Southwest Airlines Seat Selection : How to Reserve Seat in Advance?

Everyone wants to experience luxury and comfort during flying on Southwest Airlines. If you have ever thought of getting an aisle or extra-legroom seats on seats, it would be better to learn Southwest Airlines seat selection policy. Here’s everything you might look for regarding the seat selection process and policy. 

Southwest Airlines has a unique seat selection policy that indicates passengers cannot get seats ahead of time until assigned according to groups A, B, and C. With this instructive post, you can learn the seat selection policy, process, and fee of Southwest. If you also wish to select seats on Southwest Airlines, get through the entire post. 

If you are concerned about getting immediate assistance regarding Southwest seat selection, dial the Customer Service Phone Number and speak to a live person. 

Southwest Airlines Seat Selection Policy 

You must be attentive when choosing a Preferred seat on Southwest Airlines as it has a unique policy. The seat selection will be impossible until you have been assigned to the boarding group A, B, and C in addition to positions 1-60. To better understand the Southwest seat selection policy, check out the following information. 

  • The number of seats can be selected when you board the plane as per the seat selection policy for Southwest Airlines. 
  • You may visit the airline’s official website to know the exact boarding positions. 
  • If you want an aisle or window seat on Southwest, it is advised to get a boarding position nearest to the first half of the travelers. 
  • According to the Southwest seat selection policy, the boarding position and group will be decided when passengers board the plane. 

If you have further queries related to Southwest Airlines seat selection policy, dial the customer service phone number and talk to a live person at any time. 

How Much Does Southwest Charge for Seat Selection? 

According to Southwest Airlines seating policy, passengers cannot select a seat in advance and can only choose seats once boarding the plane. If you want to get the desired seats on Southwest, it is essential to pay charges to the airline. Southwest seat selection fee depends on the itinerary and varies between $30 -$40 per flight. 

Hence, the passengers who get first on the plane may get the advantage of selecting the best seats. To get further details on Southwest seating arrangements, you should talk to a live person at the airline 24/7. 

Southwest Airlines Seating Arrangement Options 

You will get three seating options on Southwest Airlines: business select, Wanna Get Away, and anytime seats. Go through the following information to get a detailed analysis of the same. 

  • Anytime Seats 

Anytime seats can be changed at any time without paying any charges on Southwest Airlines. You may gain 10 Rapid rewards per $spent on the seats. These rewards can be used for further bookings on Southwest. 

  • Wanna Get Away

If you want to experience luxury within your budget, then the ‘Wanna get away’ seating option would be better. You can get comfortable seats after choosing this option during boarding the plane. They provide food, beverages, legroom space, and entertainment services. 

Remember that the ‘Wanna Get Away’ options cannot be refundable as they are budget-friendly. 

  • Business Select Seats

If you have planned a long journey, business select seats might be a better option to get extra comfort during the flight. You can take advantage of extra legroom space, complimentary drinks, and food services. If we talk about the in-flight services, you will get free entertainment, massage services, and live TV. 

Now, you may proceed further to know how to get the best Southwest Airlines seats. Getting in touch with a live person at the airline may also help you to get detailed info. 

How to Select the Best Seat on Southwest Airlines? 

After getting familiar with the Southwest seat selection policy, you might be looking for the process of getting preferred seats. Here, you will get the complete process for the seat selection on Southwest. Let’s look at the following points to get seats on the same airline.

  • You can also choose upgrading boarding, early check-in, or business select seats to get the desired ones. 
  • If you book the first flight, the airline may give you the best option for seat selection. 
  • Try to check in before 24 hours of departure to get the best seats on Southwest Airlines. 
  • If you have a membership of A-list Elite status, feel free to choose any seat as per your preference. 

Hopefully, one of the points mentioned above helped you get the best Southwest Airlines seats. If you are still looking for additional information, go through the official website of Southwest Airlines or dial their official phone numbers to talk to a live person. 

How to Find the Number of Seats Available on Southwest? 

Are you searching for the number of seats obtainable on Southwest Airlines? If that’s true, the following information could help you out. Below, you will get a simple process to find how many seats are on Southwest Airlines flights.

  • The initial step is to visit Southwest’s official website. 
  • After that, choose the flight number, and you will get the seats available on the plane. 
  • Next, the occupied and vacant seats will be displayed differently. 
  • You can select your desired seats on Southwest after checking the seat availability. 
  • Finally, pay the fee for choosing a seat to the airline.

If you are getting issues while performing the steps mentioned above, try to connect with a live person via dialing the Southwest Airlines Customer Service Number. Or, you may also visit its official website at any time to get a better understanding of Southwest seat selection. 


Can I Choose a seat on Southwest Airlines?

You can only choose a seat at the time of boarding the plane on Southwest Airlines as the airline follows an open seating style. It simply means Southwest doesn’t not randomly assign seats to its passengers.

How does Southwest boarding position work?

Southwest Airlines has an open seating policy. It assigns every traveler an exact boarding position and permits them to select any seat on board. The position will be a letter between A and C and a number between 1 and 60.

How can I get seated first on Southwest Airlines?

If you want to get seated in the first row, try to check in 24 before departure or earn A-List elite status. Or, you can also buy EarlyBird Check-In, or upgrade your boarding on Southwest Airlines to get the first seat.

Can you upgrade the boarding position on Southwest?

Yes, you can upgrade the Southwest boarding position but only when it is available. By upgrading the boarding position, you will be able to secure a position in the A1 – A15 boarding. For this, you need to pay $30 per segment.

Is Group B good on Southwest?

If you are looking for the window or aisle seat, choosing a B group boarding position is the best option for you. You can look for two seats together if you are flying with a companion.

How much does it cost to pick your seat on Southwest?

Southwest seat selection fee is $30 or $40 per flight, depending on the itinerary. If you have A-list elite status, you can get your desired seats on Southwest Airlines.

Is Group C good on Southwest?

It could be the worst seating boarding group when flying with Southwest Airlines. In the C group, you will be guaranteed to sit in a middle seat. It is suggested to be attentive when choosing your seat with Southwest Airlines.

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