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On the western society island of French Polynesia, these groups of Bora Bora islands are found. Bora Bora is as fancy as it sounds and remains a dream travel vacation spot for travelers. 

Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia is twelve square miles in size, and quite popular among travel enthusiasts due to the variety of activities one can experience.

The South Pacific Destination is absolutely astonishing and pure heaven. The extraordinary blue of the sky barely rivals the excellent color of the water here. 

The place is an activity giant; offering travelers the chance to experience a 4×4 safari, experience thrilling shark feedings, dive in a natural underwater park among corals and fish, swim and sunbathe at white sandy beaches, or circle the turquoise lagoon by boat.

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What to do when visiting Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia?

Visit Matira Beach

Matira Beach on the Bora Bora Island is quite a gem for travel enthusiasts. It is the only beach that is accessible to the public. 

Many magazines have quoted about the beach that it is the best beach in the world. Undoubtedly, this place with pristine shore and powdered sand kissing the water deserves to be visited. 

Martina beach is undoubtedly a place of dreams to visit. Words can be enough to explain the beauty and enchantingness of this place.

BORA BORA, EXPLORING the spectacular MATIRA BEACH and the turquoise color of the sea By Vic Stefanu – World Travels and Adventures

Visit this place, and you will forget all your tensions, and why not? It is the main reason why one plans a vacation in the first place.

Best Place to Stay – Four Season Resort Bora Bora

In these sand-covered idylls in the shadows of Mount Otemanu, you will be welcomed by overwater bungalows and underwater adventures. 

Four Seasons Resort is considered as one of the best places where people are offered with world-class amenities and the best possible stay in Bora Bora island. 

Simply lose yourself in the lagoon facility, where the waters stream with colorful corals and exotic reef and have a refreshed and relaxed time. Marvel at the Tahitian night sky, or toast sunsets from your private plunge pool.

So, have a pleasant time at the Bora Bora Resort; if you wish to stay at the resort, then check the Four Seasons Resorts Bora Bora prices from the official website.

Land Activities in Bora Bora

Go off the road and explore the tropical islands of Bora Bora with 4×4 Jeep safaris. Head towards the Mount Otemanu or Mount Pahia and trek or circle the island and take a closer look at the history and life of Bora Bora.

You can also do some land activities to understand more about Tahitian Island. Various tour operators have 4×4 safaris for specially designed range rovers, which give you a chance to spot archaeologic sites in Bora Bora, US canons installed during World War II, including Maraes (Tahitian religious sites), and pearl farms.

Water Sports in Bora Bora

Apart from the land activities, you can have fun with a wide range of water and underwater sports availability, such as canoeing, speed boating, snorkeling, jet ski, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and much more.

It is worth exploring the bright turquoise waters in the lagoon. Get a kissing trip down the river and have a mesmerizing experience of getting so close to aquatic life with a wide range of different water activities, such as diving, snorkeling, or a coral garden tour. 

If you are an animal lover, then Lagoonarium is the place for you; go to the Lagoonarium and experience a spell-bound feeling by Shark and Stingray feeding. Circling the island on the lagoon is an activity no one should miss, with options of kayaking, speed boating, jet ski, canoeing, etc. 

Some people also enjoy deep sea fishing, kiteboarding, and parasailing.

We hope you find the above-written information satisfactory. Visit Bora Bora Island to experience an out of the world feeling in the upcoming holiday season. 

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What’s the Best Time of Year to Visit Bora Bora?

The best time to visit Bora Bora is between May and October because there are more festivals, less humidity, and greater availability of cruise dates during these times. 

How Many Day’s the Required to visit Bora Bora?

  • 3 to 4 days are enough to enjoy Bora Bora Place.

How Much Should I Budget for Bora Bora? 

The average budget is $(800 to 1200) and up per night. 

What is the Cheapest Month to fly Bora Bora?

  •  April

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