from Terminal 2. Only a few of the flights arrive at the international terminal.
  • If your flight lands on the international terminal and you have to board your connecting Alaska flight, then you have to leave the security and use the AirTrain and reach the terminal from where your flight will take off. The AirTrain are located just outside the international terminal.
  • Give yourself enough time to reach other terminals from one terminal. Usually, reaching terminal 2 from the international terminal only takes 5-6 minutes. However, be aware that the farthest gates between these two terminals can take up to 35 minutes to reach.

Check out the Alaska Airlines SFO terminal, when traveling with Alaska Airlines flights. Follow the tips mentioned above, and avoid the hassle to reach the needed terminal and to board the flight.

Some other points to note

Moreover, we suggest you make early check-in so that you know the exact terminal from where you need to board the flight. You can use the online check-in service to get the boarding pass, which is available from 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure. You can also reach the airport early and use the check-in counter or self-service kiosk to get the boarding pass. However, you may face hassle due to long check-in lines at the airport in getting your boarding pass.

It was the complete information about the Copa Airlines Reservations we have. We hope you found the mentioned tips helpful. Travel with Alaska Airlines flights and experience a worthwhile journey at the reasonable fare. You can share your experience at the San Francisco International Airport and with Alaska Airlines from the comment section below.

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