Planning a Trip with Aeromexico can be an amazing experience, and by selecting seats, you can enhance your travel experience. The Airline lets you choose the seat you want with the help of a seat Map.  Aeromexico seat selection policy helps to seat select according to your preference.

Whether you want extra legroom or want to choose the window seats, choosing a flight can be helpful. Moreover, this complete guide will help you understand all the features and tips for choosing the right seat, so continue to read.

Get to Know about Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy

Knowing the selection process sometimes becomes difficult as the process depends upon different factors such as fare types, fees, booking stages, and the type of seats that Airline provides, but having details on Aeromexico seat selection policy can help in making the process easy:

  • Passengers can easily select the seats at the booking time or during the online check-in process.
  • The seat selection options include the preferred seats, standard seats, and premium cabin seats.
  • Before check-in, the passenger can check the Aeromexico Seat Size option.
  • The Airline provides Complimentary seats for frequent flyers or elite members.
  • The Airline will change the Fee.
  • Passengers can get a seat upgrade as well, which allows the passengers to move up for more legroom and more comfort, but with an extra fee.

So, before diving into the process, passengers should know the details of the policy to avoid any extra charges and hassle-free travel.

What type of Seats Does Aeromexico Provide?

Aeromexico provides various types of seats to its customers, as the airline knows that every customer has their priorities and needs. So check the types of seats airlines Have:

  • Preferred Seats: Preferred seats are best for budget-conscious travelers. The Preferred seats in the Main cabin keep the expenses low, and these seats are located behind the AM plus row and at the front of the main cabin.
  • Economy Plus (AM Plus): If you don’t want to spend too much but want the seats comfortable, then choose the Economy Plus seats. These seats have Extra legroom and more space for your luggage.
  • Premium Class: For the more luxurious and comfortable seats, the Premium Class is the best choice. These seats provide more comfort and fully reclined seats, and you can enjoy the free drink as well. Also, these seats allow the passengers to change or select at any time.

These are the types of seats the airline has; you can pick your desired seat and enhance your travel experience. Now, let’s get into the details of how you can select your seats.

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Various Methods to Select Seat on Aeromexico

Seat selection with Aeromexico is a quick and easy process, and you can select your seats in various ways. Let’s check out all the ways step-by-step.

Official Website

  • Visit the Website of Aeromexico.
  • Go to the Aeromexico manage booking section.
  • Enter the details and tap on Entre.
  • Verify the flight details and
  • Make a selection through a seat Map.
  • After choosing your preferred seat, make the payment.

After completing the booking, you will get the confirmation.

Through Mobile App

Aeromexico can be done by selecting a seat on the mobile application. For Aeromexico mobile app, you can download the application on your phone and complete the process by signing in to your account. This will save you time and effort.

Web Check-In

The selection of seats can also be done at the time of Check-in. For that,

  • Visit the website and Follow the prompts
  • Check the seat map to select your seats.
  • Confirm the seats you want.
  • Make payment.

By calling Customer Service

Visit the Aeromexico website, find the number, dial it, and follow the IVR. Then, request to select your seat:

  • Dial the number with the code listed on the website.
  • Press 1 For the English language,
  • Press 2 For the Spanish language
  • Press 3 For a Reservation and to speak with the Agent.
  • After that, ask the agent to select the seats.
  • Then, the agent will provide you with a list of the seats.
  • Choose the seat and make the payment.
  • Finally, the agent confirms your seat.

Through the Airport

Travelers can also visit the Airport to make the selection of their preferred seats. Visit the Airport, head to the help desk counter, and then request seat selection, provide the details, and confirm it by paying the fee.

Thus, these are the various ways through which one can complete the process for more comfort and hassle-free travel.

How Much Does Aeromexico Charge for Seat Selection?

The fee can be affected by various factors such as the types of seats, routes, preferred seats, legroom, etc. Here, we have provided a table to provide the approximate Aeromexico seat selection fee, so check out the table.

Standard Economy300 – 50015 – 25
Preferred Economy600 – 120030 – 60 
Up Front Economy1000 – 150050 – 75
Premier Seats1500 – 250075 – 125
Premier Elite Seats2000 – 3000100 – 150
Business Class Seats3000 – 5000150 – 250

Always check the seat availability and the latest fee on the website or by calling the Airline customer service team.

Does Aeromexico let you pick your seats free?

Yes, Aeromexico allows you to select a seat free of cost; for that, you can select your seat at the time of booking. The only few steps you have to take:

  • Visit the booking site and choose your desired date.
  • Then, tap on Book Now and enter the details.
  • After that, tap on check-in and confirm the booking.

After that, you can free seat selection on the randomly assigned seats by the Airline. But the only thing you need to keep in mind is that you should not sit with your companion.

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Can I Change seats on Aeromexico?

Yes, you can change the seat on Aeromexico, by visiting the website or by calling the Airline customer service team. You can also get an upgrade by paying a specific fee. For specific details, check out the policy and ensure smooth travel.


By following the details mentioned above and reviewing the different seats, you can easily make an Aeromexico seat selection. Further, if you need more help on this, do not hesitate to contact the customer service team and ask for help. So, by getting help and knowing the details, you can make your journey more comfortable. Safe Travel!

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