Seat selection is one of the only options with Delta Airlines that a passenger can skip at the time of flight reservation. By this, you can pick your preferred seat by the two methods. The first is online, and the second is at the time of flight check-in to get the boarding pass. You must learn about the procedure for choosing Delta Airlines seats. There is no wonder to figure out the benefits for the elite members and some restrictions on the basic economy flight ticket. Here is how the Delta Airlines seat selection works and the related cost.

How do I select a seat on Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines works with the passenger’s needs and travel requirements to get the reservation. One can make the reservation with them and choose the preferred seats for the journey. You can proceed for Delta pick seats online at the time of reservation or by some other way. Following is the complete information on choosing your seats according to availability.

Steps to Select Seat

Step 1. Choose the seats after the booking online

Many passengers pick the online feature to get Delta seats for the journey as it is the most convenient and fastest way for all.

  • To initiate the process, you must log into the Delta Airlines online site at www.delta.com
  • Pick the booking icon from the top of the screen.
  • There, select the trip type, travel class, and other details.
  • You need to choose the travel dates, number of passengers, and necessary preferences.
  • After this, provide the departure and arrival destination to search for the flights.
  • When you get the list, choose from that accordingly.
  • On the seat selection button, you can see the availability of Delta seats from the seat map.
  • Therefore, choose the comfortable preferred seats to proceed further.
  • At last, pay the fees for selecting seats for all passengers.
  • Delta Airlines will fetch the details and provide you with the confirmation message in your mail.

Step 2. Choose the seats at the time of web check-in

If you are still unable to choose the seats online, you can get the same at the time of web check-in. For this, you can go after the below information for Delta to choose seats for the journey.

  • Open the Delta Airlines check-in page on their website.
  • Insert the PNR number and the passenger’s last name.
  • You will get the itinerary details with Delta for the boarding pass.
  • Before getting the boarding pass, you can choose your comfortable seats
  • Under the seating options, choose the desired seats and pay the fees.
  • Delta Airlines will share the boarding pass with your registered email ID.

Step 3. Converse with the customer service

To get the preferred seating, you can converse with the customer service team and find help. If you want to get in touch with the live person, you need to dial Delta Airlines seat selection phone number at 800-221-1212. When you connect with the representative, you can convey all your queries to them and ask for a solution. They are professional in their work and help you to select the seats for your journey.

Does Delta Airlines Allow Seat Selection?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows seat selection or changes in the seat when booking the flight, in the my trips, or during the flight check-in. However, you will be able to pick the seats or do Delta Airlines seat selection when booking the journey, or Delta will automatically allot to you. If you see the seat occupied option, this means that it is full and has already been selected by someone else.

What are Delta Seat Options?

Every passenger deserves to feel at home while flying high on the move. Delta Airlines will take care of you when you are busy taking care of everything else. They proudly offer you various seats and experiences for domestic and international flight scheduled departures.

Here are the Delta Seat options:

1. Premium cabin experiences: Find luxury seating and fine dining to start the journey with the expedited screening. You can stretch out in the spacious seats at the below options.

2. Delta One: One of the luxury experiences in long-haul international flights is you will get a fully flat bed to be seated for the next trip. Passengers can get a Delta Airlines seat selection free of cost to access premium snacks, free checked bags, meals, priority boarding, flight attendants, etc.

3. Premium Select: Get a more spacious seating experience that always touches the relaxation. It is like the version of premium economy, having better recliners and larger seats. If you choose the premium select seats delta option, you can get the seats within the same cabin at no extra fees.

4. First-class: This is like the premier domestic experience, having personal and spacious seats. You can enjoy the flexibility to change or cancel the seats without any fees. There will be 8 inches of extra legroom to stretch your legs and other amenities.

5. International main cabin experience: Impress yourself in the elevated main cabin seats of Delta, which are available on selected international flights. You can welcome onboard with an amenity kit and create memorable moments for your vacation. See how Delta offers seats in the comfort+.

6. Comfort +: Diamond and platinum level passengers can choose the comfort + seats for free after the purchase. Airlines provide more legroom, extra overhead bin space, and special boarding for the journey. You will be able to select the seats 72 hours before the scheduled departure.

7. The main cabin preferred: Passengers can choose the main cabin preferred seats at no extra fees when booking the seats with all four elite status. For the main cabin seat assigned at gate delta for your destination.

How to choose your Delta Seat after booking a Flight

Sometimes, you cannot get the seats when reserving the flight ticket for your destination. Therefore, you can also get the seats after booking the ticket. You can acquire the delta seat assignment online in the below easy steps.

  • To start, you can get the Delta mobile app or visit their website.
  • On the top of the website, choose the manage booking icon for help.
  • You need to access the reservation through the booking code and the passenger’s surname.
  • When you get the booking, you need to choose the flight.
  • At the right-hand side, open the seat selection button.
  • You will find the seating map or criteria that are available till now before the departure.
  • From that, choose the favorite location of your seats for all passengers.
  • Pay the fees after following the instructions, if any, and complete the process.
  • Thus, Delta Airlines immediately allot you the appropriate seats of your choice.

Can I Pick Seats on Delta?

Delta Airlines delivers a variety of seating options to make a reservation in the different cabin classes as per availability. The seats include economy, premium select, first class, and Delta one seat. Passengers are allowed to select the seats while booking the flight ticket through the particular cost for any upgrades. However, you can also pick your Delta Airlines preferred seat anytime after the purchase.

What are the Fees for Seat Selection on Delta Airlines?

When it comes to selecting a seat after booking the flight, you need to bear the fees. Know about the Delta Airlines seat selection fees for your appropriate travel class.

  • The cost of picking the seats depends upon multiple criteria such as availability, destination, time left for the departure, number of passengers, etc.
  • Therefore, the cost of seat selection can be between $5 to $15 per seat, according to the travel class.
  • If you choose the seats nearer to the departure, you need to pay some extra amount for that.
  • However, the seat selection will be free at the time of flight check-in.

How can I ensure a Window or Aisle Seat on Delta Airlines?

If you want to obtain the window or aisle seats, you can get them online from the seating map. There, you can choose the Delta choose seats option after logging into the online account. If there is any availability in the window or aisle seats, you can choose them accordingly. These seats are located in the front of the main cabin and are available for eligible customers flying with Delta.

How does Seat Selection work for Delta SkyMiles members?

Travelers who have a Skymiles account can use the miles/points in choosing the seats. The basic economy ticket cannot use the mileage as they need to pay for the seats. Here is how the seating criteria work for the Delta Airlines SkyMiles members.

  • Open the Delta Airlines official web page at www.delta.com.
  • On the top, choose the log-in button to access the details.
  • You need to use the Skype number and the relevant password.
  • From the given details, go to the booking option to find the journey.
  • You need to choose the pick seats option from the menu.
  • When you get the seats, you can pay through the miles if available.

Why Can’t I Select Seats on a Delta Flight?

Sometimes, you can’t pick the seats on a Delta flight as you might have booked a basic economy ticket. These types of seating options have multiple restrictions that may affect choosing the right seats. Passengers having primary economy flight tickets cannot choose the seats as they are assigned random seats. Moreover, you can talk to a live person about the Delta Seat selection unavailable and get the best option.

What happens if I don’t select a seat on Delta?

Some situations can be there when you are unable to choose the seats before the scheduled departure. In this scenario, Delta Airlines will randomly assign you the available seat at the time of check-in or at boarding the plane. However, you can ask the airport representative to modify the seats of your choice.

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