Have you already booked a Lufthansa flight and would like to avail yourself of the benefits of business class, premium class, or first class? If true, the Lufthansa seat upgrade feature allows you to take advantage of your desired seats. Lufthansa Airlines permits you to upgrade at a fixed price depending on your existing travel class and flight route. Also, the airline allows you to upgrade seats at any stage of your trip with a valid Economy class ticket. If you are also looking for the steps to upgrade your seats on Lufthansa, get through the following post to know about the same.

Can you upgrade on Lufthansa?

Yes, you can upgrade your seats at a fixed price on Lufthansa Airlines. The seat upgrade depends on your current flight class and the flight route. You will get an upgrade at an existing fixed price on Lufthansa’s official website. To make your desired upgrade, you have to make an offer to the airline. 

Lufthansa Seat Upgrade – Submit an offer

As per the terms and conditions of Lufthansa seat upgrades, passengers need to make an offer to get a seat upgrade at the existing fixed price. Before making an offer for seat upgrades, you must look at the following information. 
  • If you are an Economy class passenger on Long-haul flights, then you will get an option to make an upgrade offer for a business or premium economy class.
  • If you are a Premium economy class passenger, you can make an offer for the business class. 
  • And if you are a business class passenger, you can make an upgrade offer for the first class. 
  • You can make an upgrade offer to business class when you have booked economy class on short and medium-haul flights. 

How to Make Lufthansa Seat Upgrade Offer?

After getting familiar with the upgrade conditions, you might be looking for the steps to make an upgrade offer online. Go through the following steps to make an offer to upgrade your seat on Lufthansa Airlines.  The initial step is to log in to your account using the correct credentials at My bookings.
  • After that, the airline will send you a notification regarding whether your ticket can be upgraded or not. 
  • Choose the relevant message if there is an upgrade available on your booking.
  • Now, you have to enter the price you wish to pay for the seat upgrade.
  • Enter the credit card details and choose the submit option. 
  • Finally, you will get a confirmation mail from Lufthansa Airlines.
Lufthansa Airlines permits you to cancel or change your upgrade offer up to 72 hours before the scheduled departure. For this, you have to log in to your account under the My Bookings sections and change or cancel your upgrade offer.

How to get upgrade on Lufthansa?

You can get an upgrade on Lufthansa seats by visiting the official website of the airline or at the airport. If you wish to grab your desired seats, it is recommended to apply the following methods for seat upgrades. 

Get Lufthansa Seat Upgrade Online

The online cost for the seat upgrade is based on the time and route of your flight. Go through the following steps to upgrade your seat online. 
  • First, head to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines and then go to the My Bookings section.
  • After that, you will be notified whether your ticket is eligible for the upgrade or not. 
  • Next, visit the upgrade link and look for the flight you wish to upgrade.
  • After choosing your desired seat, go to the payment page and confirm the upgrade by paying the fees.
  • Finally, Lufthansa will send you a confirmation mail on your email ID. 

Get Lufthansa Seat Upgrade At the airport.

Another method or way to upgrade your seats is to visit the nearest ticket counter. Here, you can request an upgrade on seats depending upon the location and pay the fixed existing price to confirm your upgrade offer.

How much does an upgrade cost Lufthansa?

The seat upgrade from economy to premium economy starts at 249 euros (~$268) per flight. Lufthansa allows Economy passengers to upgrade their seats to business class. However, business class passengers can pay as much as 1,500 euros (~$1,614) to upgrade their seats to first class.

Is it worth it to upgrade to Premium Economy on Lufthansa?

Well, there are no notable features between Economy and Premium Economy other than the additional checked baggage allowance on Lufthansa.

Is it worth upgrading to business class on Lufthansa?

Business class seats are more expensive than economy seats but relatively less expensive than luxury first class seats. If you upgrade your seats to business class, you can enjoy extra legroom space, upgraded meals, wide entertainment options, Wi-Fi, and comfortable sleeping seats for long-haul flights.

How to upgrade Lufthansa economy to business class?

To upgrade economy seats to business, visit the official website and log in to your account under the My Booking section. Then, the airline will notify you whether your booking is eligible for the seat upgrade. Next, tap on the Upgrade link. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I ask for a free Lufthansa upgrade?

To get free Lufthansa upgrades, you should have an airline credit card and try to check in at the earliest time. Or, you may also ask politely and be on time and request the free upgrades.

Does Lufthansa offer upgrade check in?

Lufthansa offers upgrades for a fixed price at the time of check in online, depending on your existing travel class and the flight route. You can upgrade at a fixed price during check-in online under a few conditions. 

Can I get a Lufthansa seat upgrade refund?

Sadly, Lufthansa upgrade payments are non-refundable. You will surely be eligible for a seat in the new travel class when your flight has been booked by the airline to an alternative flight after the upgrade. 

Can I choose my seat on Lufthansa?

Yes, you can choose seats online free of cost from 23 hours before departure and at the airport. Also, the airline allows economy class passengers to reserve seats in advance at an additional cost.  

Can I upgrade my Lufthansa seat at the airport?

You can upgrade your seats at the airport depending upon the location, at the bag drop-off counter, at the gate, or during check-in.