Do you want to sit on the window or nearer to the aisle seats? You can acquire the desired preferred seat on the plane for a comfortable journey to your destination. Lufthansa allows you to choose the seats at the time of flight reservation or anytime after the booking. If you want to experience pleasant travel and flexible boarding, Airlines advises you to get the seats as soon as possible before the scheduled departure. There will be no extra charge for Lufthansa seat selection at the time of booking the flight tickets. All the ticket type and fare conditions depends upon the Lufthansa. Therefore, you can check the given information to find the complete details.

How do I Select a Seat on Lufthansa Flights?

Lufthansa understands the changes in the travel plans for the suitable destination. One can choose Lufthansa’s preferred seats online or by some alternative means. Here is the procedure that you can follow for selecting the seats.

1. Method: Online

  • Firstly, you must access the official web page of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • With this, you can open the My Booking handle and tap on the seat selection button.
  • There, enter the essential details like booking code, passenger surname, etc.
  • When you find the booking, you will see the list of available flights.
  • From that, you can choose the suitable flight for the modifications.
  • At the menu screen, you can tap on the seat selection button.
  • You will see the seat assignment map from which you can select the preferred seats for each of the passengers.
  • Pay the fees for the desired seats, if any, and complete the process.
  • Lufthansa Airlines will give you the confirmation message in your mail.

2. Method: Mobile App

Apart from the online seating type, you can also download the Lufthansa Airlines mobile app from their website. After this, you can log into your flight reservation account with the correct username and password. When you get the booking details, you need to proceed with selecting the advance seat for your destination and confirm the details.

3. Method: Connect with customer service

When you find any disturbance, you can get through with someone on the customer service team. For this, you must dial the Lufthansa customer service phone number at 1800 102 5838 and follow the automated voice commands.

4. Method: Get Seats at check-in

However, travelers can get the appropriate seats at the time of check-in to get the boarding pass. You can complete the check-in online or reach the airport authorities. There will be self-service kiosk booths available where you can add the preferred seats for boarding flights hassle-free.

When can I Select my Seat on Lufthansa?

As soon as you make your flight booking with Lufthansa, you need to choose your preferred seat. This may be achieved over the phone, online, or via the Lufthansa app. At the time of flight check-in, if you don’t choose your seat when making your booking, one will be allocated to you automatically.

What are the terms and conditions of Selecting Seats?

Lufthansa always ensures a smooth flying experience to a suitable location. If you haven’t chosen the seats at the reservation, you can get the seats before the journey. Therefore, you must be aware of the certain rules of selecting the Lufthansa preferred seating as mentioned below. Guidelines for Lufthansa seat selection:

  • Passengers can choose their favorite seats free of cost within 24 hours of the Lufthansa reservation.
  • According to the 24-hour rule, you must have booked the flight tickets a week before the scheduled departure.
  • When you book the flight ticket, the airline ensures that you must sit together with your loved ones on the same itinerary.
  • You can select your favorite seats under the Manage booking online at their website.
  • Passengers must get the seats at least 52 hours before the journey to avoid any last-minute changes.
  • Seat selection under the Lufthansa preferred seating zone allows you to leave the plane quickly as compared to the other passengers.
  • If the seats that you have chosen are not allotted to you on the board, you can ask for a reschedule or compensation.
  • If you cancel the already completed seat selection, you are required to pay the charges for the same.
  • According to the emergency exit seats, you must be medically fit and more than 18 years of age to handle the uncertain situations.
  • The seating fees depend upon the type of ticket, destination, and fare class.

Does Lufthansa charge for Seat Selection?

Yes, there are fees for selecting the seats for your destination if you do so after the 24 hours of the reservation. Secure your favorite seat in advance online and arrive relaxed at your destination. You can see the below list for Lufthansa seat selection costs, which you need to pay accordingly.

  • In the premium economy, the prices for the standard seats can be between EUR 39 and EUR 61 according to the travel demand and destination.
  • For the economy class standard seating, you must pay fees between EUR 14 to EUR 39.
  • Seats in the preferred seating are required to pay the charges starting from EUR 20 to EUR 61.
  • Passengers having seats with extra legroom pay some more seat selection charges between EUR 29 & EUR 115.

Lufthansa Flight Seating options

Passengers who are planning to make the booking with Lufthansa can find a variety of seating choices with Lufthansa. Following are the trip categories and seats that you can avail with Lufthansa.

  • Economy Class: Whether it is short or long-haul flights, Lufthansa believes in providing quality services. These are the standard seats which contain everything at specific fees. You will find everything: comfortable seating, internet access, food, entertainment beverages, etc.
  • Premium Economy: Enjoy the travel with some extras like enhanced seats, comfort, and a new level of service. Consequently, you will enjoy the extra and free overhead space and comfortable Lufthansa premium economy seating to start your day with a new fresh.
  • Business and first class: Experience first-class comfort and extra privacy under business class travel. The seat selection is free of cost for all the long and short-haul flights. By viewing the seat maps, you can easily choose the seats as per the availability. It is one of the most beneficial travel classes as you will enjoy the numerous services and benefits across the globe.

How to get free Seat Selection on Lufthansa?

Many passengers want to avoid the fees for selecting seats with Lufthansa. You can do the Lufthansa seat selection free of cost in the below circumstances.

  • If you purchase the seats within 24 hours of the reservation, you don’t need to pay any fees.
  • The basic economy seats are also free depending on the route and number of passengers.
  • Passengers who access the seating of first and business class can get the seats at no fees.

Do you have to pay for Seat Selection on Lufthansa?

On continental and intercontinental flights, the advance seat selection is free for business and first-class passengers. However, you need to pay the fees for other classes or seat selections beyond the advance period. The fees will be calculated between $25 to $500 as per the type of special services, if any, time left for the departure, and other clauses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select a seat for free on Lufthansa?

Yes, you may choose a basic seat on Lufthansa without any fees. However, the prices of choosing a window seat, aisle seat, seat with more legroom, or seat close to the front of the cabin are always higher.

How do I know which seat is right for me?

Think about your journey class, the kind of airplane you are flying on, and your particular priorities when choosing a seat on Lufthansa. For instance, choose a window seat if you would rather have one if you are traveling in Economy Class. You should choose a seat if you are traveling in business class and want to have more legroom.

Why do I have to pay a fee to select my seat on Lufthansa?

If you choose the seat after 24 hours of the reservation, you need to pay the extra fees. However, the prices are always deducted according to the preferences and ticket type. Lufthansa charges fees to manage the seat selection process and seating arrangements.

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