Whether you’re planning a trip overseas, vacationing in Florida, heading towards New York, or flying all the way to Amsterdam, American Airlines luxurious seat selection have become unavoidable. The airline offers its passengers a wide range of seating options.

Being one of the big three airlines, American Airlines features 6 six types of cabin configuration: First, Business, Premium Economy, Main Cabin Extra, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy. Let’s dive directly into how to select your desired seat on AA or the benefits that come with each seating arrangement.

American Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Are you all set with your travel plans? The last thing left to do is select your desired seat on American Airlines. Therefore, with the American Airlines seat policy, you can easily select your preferred seat by spending extra cash. With the wide range of seating assignments, the airline offers passengers the flexibility to select a cabin class per their comfort and budget.

  • As per the AA seat policy, you must have to pay the seating charges to select your preferred seat at the time of booking or check-in.
  • Seating charges may vary depending on the fare type you’re holding and your arrival destination.
  • You can opt for a seat upgrade as per the availability.
  • If you’ve been bumped from your flight, you can claim a refund for the unused flight portion and the seating charges.
  • The airline doesn’t provide any refund of seating charges in case of cancellation, and you have to pay certain charges.

How much does American Airlines Charge for Seat Selection?

The cost of selecting a seat on American Airlines approx $50 – $100 per person per segment, they will vary depending on selecting seat type and the route you are flying. American Airlines offers a variety of seating options, ranging from First, Business, Premium Economy, Main Cabin Extra, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy. Remember that the cost to select a seat on American Airlines depends on the fare type chosen

How do I Find American Airlines Seat Availability?

If your question is, “How do I find American Airlines’ seat availability?” American Airlines offers a wide range of seating assignments for those seeking extra comfort. Each cabin class comes with an elevated flying experience. Most of us prefer to select our desired seats in advance. But to do so, we have to check the seat availability on a flight. You can easily find seat availability by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to aa.com on your device
  • Sign into your account with verified credentials.
  • Select your cabin configuration.
  • It’ll forward you to the seat map.
  • The seat map will give you the green, blue, orange, and white-colored indication options.
  • Each colour means the availability and non-availability of seats.
  • Sign into your account with verified credentials.
  • Green colour means priority cabin level.

  • Orange is the main cabin level.
  • Blue represents the available seats, and white is for unavailable seats.
  • Select your desired seating option.
  • Follow the ongoing prompt to confirm your seat selection.

How do I select a Seat on American Airlines?

Passengers can select their desired seats through the official website or by connecting with customer service. Moreover, the airline makes picking a seat on American Airlines easy.

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Then, go to the Book A Flight tab and move ahead.
  • Here, add the required details, including the number of passengers, the date for the departure, and the timings.
  • Now, select a flight as per your travel plans and budget.
  • After that, choose a seat that suits your requirements with the help of an AA seat map for your flight.
  • Once you select your seat, follow the on-screen prompts if any.
  • At last, you need to pay the final applicable ticket prices by choosing your preferred payment option. The airline will send you a confirmation email with your given contact details.

AA Seat Selection Offline

Suppose the calling method is not suitable for you, you can adopt the calling option. Simply dial American Airlines’ seat selection phone number at +1-860-333-5386. You need to request the agent to book your seat and share your seat preference. They will check the seat availability and book it accordingly. After that, you need to make the payment for your seat if applicable.

How Do I Reserve My Seat After Booking On American Airlines?

If you do not select your seat while booking, then do not worry. The airline allows you to make the seat selection after the completion of the flight reservation. To select a seat after booking, follow the below steps carefully:

  • First, visit the “Manage My Booking” tab on the main website of American Airlines.
  • Here, enter the required details such as the booking number and the last name of the passenger.
  • You will lend to the other page where you will find your booked flights.
  • Now, select the flight for which you need to select a seat.
  • After that, you need to move ahead to make the seat selection for American Airlines using the seat map.
  • Next, select a seat from the available seat options in your flight class.
  • Once you complete the above process, you have to pay the required charges to confirm your seat.
  • Finally, you will acquire a seat confirmation email or text from the airline.


Travelers can also get in touch with the American Airlines agents to help in selecting their seat on the flight.

American Airlines Types of Seat Fare Class

Whether you seek additional comfort and spacious legroom, American Airlines’ wide range of seat assignments is a one-stop solution for all your needs. American Airlines features 6 types of cabin configurations: First, Business, Premium Economy, Main Cabin Extra, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy. You can easily select your desired seating assignment based on your budget and preferences. It would be best for you to understand each American seating assignment before booking.

