What is the 9 dollar fare club on Spirit Airlines?

Are you looking for extra savings on your air travel? Yes, then there is a reason to smile for you as Spirit Airlines has come up with a special program for the ease of its passengers. This incredible program is known as Spirit $9 fare club, and it is introduced for budget-finance travelers. They can access this program and get hands on affordable fares to fly at the lowest fares to their dream destinations. Spirit is a very kind airline, and it understands its customers’ concerns very well. Therefore, it keeps releasing some jaw-dropping discounts and phenomenal sales for its passengers. To know everything about this program, let’s proceed further. 

What is the Spirit $9 fare club? 

In addition to continuous sales, and low airfares, Spirit Airlines offers a paid plan for its customers. This club facilitated passengers with incredible discounts so that they could save millions of dollars on their travel expenses. Membership of this program is worth it if you frequently fly with the airline. Moreover, if you want to book group travel, then this option is perfect. Plenty of benefits are associated with this program, and you can enjoy additional savings with it. It offers discounts on vacation packages, air tickets, baggage, etc. So go ahead, and purchase a subscription to Spirit 9 fare club at the earliest. 

  • Subscription renewal

Every year, the subscription to this program is renewed automatically. You will be provided a one-month notice period prior to changing the credit card the airline has on file. This monthly notice will keep reminding you of all the benefits that you can avail as a member of the $9 Fare Club. Use all these advantages, and save maximum on your booking. 

  • Average savings

If you are thinking about how much money you can save through this program, then Spirit Airlines has the answer to this question. According to the airline, this program can help a member to enjoy $75 per reservation, on average. 

Being a member of this program would be very beneficial for you. Especially if you are a penny-pincher, you must buy a subscription to this program. 

If you can’t pay for the full membership of Spirit fare club, you can go for the trial program. It will be for two months, and you can renew it later on. You will have to pay $19.95 for this. For full membership, $69.95 is needed.

Benefits of Spirit $9 fare club

Among plenty of benefits of this fantastic program, some are mentioned below. 

  • After purchasing its subscription, you can extend your savings up to 8 other passengers. 
  • You get access to exclusive vacation packages through this club. 
  • Another benefit would be saving on your baggage fees. You can save up to 50% on your baggage if you are a member of this program. Make sure to give your $9 Fare Club member number to use this advantage.
  • If you wish to book your seat in advance, you are eligible to save on that also. 

With all these benefits, Spirit 9 Fare Club makes your journey a delightful experience. 

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