Alaska Airlines Change Name on Ticket

Did you ever enter the wrong name while making a reservation on Alaska Airlines? If true, you might be looking at the process of Alaska airlines change name on ticket. Before this, you have to look into the name correction policy of Alaska Airlines. 

Alaska Airlines lets its travelers to correct their name on the ticket by up to three characters. However, you can only make minor changes such as spelling correction, correct initials, or characters. The airline doesn’t allow you to change the complete name on the ticket as per their name correction policy. 

To get complete info on Alaska change name on ticket process, you may get in touch with a travel agent at the airline or go through the official website. 

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What is the Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy? 

If you wish to correct name on Alaska Airlines ticket, it is a must to know the guidelines for the same. As per the name correction policy, passengers can change their name within 24 hours of reservation for free. Otherwise, they must pay the fee for it. To know “what is the Alaska airlines name change policy?”, check out the given info. 

  • You can change your last name on the Alaska Airlines tickets, whatever the reason is, either divorce or marriage. 
  • Alaska Airlines allows its passengers to extend their first name on the ticket. 
  • You are permitted to invert the first and last name and change the letters in your ticket. 
  • The middle name can also be changed as per the name correction policy of Alaska Airlines. 

After knowing the Alaska Name Change/correction policy, you must know the guidelines for Alaska air name change for legal reasons. Further, you will learn the policies for changing the name for legal reasons. 

Guidelines for Changing Name for Legal Reasons 

Alaska name change marriage or divorce can be done under the name correction policy. Although, you must be required to submit documents in such cases. You must know that only a surname can be changed for legal reasons. 

Apart from it, the airline changes its name itself in case of divorce. You must submit the following documents to change your name for legal reasons. 

  • Court orders 
  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Identity Proof
  • Mandatory paperwork for legal information changed
  • Identification proof of previous one. 


You cannot change the complete passenger’s name as per the Alaska name correction or change policy. For this, you must cancel the flight and then rebook it by entering the passenger’s name you want. 

How Do I Change Name on Alaska Airlines Ticket? 

There might be scenarios when you put Alaska Airlines wrong name on ticket when booking a flight with Alaska Airlines. If you have also made the same mistake and are now looking for a perfect guide to make it correct, check out the following info. 

Here, we have discussed all the possible ways to change the name on ticket Alaska Airlines. 

Way 1: Alaska Airlines Name Change Online 

This one is the easiest way to change name Alaska Airlines. The online method allows you to do minor corrections in your name. You can only change up to 3 characters via this method. Now, follow the given instructions one by one to change your name hassle-free. 

  • Firstly, go through the official website of Alaska Airlines. 
  • Afterward, choose the Manage Booking option from the Homepage. 
  • Next, enter the traveler’s name along with the confirmation code.
  • Click on the Continue option to get the complete booking details. 
  • Select the Change Name option and feel free to change your name. 
  • Finally, print the boarding pass with the correct name. 

Way 2: Connect with a Travel Agent

You can opt for the offline method if you face issues while changing your name online. Feel free to talk to a travel agent or a live person and ask them to change the name on an Alaska Airlines ticket. You can visit the official website of Alaska Airlines to find the customer service number. 

Once your call connects, you must tell them a reason for changing the name on the ticket. Ensure to inform the reason correctly, such as marriage or divorce. After that, you must provide them with all the required details, such as the travel date and the aircraft number. With this method, you will be able to make a major correction to your name. 

Way 3: Reach to Airport Kiosk to Change Name on Alaska ticket 

Another alternative to changing the name on Alaska tickets is to reach the Kiosk airport. This may assist you in performing multiple activities such as upgrading seats, printing boarding passes, modifying or correcting the name on the ticket, etc. 

Here is the process to change the Alaska ticket via the Kiosk machine. 

  • First, choose the Change Flights option and launch the flight itinerary. 
  • Next, enter the correct details regarding your reservation. 
  • At last, select the name you wish to change. 
  • Replace the wrong name with the correct one to complete the process. 

Hopefully, one of the methods mentioned above assisted you in changing the name on the Alaska Airlines ticket. If you have found any issues while performing the same, it is suggested to get a human at Alaska Airlines Customer Service to get immediate assistance. 

How Much is the Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee? 

As per Alaska Airlines Name Change/Correction policy, passengers can change names within 24 hours of purchasing for free. However, if you exceed the time limit, it is a must to pay the fee for changing the name on the Alaska ticket. 

You must pay $125 as the Alaska Airlines name change fee, whether you wish to make a minor or major correction to your ticket. 

However, you can prevent paying the name change fee if you are a Gold 75K Mileage Plan or MVP Gold member. 

What is the Alaska Mileage Plan Name Change Program? 

Everybody would love to prevent themselves from paying the name change fee to any airline. Gladly, Alaska Airlines offers a special mileage plan program with marvelous features. You can use this program during purchasing or upgrading your flight tickets on Alaska Airlines. 

If you must change the name Alaska airlines mileage plan, dial the Customer Service Phone Number. This way, you can get a travel agent’s immediate guidance to change the ticket’s name.

What are the Restrictions for Alaska Change Name on Ticket? 

Sometimes, Alaska Airlines name correction/change policy doesn’t work for a few passengers. In such cases, you must be aware of the things before changing the name on your ticket. Here, we have discussed some of the limitations of changing the character of the Alaska Ticket.

  • Traveling with the incorrect name on your ticket may lead to the cancellation of the flight ticket on Alaska Airlines. 
  • There might be a hindrance while boarding if the traveler’s name should not match the identity card. As a result, Alaska Airlines may cancel your flight by assuming you are not the original flier. 
  • It would be best if you rectified the name on your passport and then rectified it on the Alaska Airlines ticket. 

For additional information on Alaska Airlines Change name on ticket, get in touch with one of the representatives at the airline, or visit their official website.

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