KLM Change Name

Have you mistakenly spelled the incorrect name when booking a flight on KLM Airlines? No worries; we are here to provide you with the complete process for the KLM change name on ticket. KLM Airlines permits passengers to make the correction on their flight tickets under the changed policy. 

Remember that you can only make corrections up to a few characters on the KLM flight ticket. As you are not allowed to correct the complete name on tickets. To change the full name, you must cancel the flight and reschedule a new flight with the correct name. 

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Check out the following post to learn the complete procedure to change the name on the ticket. 

Can I Change the Name on a KLM Ticket?

Yes, you can change the name on the KLM flight ticket by visiting the official website of KLM Airlines. Remember that the changes must be done within 30 hours of the flight’s departure. To get acquainted with further information, you should read the full post. 

KLM Name Change Policy

Here, you will get to know the name correction policy of KLM Airlines. It is suggested to first check out the name correction policy before making corrections to the ticket. 

  • You can make corrections to your ticket by visiting the official website of KLM Airlines. 
  • As per the KLM name change policy, you can make corrections to the name up to 30 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • It is mandatory to pay the name change fees when you have purchased the flight from third-party resources. 
  • You should make corrections to the name according to your passport. However, KLM Airlines doesn’t allow you to transfer the flight tickets to another passenger. 
  • You cannot make corrections to the reward tickets on KLM flight tickets. If you still want to make a correction on these tickets, dial the KLM Customer Service Number. 
  • As per the policy, the airline only accepts name change requests for the flight number starting with KLM.

To get further information on the KLM edit name on the ticket, you should dial the KLM Customer Service Phone Number 1 (800) 618-0104.

How to Change the Name on KLM Flight Tickets? 

To change the KLM flight ticket name, you may follow the methods given below. If you don’t have much technical knowledge and want assistance, you should talk to a live person by dialing the KLM phone number. 

Now, you should proceed further to apply the following methods. 

Change Name via KLM Official Website

  • The initial step is to visit the official website of KLM Airlines.
  • Afterward, enter your login credentials to access your account.
  • Next, go to the homepage and click on the Manage Booking tab. 
  • Enter the booking reservation code and the traveler’s last name. 
  • Click the Continue tab and check the list to find the appropriate trip. 
  • Click on the Modify tab and choose the passenger’s name. 
  • Make all the mandatory changes and attach the required proof. 
  • Choose the submit option to save the changes. 
  • Lastly, pay the fees as the KLM name correction fees.

Change Name via Dialing the Customer Service Number

  • For this, the initial step is to dial the KLM Customer Service Phone Number to get a human at the airline. 
  • Choose your preferred language to initiate the conversation.
  • Once your call is picked up, follow the IVR commands to correct your name on the KLM ticket. 
  • Next, provide your correct name to them and submit the response. 
  • Finally, pay the change passenger name fees and wait to receive the new e-ticket on your registered email ID. 

Correct Name at the Airport

  • You may also make corrections to your KLM ticket by visiting the nearest airport. 
  • After that, you are required to fill out the KLM name change form. 
  • Enter all your booking details in the form, such as flight reservation number, date of birth, travel date, etc. 
  • And then submit the form with all the mandatory documents to the airline.
  • Pay the KLM change name fees.
  • Finally, you will get a new e-ticket on your registered email ID from KLM Airlines. 

How Much Does KLM Charge for Change Name on Ticket?

As per the revised KLM name change policy, KLM doesn’t charge fees for correcting the name on the flight tickets. Look at the following information to better understand the fee structure for correcting the name on the KLM tickets. 

  • You can make changes on the KLM flights up to 30 hours before arriving for free. If you have crossed this time limit, the airline will charge a small portion of the name correction fees. 
  • The airline will not apply charges if you make changes up to 72 hours before departure.

If you are looking for additional information on the KLM change on a ticket, call one of the representatives by dialing the KLM Customer Service Number 24/7. They are working around the clock to assist you with immediate answers. So don’t hesitate to dial the number immediately and connect with an executive. 

FAQs (KLM Name Change) 

Can I change my name on the KLM ticket?

Yes! You can contact KLM Airlines to make corrections to your ticket for free if you have purchased the ticket from the airline. And if you have bought the ticket from a partner airline, you need to send a name change request at least 72 hours before the flight’s departure.  

Is it mandatory to enter the middle name on the KLM ticket?

No. It is optional to enter your middle name when booking a flight with KLM Airlines. 

What if the name doesn’t match the KLM ticket?

If you have noticed the error in your name on time, it will be better to correct it within 24 hours of purchase. You can correct the name for free in this time interval. Otherwise, you have to cancel the entire reservation and ask for a refund from the airline.

Can I travel if the KLM name doesn’t match my passport?

Yes, you can travel even if your name doesn’t match the passport. Since the TSA or airline will never ask for social security. 

How can I correct my name on a KLM ticket? 

You can correct your name by visiting KLM’s official website, via the mobile application, at the airport, or by calling the customer service number. 

How to avoid the KLM name change fee?

To avoid the KLM name change fee, you must make corrections to your ticket within 30 hours of the flight’s departure. And correct your name within 72 hours of departure for the connecting airlines.