Flights Credit on AA: How to Redeem Flight Credit American Airlines?

Have you recently got flight credits in your wallet from American Airlines? But now, you wonder how to redeem flight credit from American Airlines to rebook a flight. There is no need to worry as the following guide may assist you with How to use a flight credit while booking a new flight. 

American Airlines issues three travel credits: Travel credit, flight credit, and travel vouchers in case of unused or canceled tickets. Flight credits on AA can only be used to rebook flights with the airlines. So, stay until the end. Here’s everything you might be searching for about the flight credits. 

If you are here to get an answer to how to redeem flight credit from American Airlines, talk to one of the travel agents at American Airlines Customer Service.

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Terms and Conditions (Rules) for American Flight Credit 

Before using the flight credits on AA to book a new flight with American Airlines, you must look into some general rules. Here, you can get all the important aspects of the American Flight Credit Policy. 

  • If you have lost the flight credit, American Airlines will not reissue or replace them. It includes forwarding, deletion, or access to the email. 
  • American Airlines has the right to cancel, reject, void, hold, or refuse flight credit when it has been issued regarding fraudulent actions, claims, or compensation abuse under a law. 
  • Your flight credit may be canceled if you have bought them for promotional purposes by AA. 
  • American Flight credits are non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-returnable. Also, you cannot redeem credits for cash. 

After getting familiar with the terms and conditions for flight credits, you must look into the steps to use them to rebook a new flight with American Airlines. 

How to Use My Flight Credit on American Airlines?

Has your flight been canceled by American Airlines? And now, you want to know how to use American flight credit to rebook your flight with the airline. If so, look at the following information to get the complete steps to use your flight credit. 

  • Initially, locate the canceled flight using a 13-digit ticket number and the record location. 
  • After that, go through the official website of American Airlines. 
  • Click on the Manager Bookings option and then select the canceled trips section. 
  • Now, find out your canceled flight by entering the booking details. 
  • Again, go to the book flight option and check out the new flight. 
  • After selecting your new flight, go to the payment section. 
  • Choose the Add Flight Credit option on AA and enter the ticket number. 
  • Apply for the flight credit. 
  • Make the payment only when you do not have enough credits. 
  • Finally, confirm your new booking with American Airlines. 

If you are still looking for assistance regarding How to use the flight credit, you should quickly dial the American Airlines Customer Service Phone Number.

Redeem Flight Credit via Customer Service

  • Another option is to talk to a live representative to use American Airlines flight credit. 
  • One of their travel agents will pick up your call and suggest the best possible ways to use the flight credits while booking the American Airlines flight. 
  • You must follow the IVR instructions to complete the procedure. 
  • Your agent may also help you with extending the travel voucher only when it is about to expire. 
  • Finally, you must wait for a confirmation mail from American Airlines regarding a new flight booking. 

How to Get Flight Credit from AA?

If your flight has ever been canceled by American Airlines, you must be aware of flight credits. Flight credit is one type of travel credit issued by American Airlines for canceled or unused tickets. 

To know the steps to get flight credit, go through the following information. 

  • You can redeem flight credit toward early booking, the cost of the ticket, and related taxes, charges, and fares collected as the fare calculation part. 
  • There will be only one flight credit for a single-passenger trip on the official website via reservations. If you want to get up to two flight credits, call American Airlines Customer Service. 
  • You can redeem credit by contacting one of the travel agents at American Airlines Service. 
  • American flight credit is not valid for services or products sold unconnectedly from the fair price regarding award travel. 
  • If the ticket price is less than the flight credit value, you can only pay the value of the flight credit required for the current booking. The remaining credits will be reissued as American Airlines Travel Credit.  

Still looking for the answer to how to apply for a flight credit on American Airlines, get in touch with a representative at American Airlines Customer Service. 

American Airlines Flight Credits for Someone Else

American Airlines uses flight credit to offer reasonable funds to their valuable travelers after they cancel their tickets. These flight credits can be used to rebook a new flight to your dream destination. This way, you can save your money while booking a new flight. 

Gladly, you can use American Airlines flight credits to book a flight for someone else. Below, we have mentioned the steps to do the same. 

  • The first step is to go through the official website of American Airlines.
  • Next, you must enter all required login details to sign into your account. 
  • Afterward, click on the AAdvantage option and type in the mandatory information such as email, name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Click on the Join option and sign in to the account.
  • Now, choose the Continue tab if you already have an account. 
  • When you reach the payment gateway, enter the travel credits of someone else. 
  • Finally, wait for the confirmation mail regarding your new American Airlines booking. 

If you still have any queries about using flight credits for someone else, you may talk to a live person by visiting American Airlines’ official website. 

How Can I Extend the American Airlines Flight Credits?

No! You cannot extend the travel credits on American Airlines as per their refund policy. 

However, the airline transfers the flight credits as compensation for the cancellation of the booked flight. You can redeem the flight credit within one year of the issued date. 

Other than this, you have the option to talk to a live person at American Airlines regarding extending the flight credits. They will guide you in the right direction and help you with redeeming the credits to book a new flight. 

Can I Get a Refund on Credits from American Airlines?

As mentioned above, American Airlines transfers credits to its valuable travelers as compensation after they cancel a flight with the airline. You must know that travel credits cannot be refunded by American Airlines. You can only use the flight credits to book a new flight. Once the validity of the travel credit expires, it cannot be refunded in cash. 

To Conclude

The blog mentioned above includes all the related aspects of How to Redeem Flight Credit American Airlines. You must remember the expiry date of your flight credits so that you can use them timely to fly with American Airlines. If you are still looking for additional information regarding the same, dial the American Airlines Customer Service Phone Number. 


Can I Get American Advantage for free? 

AAdvantage’s frequent flier or loyalty program allows you to get incentives along with free tickets. This program will be beneficial for those frequent flyers of American Airlines.

Does AA Give Credits for Canceling a Flight? 

As per the American Airlines cancellation policy, you will not get a full refund for canceling the flight with the airline. However, the airline will transfer you the flight credits that can be used to book a new flight to the US shortly.

Can I Transfer American Airlines Flight Credits? 

No! You cannot transfer the AA flight credit to someone else and even exchange it for cash, credit, or check. Along with this, you will not get any guarantee on flight credits. It will expire just after one year of the issued date.

What is the Maximum Validity of AA Flight Credit? 

You can redeem your AA flight credit within one year of the issued date. After that, it will expire by the airline.

What If My AA Flight Credit Expired?

In such a case, you should get in touch with one of the American Airlines representatives. They will suggest the best ways to help you with the same. After connecting with one of the live people, you may ask for an extension.

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