Everyone would love to select their desired seat while flying with KLM Airlines. If you also want to choose your preferred seat, it is a must to learn the KLM Seat Selection policy . KLM allows its travelers to select their preferred seats with the flight under specific terms and conditions. However, you have to pay charges to get this service. Check out the policy for choosing the preferred seat with KLM flights

Does KLM Allow to Select Preferred Seats?

Yes, KLM permits its passengers to select their seats online and offline. You can also book seats in advance with KLM flights to make the selection easier. However, you have to pay charges to select your desired seat. 

How much does KLM charge for Seat Selection?

If you are a Flying Blue Elite or SkyMiles Elite member, you don’t need to pay additional charges to reserve a seat with KLM flights. Also, no charges will be applied if you have purchased a flexible fare ticket. 

Economy class passengers must pay $21 to book an advance seat with the airline. Else, the prices of KLM seats depend on various factors, for example, the time and day of the flight, route, Flying Blue Status, etc. Overall the cost of seat selection ranges from USD 21 to USD 90.

KLM Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Now, you might be looking for the KLM Airlines seat selection process. Before directly finding the steps to select a seat, you must know its procedure. Look at the following list. 

  • According to the KLM seat selection policy, travelers must pay additional charges to select an upgrade to the pre-selected seat. 
  • If you have paid for the extra comfortable seat but have not got the same, you can request a refund for the same. 
  • And if you have chosen a seat near emergency exits, you must follow all the safety instructions. 

How do I Select my Preferred Seat on KLM Airlines?

Do you wish to change your seat with KLM Airlines? For this, you first need to go through the official website of KLM Airlines and start to book preferred seat. You can also request a KLM seat assignment even after the booking. 

You should follow the below steps for KLM to choose seats 

  • First, visit the official KLM website.
  • Next, log in to your account by entering your username and password. 
  • Next, go to the Manage Booking tab section and note down the PNR number and last name of the passenger.
  • Select your flight and go to the Edit tab. 
  • Click the Select Seats tab to select your preferred seat.
  • After selecting a seat, select the Save option. 
  • Finally, pay through any payment method.

Via Phone Call 

It may be difficult for passengers to choose their preferred seats online. You wish to select a different, superior option, dial KLM Customer Service Phone Number 1 (800) 618-0104 to get your queries resolved. Ensure you have all your booking details before contacting the travel agent. 

KLM Seating options Available :

The airline aims to make air travel flawless for its precious flyers. But, the wide range of seating options might confuse passengers when selecting a seat. To get deep insights into KLM seating option. check out the below key pointers. However, the airline offers top-tier inflight assistance in any cabin you fly with on KLM .  

Economy class

If you’re travelling on a low budget, KLM Economy class is an ideal way to travel overseas without breaking the bank. The airline designed Economy class to make air travel accessible for everyone cost-effectively. 

Book your economy class ticket and enjoy the complimentary food & beverages included in your ticket. You can even accommodate yourself with a wide range of entertainment options in flight, such as wifi connectivity, touchscreen display, access to OTT platforms, or headset.

Seats in Economy class 

The airline offers a wide range of seating options in every KLM economy class. You can even select a standard seat at check-in time without incurring extra charges. If you’d like to choose your desired seat for your air travel, you can do so directly through the airline website’s My Trip section.

Standard seat

KLM Airlines offers a broad selection of economy-class seats to make air travel more convenient for passengers.

  • Standard legroom (76 cm)
  • Standard recline (9 cm)
  • Ergonomically designed

Economy Comfort seat

If you’d like extra perks while travelling in an economy class, consider booking Economy Comfort seat fare whether you want to add spacious legroom, additional recline, or priority boarding. These seats are equipped in front of the Economy Class, so you’ll be the first to disembark once you arrive.

  • Economy Comfort seat offer 5 cm more legroom and more recline than a standard seat
  • Be amongst the first Economy Class passengers to board.

Extra legroom seat

If you wish to stretch out during your air travel comfortably, you can choose the seats next to the emergency exits.

  • KLM Extra legroom seats offer, on average, 15 cm more spacious legroom than standard seats.
  • Seats are equipped next to the emergency exit.
  • The airline offers 9 cm of reclining in its aircraft.

Conditions to Book Extra legroom seat

  • To book an Extra legroom seat, the passenger must adhere following rules-
  • In the event of an evacuation, you must willingly help our cabin crew.
  • Travellers under 18 or flying with pets are not allowed to fly on an exit row seat.
  • While flying on an Extra legroom seat, you must tear your hand baggage in the overhead bins.

Front standard seat

If you want to get priority boarding or departing, you may consider booking KLM Front standard seats.

  • You’ll be sitting in the first rows behind the Economy Comfort zone.
  • You’ll be among the ones to board or depart the plane.
  • Front standard seat offer 76 cm more legroom and 9 cm recline than a standard seat

Premium comfort class

Do you wish to add extra choice, convenience, and benefits? Book KLM Premium Comfort Class and enjoy the elevated flying experience. Get the most out of your air travel with premium airline seating options.

