How do I Upgrades American Airlines 500 Mile?

Through the 500-mile upgrade program, all elite American passengers are eligible for complimentary upgrades on short-haul international or domestic flights. Although earning and redeeming 500-mile upgrades American airlines is simple, many of you may ask what an American Airlines 500-mile upgrade is.

We’ll go over How to Buy 500 mile upgrade American, how American expands complimentary upgrades, and what unique scenarios you should be aware of while utilizing 500-mile upgrades. You’ll learn what American airlines 500 mile upgrades is? And how to apply it in this post.

What is an American airlines 500 mile upgrade?

An American airlines 500 mile upgrade allows any elite level client to upgrade to the next class of service in 500-mile increments on specified itineraries by using a 500-mile certificate.

Gold and Platinum members can buy or earn American airlines 500 mile upgrades vouchers after flying 12,500 miles. These improvements are given to Platinum Pro, Executive Platinum, and ConciergeKey members in an infinite number and are not earned individually.

American Airlines Earn 500 Mile Upgrades 

  1. For every 12,500 elite qualifying miles earned, American Airlines AAdvantage Gold and Platinum elite status holders receive four “500-mile upgrades.”
  2. AAdvantage Platinum Pro and Executive Platinum elites do not accrue 500-mile upgrades since the 500 mile upgrade American scheme provides them with unlimited complimentary domestic upgrades.

Purchasing And Using 500 Mile Upgrades American Airlines 

American Airlines has two options if you want additional upgrades for an upcoming journey.

  1. Firstly, you may buy them for $40 a piece.
  2. Because American Airlines handles the payment, utilize a credit card that offers bonus miles for travel or flight transactions.

How to Buy 500-mile upgrades?

Elite class holders can purchase American 500 mile upgrades for USD 40 each. Upgrades of 500 miles are available for purchase via the below-mentioned methods:

  1. You can call AAdvantage® Reservations phone at 800-882-8880 to buy American airlines 500 mile upgrades.
  2. Visit aa.com or download the American app to get started.
  3. During check-in at the airport
  4. At nearly all Admirals Club® and American Airlines booking sites.
  5. Flyers can use AAdvantage® miles to purchase upgrades at the cost of eight upgrades for 40,000 miles.

How to use 500-mile upgrades?

Eligible customers may only utilize American Airlines 500 mile upgrades on qualifying American Airlines-marketed and -operated flights within North America. This means you won’t be able to use 500-mile upgrades on Alaska flights sold by American Airlines or American Airlines flights offered by a partner.

American expands complimentary upgrades.

American AAdvantage will modify elite upgrades in North America beginning March 2, 2022 (approximately coinciding with the debut of the new Loyalty Points program):

  1. Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro members now enjoy unlimited gratis upgrades within North America, with Platinum and Gold members receiving this benefit soon.
  2. Members will only need to spend 500-mile upgrade stickers on upgrading travel companions; however, beginning later this year, all elite members will receive complimentary upgrades for one companion flying on the same aircraft.
  3. The airline will change all current 500-mile upgrade stickers into 250 Loyalty Points apiece toward 2022 status qualifying at that time (later in 2022).

How to use American 500 mile upgrades for Companions?

On the same journey, Elite members can use their American 500 mile upgrades for themselves and for one companion. The best part is that as long as your travel partner is travelling on American Airlines marketed and managed flights, you can book them in the same or separate reservations as you. If your partner is on a separate reservation, call your American airline elite phone number 800-882-8880 and request to link your two bookings.


You may upgrade your American Airlines flight beyond 500 miles with American 500 mile upgrades. Keep in mind that upgrades might take up to 120 hours to process, depending on your elite rank. Some changes can take time to process or the airline can even keep it until you arrive at the gate.


What does a 500-mile upgrade mean?

For every 500 miles of travel, a 500-mile update is required. Your 500-mile upgrades will be debited from your account before departure if you need to utilise them. You’ll be requested to purchase upgrades if you don’t have enough in your account during check-in.

Are 500-mile upgrades worth it?

Spending miles for 500-mile certificates are not worth it in general. If you buy the certificates directly or earn them, you’ll get more bang for your buck. Keep in mind upgrade certificates are non -transferable, so if your friends or relatives have extras, they won’t be able to share them.

Do 500-mile upgrades ever expire?

To receive the 500 mile upgrade you earned as an elite, you must currently be an AAdvantage member. You won’t lose your 500-mile upgrades if you lose your AAdvantage elite status. You won’t be able to utilize them again until you’ve regained elite status.

How do I upgrade to first class on American Airlines?

1). Firstly, check your AAdvantage® account at aa.com to see if you have upgrades available.
2). When booking your travel, look for the Systemwide Upgrades link on aa.com to identify flights with upgrade seats available.
3). Finally, confirm your upgrade by calling your AAdvantage® status service department.

How can you track your American Airlines 500 Mile Upgrades?

1). Firstly, on aa.com or via the app, in your AAdvantage® account wallet
2). Call 800-882-8880 to reach AAdvantage® Customer Service.
3). By dialing your AAdvantage® status phone number

Does American do free upgrades?

American Airlines is offering upgrades across the board. Executive Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum Pro, and Million Miler elites can earn a free upgrade on a distant American Airlines flight by using systemwide upgrades.

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