JetBlue Missed Flight Policy & Fee

There can be various reasons for missing a flight. However, you can request JetBlue missed flight compensation if you miss a flight because of traffic or any uncontrollable situation. On the other hand, if you are responsible for missing a scheduled flight, the airline will charge cancellation fees and additional applicable charges. 

What is JetBlue’s Missed Flight Policy?

Passengers must go through the following guidelines about the airline’s missed flight policy.

  • According to the JetBlue missed flight policy, the airline will put them on standby if a passenger misses a flight. 
  • Moreover, they can take the next available flight based on the number of left seats on the plane. 
  • The team charges an extra fee of 75 to 200 USD and a service fee of $50. Also, you can’t refuse to pay the missed flight fees. 
  • Additionally, the policy allows you to make same-day flight changes and meet travel requirements without any inconvenience. 
  • In case you are not eligible for refunds, request the team to provide you with travel credit in your wallet. 
  • You must change or cancel a refundable fare before departure to receive refunds to the original payment mode. 
  • A customer may reach out to the airline’s Travel Agency Desk and request them to help you out. 

What happens If you Missed your Flight at JetBlue?

If a customer misses a flight with JetBlue, they can fly standby whenever the next flight is available with seats. However, one must change or cancel flights in advance and request a refund. In case you are responsible for missing flights, the airline will impose a penalty and service taxes. Call 1-888-538-2583 and get in touch with the JetBlue customer service team to initiate compensation for the missed flight. 

What is the two-hour rule on JetBlue?

Just like many other US airlines, JetBlue Airways has a two-hour rule. It states that if you arrive within two hours of your missed flight, request a seat on the next available flight. Moreover, connect with a JetBlue expert at the counter and ask them to put you on the next flight. However, you will be flying on standby, and there are no extra charges for the same. You may explain why you missed a flight to the JetBlue customer service representative. 

About the No-Show Policy of JetBlue Airways

  • Suppose you don’t reach the airport and choose not to fly on the departure day. In that case, the airline will consider it a no-show situation. 
  • Therefore, it’s better to inform the team about your expected flight cancellation in advance. By doing so, you can cancel tickets simultaneously claim a refund, and use the value for your future trips.
  • But if you don’t inform the airline in advance, they will forfeit your total booking fare and provide no refunds.
  • Moreover, the airline will charge cancellation fees and service taxes up to $50 for no-show events. 
  • There shall be no refunds for missing a flight.
  • In addition, on missing flights, you can get the taxes back in case you are not eligible for refunds. 

What happens when you miss a Connecting Flight on JetBlue Airways?

Missing flights have become common. Sometimes, the reasons are extraordinary: you can’t help but miss a flight. In contrast, there are times when flyers miss flights when changing travel plans and do not inform the team in advance. Additionally, JetBlue Airlines provides you with a 24-hour cancellation service, so cancel tickets on time whenever your travel plan changes. 

  • If you miss a flight because of adverse weather conditions, the airline will arrange a flight for you. However, it depends on the seat’s availability on the plane. 
  • Moreover, the airline will not be responsible if a passenger misses a connecting flight on any other airline. 
  • Feel free to contact the JetBlue team by calling the customer service number and inquire about the JetBlue missed flight compensation. 

FAQs – JetBlue Missed Flight 

What do I do if I miss my flight JetBlue?

To get a refund on JetBlue missed flight, you have to cancel or change the refundable fares before departure. If you miss a flight, the money related to the booking will be transferred into a JetBlue Travel Bank credit. 

What happens if you miss a JetBlue non-refundable flight?

If you miss a nonrefundable JetBlue flight, the airline will impose a change fee on rescheduling a flight. For further assistance on the same, connect with a live person at JetBlue Airlines. 

Is it better to not show or cancel a JetBlue flight?

If you feel that it is impossible to schedule a flight, it would be better to cancel the flight rather than be a no-show. Since, when a no-show applies to your ticket, you will not be able to cancel the flight or ask for a refund on it. 

Can I get JetBlue’s missed flight refunds? 

Yes, you can get a refund on JetBlue missed flights only when you miss a refundable fare ticket. And then, the refund will be transferred to your JetBlue travel bank account. And if you have a non-refundable ticket, you have to pay the rebooking fee to the airline. 

How to rebook a JetBlue missed Flight? 

To rebook a JetBlue missed flight, you either visit the official website of the airline or contact a live person by dialing customer service. You must have your booking reference number and the contact details to reschedule your flight. 

Should I pay a penalty fee after missing a JetBlue flight?

As per the JetBlue missed flight policy, you don’t need to pay charges for missing a flight. Sometimes, you may have to pay a standby fee at the time of reserving a new flight on the same airline. The standby fee depends on your ticket fare and arrival destination. 

What is JetBlue’s no-show fee?

JetBlue Airlines applies a show fee when you forget to cancel the booking and don’t show up for the missed flight on time. A no-show fee can also be imposed when you do not board the flight after check-in at the airport. 

Do I get charged if I miss my flight?

Passengers have to pay the flight rebooking fee to travel on the next available flight on JetBlue Airlines. To know the exact fee, you should contact a live person at the airline.

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