American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

American Airlines provides a safe space for unaccompanied minor travel and complete assistance till they reach the final destination. Moreover, the service is applicable for children under the age group of 5-14 flying alone.

However, the children under the age group of 15-17 may or may not request the service. But for them, the airline charges an additional fee of $150 plus tax. It also covers other siblings on the same flight reservation.

Moreover, passengers can book flights with American Airlines unaccompanied minors travel and reach the designed destination with much ease. 

What Services are Included in American Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Travel?

According to American Airlines unaccompanied minors travel, the airline offers a wide range of facilities. Moreover, the service ensures a hassle-trip experience till the child reaches the final destination.

Here are the Lists of the Services that come under American Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Travel

  • Get early flight booking which allows extra time to reach out to the flight representatives.
  • The service gets access to kids-oriented lounges in the hub cities for connecting flights.
  • Moreover, free children’s Kits with meals and activities are available for children of 5-10 years in hub cities, As per American Airlines age requirements.
  • There will be an airport assistant to help your child to reach the gate for flight attendants.
  • Additionally, the team will escort the child to the concerned adult, who will pick them up on landing. 

How Old a Child needs to be to Travel Alone with American Airlines?

There are certain age restrictions under American Airlines unaccompanied minor travel when traveling alone. For instance, 

  • Children between zero and four age groups cannot travel alone unless led by a family member/guardian of 146 years.
  • Additional rules apply for non-USA flights, and you may reach out to the airline’s executive for any help and guidance. 
  • Moreover, American Airlines unaccompanied minor facility is applicable for children under the age group of 5 to 7. They can only fly non-stop flights. A gate escort and guardian contact need to be submitted at the airport. 

Children Between 8 and 14 Years of Age Group –

i) The unaccompanied minor service is required.

ii) A guardian contact and gate guide is needed.

iii) The service is applicable on non-stop flights or connecting flights through Charlotte, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago. 

Children Under 15 to 17 Years –

Following are the American Airlines Kids Fly Fee:

i) The unaccompanied minor service is optional and also imposes an additional fee on minors.

ii) Moreover, a gate escort and guardian contact are asked by the team.

iii) Minors can board nonstop and connecting flights through Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Washington, D.C, and Dallas Fort Worth. 

How much does an American Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Fee Policy Cost?

Minors can book flights and pay an American Airlines minor fee of $150 each way plus tax. Moreover, the price is added to the valid adult ticket fare and does not cover meal purchases during a layover. When more than two children belonging to the same family fly together, the airline will only charge for one person.

Moreover, communicate with the flight reservation team to seek assistance when booking or managing minor flight tickets. 

How to Book Unaccompanied minor American Airlines Flights?

To book an American minor policy American Airlines flight, you need to contact the team directly. You have to give a call at 800-433-7300 and immediately connect with a flight representative. Furthermore, share your trip and personal details with the team member, and they will find the best seat for the minor. Moreover, one cannot book online flights for children and have to call on the airline’s flight booking helpline number.

Guidelines on Flight Check-in and Flight Boarding Pass on American Airlines

Children under the age group of 5 to 7 years can board non-stop and direct flights and get access to premium services. Based on the American Airlines unaccompanied minor policy, a parent/local guardian has to submit a form before flying. Moreover, the minor flight booking requires them to provide customs and immigration documents to the team. 

Let’s Look at the Important Travel Documents Required for Flight Check-in on American Airlines.

  • A passport or a valid birth certificate
  • Moreover, parents have to submit a government-issued photo ID card with their current address at the flight departure airport.
  • They have to give their name, address, and contact number at the arrival airport. 

Here are the Guidelines on Flight Boarding for Unaccompanied Minors on American Airlines. 

  • Parents/local guardians need to accompany the kid to the departure gate and stay till the flight takes off.
  • They need to inform the airport gate representative about the kid flying under the unaccompanied minor travel.
  • A staff member will assist the minor in boarding the flight early.
  • Furthermore, the crew members will tell the child about the aircraft’s safety and measures before taking the flight.
  • The gate agent will inform you of the correct team for the flight take-off. 


How Old Does a Child have to be to Fly Alone on American Airlines?

Depending on the unaccompanied minors American Airlines guidelines, children under the age group of 5 to 14 can fly alone. Moreover, they can book flights under minor travel and fly with much comfort and safety onboard. The service will give them access to early flight boarding, complimentary snacks and activities, and complete assistance. 

Does a 14-year-Old Minor need a Photo ID to Fly on American Airlines?

When flying on American Airlines, one has to submit proof of age, i.e. a birth certificate for children under the age of 18. If you are a family flying with a child of 15 years of age, the airline provides seats together on the plane. But you must also try to book everyone under the same flight reservation. Also, the farther in advance you book flights, the better seats you will get. 

Do You need a Birth Certificate for Your Child to Fly?

If you have booked international flights, you have to show your passport or passport card. However, when flying on a domestic route, the airline will ask you to submit your driver’s license or another photo ID card issued by the government. Make sure the certificate must have your photo. However, children under the 18 years of age group might not need a birth certificate to travel on American Airlines. 

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