United Airlines provides legitimate facilities and services for easily canceling a flight ticket online. If you wish to cancel a flight ticket with United Airlines online, it is too easy to cancel a United flight. Still, you will get a refund in the form of a United Airlines flight credit to utilize for future travel.

Best Guide to United Airlines Flight Credit

United Airlines provides two travel credits, which flyers may use to book flights and other services on the official United Airlines website or app. Find out about upcoming flight credits and trip certificates. If you don’t know “how to use united flight credit,” just follow the procedures below:

  • Locate your credits: Sign in to your MileagePlus account to see your credits, or look them up down.
  • Book a flight: Shop as you normally would on our website or app.
  • Pay with your credits: When you’re ready to pay, choose travel credits as your form of payment.

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What is Travel Credit at United Airlines?

Future flight credits

If you cancel your trip or switch to low-cost travel, you will get future flight Travel Credit United Airlines. You can use these credits to book flights operated by United, United Express, and other partners. When buying your ticket, you may use future travel credits to pay for non-ticket things, including Economy Plus® seats, Basic Economy seat assignments, and preferred seating.

Travel Certificates

If you offer to give up your seat on a flight or as a show of goodwill, you will receive a travel certificate.

These credits, also called ETC (electronic travel certificates) , can be useful to book united flight with travel credit the same manner as future flight credits can. Flyers may book most flights, and some non-ticket goods, such as Economy Plus seats.

How To Use United Airlines Flight Credit?

If you’re not sure how to use United airlines flight credit, read the guidelines offered by our customer service staff.

  • Any flight credits will display the status at the top left of the page after connecting to your account.
  • Firstly, to start the procedure, click that.
  • Then, go to the My Trip option and follow the onscreen steps to redeem future flight credit if it appears on the checkout page.
  • Using the full flight cancellation information, you may then select the accumulating ETCs that yield the most credit.
  • Type the booking or cancellation date, pin code number, and passenger’s last name in the “Apply” box.
  • Lastly, select the credit card you’ll use in the future and search for new United Airlines tickets.

How do I Redeem my Travel Credits?

  • As usual, go for your flight booking. 
  • When you choose “Travel Credits” as a payment option at checkout, Your MileagePlus account will show all travel credits.
  • Simply tick the checkbox next to the credit, and you will receive your credit to your reservation automatically.
  • If you don’t see one of your travel credits mentioned or don’t have a MileagePlus account, you may search it up and add it to your basket right from checkout.

How do I Book a Flight with my Credit?

If you wish to book a united flight with travel credit, follow the procedures below:

  • Go to united.com and look for your new flight.
  • Select ‘Add Flight Credit’ from the payment screen.
  • Finally, you will have to enter the number of tickets from your canceled trip to apply for the credit.

Do United Airlines Travel Credits Expire?

All travel credits have an expiration date; however, the rates differ for the two categories of credits.

Future Flight Credits

Future flight credits contain a “travel by” date that indicates when they will expire. This date is usually one year after the initial ticket issue. This implies that the itinerary to which you apply a future flight credit must commence travel before the credit expires.


What can I Use my Travel Credits For?

All travel credits are redeemable for tickets on United, United Express, and partner airlines. Non-ticket goods such as Economy Plus® seats, preferred seating, Basic Economy seat assignments can also be used using travel credits.
You must book your flight using your travel credit and then request a PlusPoints upgrade to utilize travel credits with PlusPoints.

Where do I Find my Travel Credit Info?

A summary of Mileage Plus members’ travel credits may be seen in their accounts. Moreover, if you aren’t a member or can’t locate your credit in your account, you may use the lookup tools on this page to determine the value and expiration date of your travel credit.

Can I Use Multiple Travel Credits?

You may utilize numerous credits of the same type in a single transaction. However, it is not possible to mix future flight credits with trip certificates.

Is it Possible to Sell Your Travel Credit?

Yes, but transferring your points may violate the terms and regulations of your rewards program, which means you might be kicked out if the airline learns you’ve profited from their awards through a third party.

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