Turkish Airlines Upgrade Seat!

Have you ever been in the premium travel class of Turkish Airlines? No! You are definitely missing out on the most luxurious travel experience. Opt for the Turkish Airlines upgrade seat to make the most of your journey in the air. These travel classes are embellished with incredible amenities for your convenience. 

Everyone wants to enjoy his journey to the fullest. But sometimes the budget doesn’t allow you to book tickets in these classes. With Turkish Airlines, traveling amidst luxury has become so much easier. You can purchase an upgrade at lower fares to save on your expenses. 

However, there is some important information regarding this that you must explore. Let’s check out the following information. 

How much does it Cost to Upgrade to Business Class Seats on Turkish Airlines?

If you are willing to initiate the Turkish Airlines points upgrade procedure, then start collecting miles now. Turkish Airlines facilitates to its flyer, To upgrade to Business Class from Economy, you will need 25,000 miles and have to pay $350 One Way. However, if you have a flexible ticket, then you can upgrade your seat to 15,000 miles with no extra cost.  

However, this fee may vary depending upon your status and other factors. But you will definitely have to pay a fee. Moreover, you can connect with airline executives if you have any doubts regarding the seat upgrade procedure. The assigned agent will clear all your doubts. 

How to request a Turkish Airlines upgrade seat?

Do you have a Turkish Airlines Economy Class ticket? Yes, then the next step for you would be checking the upgrade. If you don’t wish to compromise your comfort, then upgrade your seat to Business Class. 

Moreover, you don’t need to follow some intricate procedures for the Turkish Airlines seat upgrade. Just open the official site, and perform some clicks conveniently. Additionally, the site has a customer-friendly interface to make your search process easier. Steps to follow on the official site are-

  • Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines. 
  • Proceed further and log in to your account. 
  • After that, you need to access the manage booking section to check out your reservation details. 
  • Find out the “edit” option, followed by the “upgrade” button. 
  • Follow the instructions appearing on your screen to upgrade your seat quickly. 

In addition to this, you can connect with the airline executive to initiate the upgrade procedure. The airline officials will help you instantly so that you have the best on-board experience. 

How to upgrade Turkish Airlines with miles?

Do you have points in your account? Well, you can use them to get an upgrade with the airline. You mils have the capability to take you to the comfort of Business Class. If you are a member of Miles&Smiles, then you have permission to upgrade your Economy ticket to Business Class. Turkish Airlines points upgrade is an easy and quick procedure. 

However, you must own a valid flight ticket to enjoy an upgrade. Make sure you have an issued ticket and a confirmed reservation. To get an upgrade with your miles, you have access manage booking option and apply the required number of miles to your booking. 

Moreover, one can visit the sales office or get in touch with the airline executive over the call. Additionally, you are allowed to get a last-minute upgrade also. 

Can I upgrade the Turkish flight at the last minute?

Yes, the airline permits its travelers to upgrade their seats at the last minute. But you have to do it at the check-in counters of the airline. This service is not available online. If you have an Economy ticket, then visit the check-in counter, and talk to the airline agent regarding this. 

There should have enough miles in your account and available seats in the cabin. Use your miles to upgrade without any hassle, and go on the most luxurious trip ever. 


Use the Turkish Airlines seat upgrade option, and enhance the joy of your journey. Call us to avail assistance regarding the upgrade process. 

Can I upgrade my seat on Turkish Airlines?

For $350 and 25,000 miles one way, every passenger in economy class may upgrade to a luxurious and comfy business class seat. If you have a flex-ticket, you will only be charged 15,000 miles and will not be charged any further fees.

Can you add miles after a Turkish Airlines flight?

Depending on how traveled, some flights may take longer to confirm than others. To complete this procedure, you must also make a query by providing a few details. Details include : the flight number, flight date, booking class, route, and a ticket number. Moreover, once the system validates your flight it will automatically add Miles to your account.

How do I upgrade on Turkish Airlines?

If you’re a member of Miles&Smiles, you may upgrade your Economy ticket to Business Class and enjoy all of the benefits. However, you must have a valid, paid Business Class or Economy Class ticket that accumulates Miles and is for a confirmed reservation to upgrade to the following flight class.

How To Get a Free Upgrade To Business Class Turkish Airlines?

The airline has built a cabin for business class travelers with a joyful experience. You can experience award-winning meals, the newest in-flight entertainment, and comfy chairs. A traveler can earn extra miles under the Miles & Smiles program by traveling in business class. 

What are the different classes on Turkish Airlines?

When reserving a Turkish Airlines ticket, you’ll see three distinct booking classifications available: promotion, semi-flexible, and flexible.

Can I use Star Alliance miles on Turkish Airlines?

As a Miles&Smiles member, you may spend Miles on upgrading yourself or a loved one (there is no requirement to fly together) on Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance partner airlines flights.

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