Basic Economy Fare

While booking an economy seat on American Airlines, it seems like every seat comes with some designation. If you’re on a tight budget, you may try American Airlines Basic Economy fare. However, these seating assignments come with some restrictions. But still, you’ll get a comfy seat in the Main Cabin and enjoy complimentary food & beverages or inflight entertainment.

Route Type

Baggage allowance

Select seat (Fees may be applicable)

Upgrade Eligibility

Eligible for modifications

Within the U.S., Canada, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean.Checked: 1 personal bag
Carry-on: 1 carry-on
At the time of reservation or check-inAcceptableNot Acceptable
To/from EuropeChecked: 1 personal bag

Carry-on: 1 carry-on

At the time of reservation or check-inAcceptableNot Acceptable
To/from South AmericaChecked: 1 personal bag

Carry-on: 1 carry-on

At the time of reservation or check-inAcceptableNot Acceptable
To/from IsraelChecked: 1 personal bag
Carry-on: 1 carry-on
At the time of reservation or check-inAcceptableNot Acceptable
To/from AsiaChecked: 1 personal bag
Carry-on: 1 carry-on
At the time of reservation or check-inAcceptableNot Acceptable

Seat Selection on Basic Economy

You can select your desired seat anytime, but it’ll cost you a standard charge. However, if you’re an AAdvantage elite member, the seat selection is complimentary for you free of cost. If you don’t select your seat at the time of booking, the airline will randomly assign you a seat for a fee at the check-in time. Further, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a seat next to your travel companion.

Baggage Allowance on Basic Economy

You’re allowed to bring 1 personal checked bag or 1 carry-on with you. However, the carry-on bag does not exceed the dimension of 22 x 14 x 9 in (56 x 36 x 23 cm) and easily fits under the overhead bin. Please note that carry-on requirements apply to each passenger, even if you’re an elite member.

In addition, you can carry other personal items like instruments, pets, and special items that meet our baggage guidelines can be carried on but it’ll cost you a standard fee.

Main Cabin Fare

Main Cabin fare is a cabin class that comes with extra-legroom economy seats. However, these seats are equipped at the front of the economy cabin. Make sure to distinguish between American Airlines’ MCE or premium economy, which features better in-flight entertainment and spacious legroom. The Main Cabin seat is the same as economy seats but has spacious legroom or wider seats. Based on the aircraft types, the seat has 33 and 43.5 inches of pitch.

  • Seat Selection – If you’re holding Main Cabin Fare, you can select your desired seat free of cost.
  • Complimentary snacks – You’ll get complimentary food & beverages free of cost. In addition, hot food & beverages may be available, but you have to pay the extra charges.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity or in-flight entertainment – While travelling on American Airlines, you can purchase Wi-Fi on select aircraft. The airline aims to make air travel comfy, so you never miss a beat while on board. You can sit and relax with unlimited movies and TV shows – on the touch-screen monitor equipped on each seat.
  • Baggage allowance – You’re allowed to bring 1 personal checked bag or 1 carry-on with you. Make sure to check all the restrictions for carry-on and checked bags, before the scheduled travel.

Main Cabin Extra Fare

Main Cabin Extra Fare allows the passenger to level up their flying experience with Main Cabin Extra seating, starting at just $20. The seats are equipped in prime areas of the main cabin, with 6 inches of sufficient legroom to stretch out easily during the flight. Please note that these seats are in the bulkhead, the plane’s first few rows, or exit rows. Even the Main Cabin Extra passengers may get free alcoholic beverages.

  • Priority boarding – While flying on a Main Cabin Extra Fare, you’ll be the first one to board or disembark the plane after AAdvantage status members. If you’re not an elite member, then you’ll board with Preferred Group 5 boarding and get access to overhead bin space
  • Complimentary Food & Beverages – You’ll get a welcome snack of cookies or pretzels, and beverages include beer, wine, and spirits. Additional food is also available for Main Cabin Extra passengers with unlimited complimentary beverages, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic free of cost.
  • Extra legroom – On Main Cabin, Extra Fare tickets have wider seats or ample legroom space rather than other economy classes. You can freely sit back and relax with extra space to stretch out on board.
  • Wifi connectivity or in-flight entertainment – You can purchase wifi on select aircraft while flying on American Airlines. With the wifi connectivity, you can stay in touch with your loved ones while you’re on board hassle-free. You can even enjoy and accommodate yourself with unlimited movies and TV shows – on the touch-screen monitor equipped on the back of each seat.
  • Baggage allowance – You’re allowed to bring 1 personal checked bag or 1 carry-on with you free of cost. Ensure to See all the restrictions for carry-on and checked bags, before the scheduled travel.

