If you have ever wanted to explore a single destination in a group, look into the Delta airlines  group travel feature. Delta Airlines facilitates its passengers to travel in a group to a single destination. If you are also finding the method to book a flight for a large group, go through the following post until the end. 

Before booking group travel, you must know how many members will be mandatory to travel in a group. To book a group ticket booking, there must be ten or more people. Traveling in a group will be the best option if you are planning to visit your dream destination. Especially, when it comes to booking tickets with Delta Airlines. If you are interested in learning the steps for booking group travel, read the information below.

How Delta Airlines Group Travel Work?

Delta Airlines permits you to book group travel online and offline by visiting its official website. It is a must to check whether your group consists of ten or more people before booking Delta group travel. If more than ten people are in your group, you may proceed further to book group travel tickets.  

Or, you may take the assistance of a live person by dialing the Delta Airlines Customer Service Number. Below, we have mentioned all the possible methods to book group travel tickets on Delta Airlines.

Delta Airlines Group Travel Flying Guidelines

Before proceeding with booking group flights, it’s important to grasp specific conditions outlined in Delta’s Group Travel Policy:

  • Group Travel applies to groups of ten or more passengers with at least one flight segment on the same itinerary.
  • Delta will only allow bookings if the group has ten members, resulting in the forfeiture of any deposit made.
  • Passengers using SkyMiles upgrades cannot book group travel on the same itinerary.
  • Making individual changes to group bookings incurs an extra cost, and only the group leader can initiate these modifications.
  • Other passengers in the booking are not eligible to request changes for the group.
  • The primary group cost and any additional costs may vary.
  • A penalty will be imposed if your booking request is accepted and you fail to book your flight.
  • Group fares are subject to variation based on travel dates and destinations, and senior citizen or children travel discounts do not apply to group travel with Delta Airlines.

What are the requirements to fly for Delta Group travel?

Delta Airlines requires a minimum of 10 individuals to qualify for a group booking. This facilitates group travel for various purposes, such as family gatherings, corporate events, educational trips, etc. Delta accommodates groups of up to 50 people, allowing for larger group travel experiences. This flexibility caters to a wide range of group sizes and purposes, making it convenient for different types of group travelers.

How to Book Multiple People on Delta Airlines?

To book the Delta group tickets, you can apply the following steps or dial the Delta phone number 800-532-4777. Further, we have mentioned the relevant instructions that can be used to book group travel tickets on Delta Airlines.

Delta’s official website.

  • The initial step is to launch any browser and log into the booking account by entering the Administrator credentials. 
  • After that, click on the Booking tab and enter the passenger’s details, such as destination name and traveler’s last name. 
  • Next, fill out the group travel request form to initiate the booking procedure. 
  • Click on the Find flight option and choose your flight within a budget. 
  • Choose the travel class and your desired seats on Delta Airlines.
  • You can also choose the additional features and go to the payment page. 
  • Lastly, you must pay the booking fees.

By Phone Call

  • To initiate the booking procedure, dial Delta airlines group travel phone number 800-532-4777.
  • Once the call connects, follow the IVR steps to talk to a live person. 
  • Next, please provide them with all your details so they can fill out the group travel request form on your behalf. 
  • Tell them about your travel class and seat preferences. 
  • Finally, make the payment to complete the procedure. 

Travel Request Form

Booking group travel flights is a relatively easy task with Delta Airlines, as the airline allows you to book flights online, offline, or via a travel agent. If you choose the online method, filling out the group travel request form is mandatory. 

Here are the complete instructions to fill out the Delta group travel request form

  • First of all, visit the official website to get the Group Travel Request Form. 
  • Next, click on the Customer group and choose your group type. 
  • After that, you need to mention all the required details and choose the Continue option. 
  • Next, enter the traveler’s last name who is traveling with Delta. 
  • Type in the travel details and request add-on facilities to add to your group. 
  • At last, you are required to submit the group request form to the airline. 

Once you get familiar with these steps, you can proceed further to book group travel. To get further information, you should get a human at the airline by calling Delta Airlines group booking phone number at any time.

Advantages of Delta Airlines Group Travel

After getting familiar with the procedure, you might be thinking about the benefits of Delta group booking. Here, we will be discussing why you should go group booking Now, you should look at the following points respectively.

  • You may get discounts when booking group tickets on Delta Airlines. 
  • It offers time and cost savings to customers. When opting for group bookings, you are assured the best possible prices. Additionally, this choice offers enhanced flexibility, adjusting flight details without extra charges.
  • An essential advantage of the Group Travel program is securing your reservation with a small deposit. This efficient reservation process adds to the convenience of your trip. Moreover, the shared ticket feature simplifies the process for everyone in the group.
  • This program suits those with flexible travel dates, making it ideal for religious groups, family gatherings, school outings, sports events, and corporate travels, catering to a diverse range of passengers.
  • The booking procedure is relatively easy even if you are not technically aware of the same. 

How far in advance can Delta flights be booked?

The number of days in advance for making group bookings with Delta Airlines varies based on the destination. Here’s the complete detail:

  • For flights within the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, and Asia-Pacific, group bookings can be made up to 240 days in advance.
  • If the destination is Europe, Southern Africa, Northern Africa, Western Africa, or the Middle East, group flight ticket bookings with Delta can be made up to 331 days in advance.

Can I Make Changes in Delta Group Travel Flight Booking?

Yes, upgrading a flight ticket reserved through Delta Airlines’ group travel service is possible. Additionally, the airline permits passengers to make multiple alterations to the booking before the planned flight departure.

If you’ve made spelling errors or need to modify details in your group booking, you can easily contact the airline’s customer service team for assistance. Passengers can call 1 (800) 221-1212 to speak with a live representative and make necessary changes to their Delta group travel tickets.

FAQs (Delta Airlines Group Travel) 

How many members are required to a Delta group booking?

There should be more than ten people in the group to book Delta family travel tickets. Make sure you have at least ten people in your group before proceeding with the group travel bookings.

How Can I Book a Group Travel on Delta?

To book group travel on Delta, you may visit the official website www.delta.com. Or, directly call the

How to contact Delta Customer Service for a family booking?

To contact Delta customer Service, you first need to head to the Delta official website. And then, look for the official phone number to speak to a representative at Delta.

Can I Make Changes to the Delta group ticket booking?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows you to make changes to the ticket. You can make minor changes to your group travel tickets for free. To learn more about the same, it is suggested to dial the Delta Reservations Phone Number.

Does Delta airlines group travel offer discounts?

Yes, you can avail of great deals on Delta family travel tickets. Since the airline launches all the latest deals and offers on its official website. If you want to grab the best deals on group travel tickets, visit its official website to stay updated.

Why Book Delta Airlines Group Tickets?

By booking group travel, you can get easy discounts and explore your dream destinations with your loved ones. Also, the booking process of group travel tickets is quite simple.

How do Delta group flights work?

The group travel booking process is the same as a single reservation. When booking family tickets, it is mandatory to sign in the airline group division agreement as per Delta principles and guidelines.

What is Delta Group Booking Phone Number?

If you are looking for assistance dial Delta group travel booking phone number 800-532-4777.

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