Travel in a KLM premium class cabin of 20 to 29 seats – set apart from standard economy class. However, the airline allows passengers a generous baggage allowance with two baggage items and two carry-on bags.

While travelling in a premium class, you hardly have to wait in a check-in line; with SkyPriority, you can board and depart the plane as one of the first.

What is KLM’s premium comfort?

While flying in KLM Premium Comfort Class, the seat is equipped behind the Economy class with just 20 to 29 seats in a separate cabin. However, the seats are set apart from Economy Class.

  • Premium Comfort Class seats offer spacious legroom and more recline.
  • You’ll get 40 cm of extra space for armrests.
  • You’ll get movable legs and footrests on Premium Comfort Class seats.
  • Each seat is equipped with a personal 13 inch touchscreen system.

Business Class

If you don’t want to compromise with comfort, you can choose KLM Business Class to experience luxurious air travel with top-notch onboard amenities. The airline designed a business class to make air travel pleasurable and luxurious. 

Whether you want a convertible seating option or entice your taste buds with an ultimate in-flight dining experience, KLM Business Class can make your air travel more comfortable. On long-haul flights, you can spend your trip dreaming in your fully flat seat.

Seats in Business Class

To travel flawlessly– fly Business Class. While flying in a KLM business class, you’ll have extra privacy, convenient, mouth-water food & beverages, and personalized service with a dedicated cabin crew member.

  • In Business Class, you hardly have to wait in a check-in line; with SkyPriority, you can board and depart the plane as one of the first.
  • While flying on an international flight, spend the time on your air travel dreaming in your full-flat seat.
  • You can charge your phone or devices with in-seat power (110V AC) or USB-A.
  • The airline offers a complimentary glass of champagne once you board the plane.

Flying on a Business Class in Europe

If you’re looking for a private space with superior comfort, you can choose KLM Business class. While flying within Europe, you’ll sit in a row of 2 seats, so there’s no empty seat in the middle.

  • The business Class seat offers 7,5 cm more legroom and 12,5 cm standard recline.
  • You’ll always get a window or an aisle seat for extra privacy.
  • The airline offers inflight WiFi so you can easily stay in touch with your colleagues, friends, and family – for free!

Flying on a Business Class in International flights

Whether you’d like to fly to a sought-after vacation spot or a business meeting, you can level up your travel experience by flying in the World’s Best Business Class seat. Travelling on a KLM Business Class provides a relaxed and well-rested air travel experience. The airline offers full-flat seats without compromising privacy and comfort; even the seats can turn into a bed at your convenience.

  • The airline offers a Full-flat seat on long-haul flights to provide passengers hassle-free air travel experience.
  • In-seat power and privacy screen.
  • Each seat is equipped with a personal entertainment system of 16-18 inches.
  • You’ll always get a window or an aisle seat for extra privacy and comfort.
  • The airline offers extra baggage allowance for business class passengers.

What is the KLM seat selection baggage allowance?

Do you wish to know about KLM’s checked baggage allowance? Check out the subtopics below to know how many checked bags you’re permitted to carry, including their weight and size.

KLM Economy Class checked baggage allowance

The number of checked bags you can carry while flying on a Klm Economy Class may vary depending on multiple factors, such as travel routes and fare type. However, the airline also allows you to buy extra bags at the time of reservation.

  • Economy light ticket- You’re not allowed to carry any checked baggage.
  • Economy Standard or Flex fare- You can carry one checked bag with a dimension of 158 cm and a weight of 23 kg.

KLM Premium Comfort Class checked baggage allowance

If you’re travelling on a KLM Premium Comfort Class on a Standard or Flex ticket, you’re entitled to carry 2 checked baggage. However, each bag must not exceed the dimensions of 158 cm and a weight of 23 kg. Please note passengers flying on KLM premium light tickets are not allowed to carry any checked baggage.

KLM Business Class checked baggage allowance

If you’re traveling on a KLM Business Class on a Standard or Flex ticket, you’re entitled to carry 2 checked baggage. However, each bag must not exceed the dimensions of 158 cm and a weight of 32 kg. Please note passengers flying on KLM premium light tickets are entitled to carry 1 item of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 32 kg.

Bottom Line 

This guide includes complete information on KLM royal dutch airlines seat selection. You can follow the guidelines mentioned above to hassle-free select a seat with KLM Airlines. Do you wish to get instant assistance while booking tickets? Quickly get in touch with a travel agent by dialing KLM Airlines Customer Service Phone Number.


Can you choose KLM Seats after Booking?

You can choose your preferred seat Via Manage Reservations after buying the ticket. Or, choose your seat while checking in at the airport.

Is it Worth Paying for Seat Selection?

If you want more comfortable seats with additional benefits when flying with KLM flights, you must pay for it. KLM doesn’t charge any fee for passengers who have booked a flexible fare ticket.

How Long Before You can Choose a Seat with KLM Flight?

 You can select the seat at least four days before departure.

What happens if you skip seat selection on KLM Flights?

Skipping seat selection does not indicate that you will not get any seats on the flight. However, you can get stuck in the middle seat if you have not paid for the one.

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