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Discount on flight reservations is what every travel enthusiasts desire. Giving a lucrative discount on accommodation is a big plus when it comes to a travel plan. Offers, deals, and discounts on flight tickets and hotel bookings can actually reduce the travel expenses of an enthusiast. It makes air journey affordable and making their stay at their chosen destination luxurious that too without breaking their bank.

When the concern is to get deals on flights and hotels at discounted rates, it will be an injustice for not bringing into limelight the importance and impact of being a member of the IHG Rewards Club. 

Purpose of IHG Loyalty Program

IHG was founded with an objective to provide ultimate hospitality to travelers. Also, it introduces various loyalty programs to facilitate travel enthusiasts from all over the planet with easy and affordable hotel booking and convenient flight reservations. 

Loyalty programs give enthusiasts access to IHG Rewards Club membership. This membership allows enthusiasts to earn and use points every time they book a hotel. Moreover, they can have access to special night offer in a room of their choice at the hotel. 

Room upgradation at no cost is also possible when you are a member of the IHG Rewards Club and have access to IHG loyalty programs. Priority check-in and check-out, amenities with no hidden cost are the perks of IHG loyalty programs. You can redeem points earned on hotel booking under the IHG Rewards Club membership program. It might result in free traveling or traveling to any destination at a minimal cost.

When discussing the perks of IHG Rewards Club membership and loyalty programs, it is important to make you aware of the IHG friends and family rate. Do you have any idea that IHG Rewards Club membership has friends and family rate? Well, the answer is yes. It’s time to know the importance and impact of having access to the IHG Rewards program which has friends and family rates.

IHG Friends and Family – Purpose, Significance & Impact

IHG is globally known for offering loyalty programs for Rewards Club members to get offers and discounts on luxury accommodation. Furthermore, IHG introduces a rate code specially designed for the family members and friends of the IHG hotel program and Rewards Club members. 

The targeted group of this program of IHG is the people who are family members, friends or relatives of hotel employees of IHG. However, the biggest plus of this exclusive program introduced by IHG is that it is not restricted only to family, friends, and relatives of the hotel employees. IHG friends and family discount rates are also accessible by the general public. In fact, it is globally advertised on forums like FlyerTalk. Sometimes, a special booking link with an employee key is provided to club members to help access the discount rate on luxury hotels.

Steps to Book an IHG Friends and Family Rate

How it works:

  • Book the Friends & Family rate, if available, at the IHG property of your choice.
  • Complete and print the voucher below, and present it at the time of check-in.
  • Relax and enjoy your trip!

Join IHG® Rewards Club: https://bit.ly/2I04KlJ

Click here to register yourself for the IHG Loyalty Program: https://bit.ly/2wPBc7X

Booking IHG friends and family discount rates is a very flexible and convenient task. By following some simple steps, you can avail of such an exciting offer on hotel bookings. Even if you are not among the friends, family or relative of hotel employees, you are liable to such a discount rate. Keep on reading to know how to avail such an offer being outside or a general public.

The first thing that you need to do is to find an employee who has made their corporate page available to the general public. Keep the search on Flyertalk, Google search, LinkedIn and many other social media pages. 

The moment you find an employee, make sure to print out the voucher. Fill out the voucher, and submit to the hotel check-in department to avail of the discount and the offer. The best part is that the general public doesn’t have to provide any employee ID or any other signed document to get the voucher accepted and checked in by the hotel authority.

IHG Friends and Family Discount Rate – Conditions & Regulations 

It is true that getting a discount on IHG friends and family rates is an easy, flexible and convenient task to perform. However, it is important to make sure that whether the discount IHG offers under the friends and family program is good enough to avail. Give some effort and do some research work, and check the rate to ensure that you are getting the best deal available on the market. 

Please note that IHG friends and family rate is non-refundable in case of cancelation or change in plan. Under this program, members can’t earn points and avail any promotional offer on hotel bookings. The airlinw will consider the reservation ineligible for any IHG promotions. 

Also, remember to take a print out of the voucher. It includes at least the name of the employee, even though the hotel doesn’t claim such time. But, this is the key to be in safe hands and to avail the discount smoothly. Moreover, it will help to avoid any kind of last-minute hassles.

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