Tips to Travel on the Busiest Travel Day of the Year

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s the season for celebration. Holiday celebration is considered to be incomplete without friends and family. Loved ones add glamour and enthusiasm to the celebration. In today’s competitive world, everyone is busy in their world with their work. But, a holiday celebration without family is a big ‘NO’ even for super busy individuals. Therefore, traveling becomes a significant part of the holiday. Everyone visits their hometown and travels to other places to be with their near and dear ones on the holidays. This results in rising demand and cost of flight tickets. 

Every year, a specific day is expected to be the busiest travel day of the year. In this year that is in 2019 December 1, Sunday is expected to be the busiest day of travel ever for the airline industry in the United States. It has been recorded that nearly 31.6 million passengers will prefer traveling on US airlines on 1st December 2019. According to a forecast by Airlines for America, most of the passengers travel during the Thanksgiving holiday period. 

Moreover, it has been estimated that November 27 will be the second busiest travel day of the year with 2.98 million people flying to the destination of their choice before Thanksgiving. It’s Thanksgiving Day when 1.79 million people fly to their destination to celebrate the special day with their near and dear ones.

The Airlines Organization of America defines the Thanksgiving travel season as the busiest travel time of the year. In the year it started on November 22, Friday, and continued till December 3, Tuesday.

According to the statistics, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most popular times to travel by road and air. However, most individuals prefer traveling by air to save valuable time and most importantly to reach their destination on time. 

It is a proven fact that flying to any destination on the busiest travel day of the year or maybe during Christmas Eve can be an expensive affair apart from the fact that getting tickets during the festive time is quite challenging. 

But, thankfully, there are solutions to get flight tickets during the holiday season without costing a dime. So, keep on reading to learn some tricks that can help you get the right deal on a flight ticket.

Smartest Ways to Fly Smoothly Even During the Festival Time.

  1. The key to being a smart and wise traveler is choosing alternate travel days, the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This can help you avoid last-minute hassle, crowds, and most importantly not flying on an expensive ticket. Also, there are alternatives. Booking car rentals is also a great way to reach your destination. Although it will take time more than a flight, you can reach the destination at your convenience.
  2. There is another way to avoid overspending on flight tickets to travel to a place during Thanksgiving. Make sure that you download apps from reputable and reliable travel companies. Also, try setting airfare alerts to not miss any chance of getting a special deal or discount offered by an airline on costly flight tickets. Also, if you are clear about the date and time of your journey, you should book the flight by the end of October. It is also one of the safest and smartest ways to get expensive airline tickets at really economical rates.
  3. No matter whether you are flying or driving to your destination on the busiest travel day of the year, make sure that you keep your landing place ready. Like costly flight tickets, hotels are all packed up during the holiday season, and Henceforth, can charge you double their actual price. Therefore, the smartest way to stop spending extra on hotel tariffs is to book the hotel in advance. This step also ensures getting rid of any kind of last-minute harassment in finding the right accommodation. Travel enthusiasts must check for any special holiday deals or promotions to make the most of your trip by saving money on accommodation. But, before you avail any kind of special discount or offer, make sure that you have a thorough glance at the customer’s reviews and feedback.
  4. Missing a flight is the worst thing that can happen to anyone, especially during Thanksgiving or Christmas. Travel hassles like expired passports, and invalid forms of ID can result in missing of the flight. To avoid such a kind of travel headache, make sure that you check all your belongings beforehand. These are the major things to consider while flying on the busiest travel day of the year.

Make this year’s Thanksgiving memorable with your family and friends by considering all the above-mentioned steps.

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