Everyone wants to experience luxury & comfort while flying on Southwest Airlines. If you have ever thought of getting an aisle or extra-legroom seats on seat, it would be better to learn Southwest Airlines seat selection policy. Here’s everything you might look for regarding the seating process and fee.

Southwest Airlines understands the daily needs of travelers and offers several seating options. They board every passenger and give them the best seats for their travel class. One can pick the seats during booking or anytime after the reservation. Reading this blog can make you aware of the seating criteria, making your journey smoother.

How Can you pick your seats on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest is one of the low-cost air carriers that provides budget-friendly services to passengers. One can get the favorite seats or location on the aircraft at booking, within 24 hours, at check-in, or anytime up to 10 minutes before the departure at the airport. Read the detailed information about all the processes to select seats on Southwest Airlines in the given details.

Online after the reservation:

  • Open the online site of Southwest Airlines at www.southwest.com
  • Proceed to the My Trips section from the main menu.
  • Provide the confirmation code and the traveler’s surname.
  • Retrieve the booking with the Southwest.
  • Tap on the flight for selecting the seats.
  • On the drop-down, choose the seat selection button.
  • You can see the seating chart to get the seats of your choice.
  • Pay the fees and complete the process.
  • Southwest shares the updated e-ticket in your mail.

Get the seats at check-in:

Southwest provides the facility to obtain the boarding pass online or at the airport by counters or self-service kiosk booths. At this time, you can add your seats for all the passengers as per the travel class and destination. Airlines assign suitable seating for free.

Go to the Airport:

Apart from any other ways, you can reach out to the airport ticket counters directly to seek assistance. At the suitable terminal, discuss with the agents and get the best seats available for your departure.

Rules and Regulations for selecting Southwest seats

When you decide to get the seats, you must understand the related points on the rules to avoid any excess fees. Here are the details of the Southwest seat selection policy that you can check before picking the right seats:

  • Passengers can get the seats at booking or within 24 hours for free. For this, your flight departure must be seven days ahead of the seat selection.
  • The desired seats are available according to the availability and the on-going demand.
  • Airlines make sure that children always sit next to their adult or companion.
  • Seating must be associated with the boarding and applicable seat map.
  • An emergency exit or window seats are assigned to those above the age of 18 and physically fit to handle the emergency.

How Much Does Southwest Charge for Seat Selection? 

According to Southwest Airlines’ seating policy, passengers cannot select a seat in advance and can only choose seats once boarding the plane. If you want to get the desired seats on Southwest, it is essential to pay charges to the airline. Southwest seat selection fee depends on the itinerary and varies between $30 -$40 per flight. 

Hence, the passengers who get first on the plane may get the advantage of selecting the best seats. To get further details on Southwest seating arrangements, you should talk to a live person at the airline 24/7. 

What are the Seating Types of Southwest Airlines?

Passengers who choose Southwest Airlines are eligible to pick the preferred seats from the multiple options. They provide four categories of seating arrangements that you can find as mentioned below.

Seating or fare type 

Features or services 

Wanna getaway

  • Get two bags for free
  • Fares are non-refundable 
  • No charges to cancel or modify the flight. 
  • Free same-day or standby
  • On every qualifying flight, earn 6 rapid reward points. 

Wanna get away+

  • Non-refundable. 
  • Flight credits are transferable. 
  • On every qualifying flight, earn 8 rapid reward points. 
  • Get free confirmed change on the same day. 
  • Contains all the other benefits of wanna get away.

Anytime fare.

  • Acquire early bird check-in. 
  • On every qualifying flight, earn 10 rapid reward points per dollar. 
  • Priority checking and TSA pre-check.
  • Fares are refundable. 
  • All advantages of wanna get away+.

Business Select. 

  • Get priority boarding on A1-A15 aircraft. 
  • Complimentary drinks of your choice. 
  • Get 12 rapid reward points on every qualifying flight. 
  • Refundable flight ticket. 
  • Free entertainment on board.
  • Acquire all the benefits of any time fare.

How to Find the Number of Seats Available on Southwest? 

Are you searching for the number of seats obtainable on Southwest Airlines? If that’s true, the following information could help you out. Below, you will get a simple process to find how many seats are on Southwest Airlines flights.

  • The initial step is to visit Southwest’s official website. 
  • After that, choose the flight number, and you will get the seats available on the plane. 
  • Next, the occupied and vacant seats will be displayed differently. 
  • You can select your desired seats on Southwest after checking the seat availability. 
  • Finally, pay the fee for choosing a seat to the airline.

If you are having issues while performing the steps mentioned above, try to connect with a live person by dialing the Southwest Airlines Customer Service Number. Or, you may also visit its official website at any time to get a better understanding of Southwest seat selection. 


Can I Choose a seat on Southwest Airlines?

You can only choose a seat at the time of boarding the plane on Southwest Airlines as the airline follows an open seating style. It simply means Southwest doesn’t randomly assign seats to its passengers.

How does Southwest’s boarding position work?

Southwest Airlines has an open seating policy. It assigns every traveler an exact boarding position and permits them to select any seat on board. The position will be a letter between A and C and a number between 1 and 60.

How can I get seated first on Southwest Airlines?

If you want to get seated in the first row, try to check in 24 before departure or earn A-List elite status. Or, you can also buy EarlyBird Check-In, or upgrade your boarding on Southwest Airlines to get the first seat.

Can you upgrade the boarding position on Southwest?

Yes, you can upgrade the Southwest boarding position but only when it is available. By upgrading the boarding position, you will be able to secure a position in the A1 – A15 boarding. For this, you need to pay $30 per segment.

Is Group B good on Southwest?

If you are looking for a window or aisle seat, choosing a B group boarding position is the best option for you. You can look for two seats together if you are flying with a companion.

How much does it cost to pick your seat on Southwest?

Southwest seat selection fee is $30 or $40 per flight, depending on the itinerary. If you have A-list elite status, you can get your desired seats on Southwest Airlines.

Is Group C good on Southwest?

It could be the worst seating boarding group when flying with Southwest Airlines. In the C group, you will be guaranteed to sit in a middle seat. It is suggested to be attentive when choosing your seat with Southwest Airlines.

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