Premium Economy Fare

If you’re not a frequent AA flyer, you may wonder how premium economy varies from other economy classes. A Premium Economy ticket has an extra set of amenities with seats behind Flagship, Business, or First. However, one of the major aspects of booking American Airlines’ premium economy is you’ll get an elevated flying experience with bigger and wider seats. These seats come with an extra footrest or a leg rest to make your air travel convenient during air travel.

Passengers flying on a Premium Economy Fare will have priority privileges. It allows you to Speed through check-in at most airport-congested areas. Once you’ve arrived at the airport, check for the ‘Priority’ option when you check in at the AA counter and get through to the security gate. For priority boarding or departing, the process is when the airline representative asks for Priority boarding.

Perks to travel on a Premium Economy
  • Wider seats with extra legroom – While flying on a Premium Economy, you’ll get wider seats for comfy air travel and spacious legroom to stretch out during air travel hassle-free. You’ll even get adjustable leather seats with extra comfy feet and headrests.
  • Chef-inspired dining – American Airlines offer chef-inspired dining and alcoholic or non-alcoholic on premium economy. If you’re flying on a long-haul overseas flight, the airline will serve you hot multi-course mouth-watering meals. Remember that the airline doesn’t serve these nice meals on all routes because the airline specifies the meal type based on arrival destination or flight distance.
  • Wifi connectivity and free entertainment – The airline offers its premium economy passengers to stay in touch with their loved ones while onboard with free Wifi connectivity. Plus, you can easily charge your personal device with power outlets and USB ports on every seat. However, you can even enjoy and accommodate yourself with personal on-demand entertainment with ultra hd large monitors and noise-cancellation headphones.
  • Amenities and other perks – In addition to wider seats or spacious legroom, premium economy passengers get a Shinola and D.S. & Durga amenity kit or Casper sleep set on international flights. However, the Casper sleep set is different from what you’ll get in the upper class, but the fluffy cushion or blanket are nice that you’ll not receive in the economy.
  • Awards and upgrades – You can easily redeem AAdvantage miles for award travel if you’re holding a premium economy fare. You can even update or upgrade from the Main cabin extra or premium economy to a higher cabin class using your miles.

Business Fare

To fly on a comfy way overseas, you may consider booking your American Airlines business class flight tickets. The airline offers its highest service level on an overseas or transcontinental flight between major flying routes such as the U.S. and Bermuda, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and select South American cities. The airline often called its business class a Flagship Business. It is one of the most expensive fare classes on AA and offers its passengers an extra set of perks.

At the Airport Priority Privileges

If you’ve bought a Business class ticket, you can elevate your flying experience with priority privileges. You can easily make your airport experience hassle-free without wasting time in long check-in or boarding queues. Passengers can speed through check-in, security, and boarding at the airport and receive their luggage on priority when they arrive at their destination.

Five Star Service by AA

You can add luxury assistance to your booking to make your air travel experiences flawless. The airline offers its business or first class passengers the to select from different service levels and add what they need to level up their personal experience, which includes:

  • Obtain access to Flagship priority check-in and the VIP club lounges at the airport.
  • Priority departing or boarding with re-accommodation status.
  • Car rental assistance coordination.
  • Personalized assistance throughout the airport.

First Class Fare

American Airlines allows its passengers to get the most out of their air travel with first-class tickets and the highest level of service. You can easily level up your travel experience by purchasing a first-class ticket. Flying in AA First Class is an amazing and unforgettable experience. It includes priority boarding, chef-inspired dining, five-star service, and other perks. Even the first-class offers a wide range of outstanding amenities you cannot get in any other fare type.

At the Airport Priority Privileges

First-class passengers can speed through check-in, security, and boarding at the airport hassle-free. So bye-bye to long queues and say hey to the top-tier flying experience with AA First Class.

Enhance your experience with comfy seats

First-class seating allows passengers to enhance their travel experience with up to six additional inches of legroom than Business or premium economy class.


To save yourself from the long queues at the check-in counter, consider selecting your seat in advance. With American Airlines seat selection, the airline offers six seating options for its aircraft, and each class offers an elevated travel experience.

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