How should I Get in Touch with Etihad Airways Representatives?

Do you wish to contact Etihad Airways executive? Dial Etihad Airways phone number +1 877 690 0767 or +1(860) 321 6827 to discuss all your queries in the shortest span of time. Get in touch with Etihad agents to have a stress-free experience with the airline. Additionally, this number is available all the time for your convenience. Ever wondered How do I get in touch with Etihad Airways? If you are a passenger at the airline, you can enjoy unlimited flight services and unprecedented support.

Besides, Etihad Airways has the second rank amongst the largest airlines in the UAE. Moreover, it is prominently known for providing excellent flight services to all its customers. And hence, their 24/7 customer service comes into the picture.

You can receive superb facilities and unwavering assistance from the airline agents, and you just need to give them a call for this. Hence, you can acquire all the special benefits from the guidance of professionals and enhance your Etihad Airways flight booking experience.

How do I Speak to Someone at Etihad?

If you are willing to connect with an Etihad airways representative and receive help, you can follow the exact process as mentioned below:

  • Firstly, open the official website of the airline on your preferred web browser.
  • Next, click on the Help section of the website.
  • After that, find the “Contact Us” label and open the page.
  • Further, you can select the Etihad Airways customer service number and dial it from your phone.
  • Now, wait until you hear the voice from an IVR and take in all the instructions carefully.
  • Next, choose the option to speak with a live person.
  • When the agent starts speaking, inform him about your troubles and get answers.

Finally, you may rest assured since you can enjoy exciting flight services and cherish the air travel experience with Eithad.

Is Etihad’s customer care number toll-free?

If you wish to speak with someone at Eithad Airways, you can easily dial 600 555666, which is completely toll-free for customers within UAE.  This means you won’t have to pay call charges when you wish to connect with the Etihad airways professionals.

You can also dial Etihad Airways customer service number USA, +1-860-333-5386, and receive help without worrying. Besides, for every other inquiry, please call +971 600 555 666 when you are outside UAE. Moreover, you can even get in touch with one of the Etihad Airways Global Contact Centres.

Does Etihad have a live chat?

Though calling someone at Etihad Airways is the best way to connect with the airline’s experts, there are still other options. Moreover, with heavy call volumes, the call centers have usually been busy, and therefore, the airline suggests you use the chat option.

Here’s how you can chat with Etihad Airways experts:

  • Firstly, open the official website of Etihad.
  • After that, enter the “Help: page.
  • Enter their “Contact Us” section
  • Further, click on the “Chat Now” button on this page.
  • Now, when the page opens, enter your name and check the acceptance box.
  • Click Submit to begin your chat.
  • The virtual chat assistant will ask you to choose a category.
  • IF you are satisfied with the automated answer, continue with “No.”
  • Else, click yes and speak with a live chat representative.

Resultantly, you can get immediate answers for your Etihad airways ticket booking queries and enjoy your air travel with the airline.

Will Etihad Refund money?

Suppose you wish to cancel your flight. But you are not sure whether you may receive a refund or not. In that case, you can dial Etihad airways contact number and speak to a representative for help.

Moreover, the airline agents will also explain the refund policy to you. Henceforth, if you have no idea about it, it’s better to talk to them and know. Generally, Etihad will give you a full refund if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the booking.

Also, the flight may not be scheduled to depart within the next seven days. Hence, you can get a refund if you carefully follow the rules of the airline.

Is Etihad Customer Service open?

Yes, the Etihad Airways Customer service office is open 24 hours a day. This means you can speak with the airline experts without any hassle at any time of the day. Also, you may receive support without a compromise from airline specialists.

You just need to ask your question once you connect with an expert, and he will offer you satisfactory answers. For example, you can ask how to book a seat on Etihad airways? And the agent will provide you with details on the seat selection service. Additionally, he may assist you in booking a seat as well. 

Are 600 Numbers Free in UAE?

Yes, UAE has a monopoly in terms of customer service as well as a service provider, and Etisalat offers the customers 800 and 600 numbers which are free to dial. This means if you have a concern that you need addressing, you can call Etihad airways and speak with a person at the airline.

Moreover, if there are any issues, you can communicate with the airline specialist and obtain immediate help. We also have some experts working nonstop who will be eager to help you out. So, feel free to give us a call if needed.

Etihad Airways Phone Numbers for Different Regions:

If you are willing to get in touch with someone at Etihad Airways from your own region, you may find the related contact numbers in the table below.

