All About Cathay Pacific

When it comes to flight reservations, the most possible things that an enthusiast thinks of are cost, flexibility in reservation and cancellation, and of course amenities onboard. All these facilities are offered by Cathay Pacific Airlines with no hidden cost. Moreover, this regional airline of Hong Kong makes flying convenient and comfortable with excellent in-flight amenities.

Making flight reservation with Cathay Pacific is worthwhile because of affordability, 24/7 availability, and operation of scheduled and cargo flights to over 190 destinations in more than 60 countries all around the globe. 

But, the impact of space, comfort, customer assistance, and personal attention just can’t be ignored at any cost when Cathay Pacific is your flying partner. Plus, extra legroom is the facility that the airline provides to its passengers for ultimate comfort and convenience. 

Classes of Service at Cathay Pacific  

Cathay Pacific Airways has divided service class into four categories. When making flight reservations with this major airline of Hong Kong, you can have the option of either traveling in first class, business class, premium economy class, and economy class.

When to Opt for Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Class?

Traveling in any class of Cathay Pacific Airlines can make your journey safe, smooth and comfortable. But, there are some perks of traveling in Cathay Pacific premium economy class, especially for long-haul flights. When your journey is above twelve hours, it is a good idea to fly in the premium economy class of Cathay Pacific Airlines. 

Perks of Flying in Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Class

The premium economy class in Cathay Pacific is best defined as a class that is in between business class and economy class. It has some of the facilities that passengers of business and economy class can enjoy throughout their journey.

There are endless reasons to travel in the Cathay Pacific premium economy class. Passengers traveling in this class can enjoy amenities of business and economy class that too without costing a dime. Below is a run-down of the features and the facilities that passengers can enjoy on the premium economy class of Cathay Pacific Airlines.

Priority Check-In

When you make a flight reservation on the premium economy class, you can enjoy priority check-in. No more standing in the queue to get the check-in formalities done before boarding the flight. Dedicated check-in counters are allotted for premium economy passengers of Cathay Pacific Airlines. Therefore, the process of check-in is time-saving and painless. Priority check-in can be enjoyed by Cathay Pacific premium economy passengers while getting flight tickets at competitive prices.

Boarding on a Priority Basis

Stress-free and priority boarding is the desire of every travel enthusiast. Well, it can be true when you book flight tickets with Cathay Pacific Airlines on premium economy class. This premium airline of Hong Kong facilitates its premium economy class passengers safe, smooth and priority boarding, ensuring fulfilling all airport formalities with ease.

Increase Baggage Allowance

Premium economy class passengers of Cathay Pacific Airlines are allowed to carry the baggage of up to 25 kg. Or else, they are permitted to carry baggage with weight ranging from 23 kg to 25 kg each. An increase in baggage allowance has been declared by Cathay Pacific to its premium economy class passengers from 20 kg to 25 kg. Boarding with more baggage allowance at affordable flight tickets is possible at Cathay Pacific premium economy class passengers.

Comfortable Seating 

Passengers traveling in the premium economy class of Cathay Pacific Airlines can enjoy comfortable seating in recliner seats. Sufficient space with extra legroom is provided to premium economy class passengers. Unlike the conventional economy class, passengers of premium economy class of Cathay Pacific Airlines can enjoy their journey seating in a separate cabin with seats ranging from 26 to 34 seats per aircraft. Features that Cathay Pacific premium economy class passengers can enjoy wider seats, seat pitch of 38 inches which is 6 inches more than economy class, and extra-legroom for a convenient and comfortable air journey.

In-Flight Entertainment 

There is no chance of getting bored on board when you prefer flying on Cathay Pacific premium economy class. The aircraft is highly equipped with entertainment systems including LCD screen monitors on the back of each seat. Passengers traveling in this class can have access to a wide collection of movies, series, music videos and TV programs on the flight. Getting ultimate entertainment on long-haul flights with no additional fees is possible at Cathy Pacific Airlines.

Everything is done and every possible step is taken by Cathy Pacific Airlines to make every flight entertaining, exciting and interesting as well. Snacks, meals and non-stop beverages are offered to passengers on board. Plus, champagne is included in the price quoted by the airline. 

Cathay Pacific premium economy class passengers can have a relaxing and comfortable flight with blankets, pillows and hot towels on request.

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