RegionsEtihad Contact NumbersOpening Hours (local time)
Argentina+971 60055566624 Hours
Australia+61 130 053 221524 Hours
Austria+49 30959998059 AM to 5 PM,from Mon to Fri
Bahrain+973 8008144424 Hours
Belarus+971 60055566624 Hours
Belgium+32 (0) 22 008 8808 AM to 7 PM, from Mon to Sat
Bosnia & Herzegovina+971 60055566624 Hours
Bulgaria+971 60055566624 Hours
Canada+1 866 948 108124 Hours
Chile+971 60055566624 Hours
China+86 400 882 20509 AM to 5 PM, from Mon to Fri
Croatia+971 60055566624 Hours
Czech Republic+971 60055566624 Hours
Denmark+971 60055566624 Hours
Egypt0800 000 014724 Hours
Finland+971 60055566624 Hours
France+33 (0) 15 732 43438 AM to 7 PM, from Mon to Sat
Germany+49 (0) 309 599 98050900 to 1700 (Mon to- Fri) Local time
Greece+30 211 198 620624 Hours (English & Arabic) 
Hong Kong, China+971 60055566624 Hours
Hungary+971 60055566624 Hours
Iceland+971 60055566624 Hours
India1800 123390124 Hours
Indonesia0078 03 011 4933 (PT Telkom)
0018 03 852 9238 (Indosat)
24 Hours (English & Arabic)
Ireland+353 (0) 16 569 90024 Hours
Israel+972 2376402824 Hours
Italy+39 022 333 13009 AM to 5 PM, from Mon to Fri
Japan+81 (0) 33 298 47199 AM to 5 PM, from Mon to Fri
Jordan800 22 80324 Hours
Kazakhstan+971 60055566624 Hours
Kenya+254 20765094624 Hours
Korea+82 (0) 23 483 48889 AM to6 PM Mon to- Fri
Kuwait+965 22 280 56624 Hours
Lebanon+971 4 401700524 Hours
Macedonia+971 60055566624 Hours
Malaysia+60 37724434024 Hours
Maldives+91 80 3715 231224 Hours
Montenegro+971 60055566624 Hours
Morocco+212 0 520480047English : 24 / 7, Arabic : 09:00to-17:00 hrs. Morocco LT, Satto-Thu only
Nepal+91 80 3715 231224 Hours
Netherlands+31 (0) 20 203 544424 Hours
Nigeria+234 708 060 183524 Hours
Norway+971 60055566624 Hours
Oman800 7642324 Hours
Pakistan00800 900443850900 to 1700 (Mon to Fri)
Philippines+63 (0) 27 926 0448 AM to 4:30 PM Mon to Fri
Poland+971 60055566624 Hours
Portugal+971 60055566624 Hours
Qatar800 101 50124 Hours
Romania+971 60055566624 Hours (English & Arabic)
Russia+7 499 272 37869 AM to- 5 PM Mon to- Fri
Saudi Arabia800 844 7893 (STC)
800 850 0026 (Non STC)
24 Hours Daily
Serbia+971 60055566624 Hours Daily
Seychelles+91 80 3715 231224 Hours Daily
Singapore+65 68 185 55524 Hours Daily
Slovak Republic+971 60055566624 Hours Daily
Slovenia+971 60055566624 Hours Daily
South Africa0860 123 15024 Hours Daily
Spain+34 9008104749 AM to- 5 PM Mon to- Fri
Sri Lanka+91 80 3715 231224 Hours Daily
Sweden+971 60055566624 Hours Daily
Switzerland+41 (0) 84 400 22118 AM to- 7 PM Mon to- Sat
Thailand+66 (0) 27 873 37724 Hours
Turkey+90 850 282 500124 Hours (English & Arabic)
UAE600 555666 when calling from within UAE
+971 600 555 666 when calling from outside UAE
24 Hours (English & Arabic)
UK+44 (0) 345 608 122524 Hours
USA+1 877 690 076724 Hours
Vietnam12280399 (Viettel)
12032429 (Vinaphone and VNPT)
121020003 (Mobifone) Toll free numbers
Dial from a local number without 0 or country code 0084
24 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

How to speak to a live person at Etihad Airways Quickly?

If you want to get in touch with Etihad Airways representatives, dial +1-877-690-0767 or +1-860-333-5386 and connect with Etihad Customer Service, Or else send an email at [email protected] for email assistance. 

How do I complain to Etihad Airways?

If you have a complaint about Etihad Airways, you can contact the Etihad customer service department directly over the phone number +1-877-690-0767 or +1-860-333-5386. Or else, find the Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram handles and send them a direct message for help.

What happens if Etihad cancels my flight?

Suppose Etihad Airways has canceled your flight because of some inevitable reasons like weather conditions, unsafe flight takeoff, etc. in that case, you can either get compensation from the airline. Or they will book you on an alternative flight to depart within 6 hours.

How do I use the Etihad voucher?

A passenger can use the Etihad Airways voucher while you are booking your flights. Moreover, you can find the information on the payment step where you can add the voucher and pay for the flights. 

How do I contact Etihad Airways?

Passengers can connect with the Etihad Airways customer service team in various ways. The airline offers them a direct phone number +1-877-690-0767, an email for online assistance, as well a live chat service. You can choose any of them and get answers to all your troubles. 

How do I get Etihad last-minute deals?

Passengers can avail themselves of last-minute flight deals with Etihad by a travel agent or follow the travel updates by the airline. This way, they can cherish their budget travel plans and go on with their vacations without any hassles.

How can I talk to a live person at Etihad?

Talking to an Etihad Airways Live person is as simple as booking. You just need to find the official phone number on their official website and dial the phone number. Now, speak to the concerned department member and enjoy uninterrupted flight services.

Is Etihad number toll-free?

Yes, The airline offers you a toll-free number. You can call this number for flight bookings or general inquiries. 

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