Flight cancellations can never entertain anyone, especially when it is urgent to reach your destination. If you are also stuck in the same situation and compelled to cancel a Silver Airways flight, check out the Silver Airways cancellation policy. 

Well, most bookings can be canceled online, and you can ask for a refund from the airline. As per the Silver Airways cancellation policy, you can change or cancel the flights by calling the Silver Airways customer service number between 6 am and 9 pm EST. Read the complete guide to know the cancellation process of Silver Airways. 

Know About Silver Airways Cancellation Policy 

It is essential to check out the Silver Airways cancellation policy before canceling your flight ticket. If you are looking for the same, get through the information below. Here’s everything you need to learn about the cancellation policy of Silver Airways. 

  • You can only claim a refund on canceling the refundable tickets as per the Silver Airways cancellation policy. If you have bought the non-refundable ticket, you should contact the airline regarding the refund on it. 
  • Silver Airways allows you to cancel the flight online and offline at your convenience. 
  • You need to pay for canceling the flight on Silver Airways as per its cancellation policy. 

In case you have queries related to the cancellation policy, it would be better to take the assistance of a live person by contacting Silver Airways customer service. 

Silver Airways 24 hours Cancellation Policy 

Well, it is easy to cancel your flight on Silver Airways under its 24 hours cancellation policy. To get the complete details, read the following information. Note that the Silver Airways 24 hours cancellation policy applies only to the tickets purchased from the United States. 

  • You are allowed to cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, according to Silver Airways 24 hours of booking. 
  • You can claim the full refund on the tickets purchased a week or more before the flight departure. 

Call the Silver Airways Customer Service Number if you want further information about the cancellation policy. This way, you can take the assistance of a live person when canceling your flight ticket. 

How Much are the Silver Airways Cancellation Fees? 

Before looking for the procedure to cancel your flight, it is crucial to know how much does it cost to cancel Silver Airways flights. Below, we have included all the relevant information about Silver Airways cancellation fees. 

Now, you should look into the following information to know the flight cancellation fees on Silver Airways. 

  • If you cancel the flight after 2 hours of booking, it is mandatory to pay an amount between USD 100 and USD 500. 
  • And if you cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase, $100 – $400 will be charged as the cancellation fee. 

You should dial the customer service phone number anytime to know further details regarding the Silver Airways flight cancellation. 

How to Cancel My Flight on Silver Airways? 

Is there any sudden change in your travel plan? No worries, as flight cancellations are quite common and understood by Silver Airways. The airline allows you to cancel flights both online and offline hassle-free. Here, you can get step-by-step instructions to cancel your reservations on Silver Airways.

Change Silver Airways Flight Online 

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Silver Airways from any browser. 
  • Choose Sign in and enter your login credentials to proceed with the ticket cancellation. 
  • After that, enter your booking confirmation number and the passenger’s last name. 
  • Click the Flight| Hotel | Car tab from the top of the homepage. 
  • Now, you will be redirected to a new page from where you click the Manage Silver Airways Reservations link. 
  • Next, select the Manage Reservations option and tap on the Silver Airways Cancel Reservation option. 
  • Enter the Booking reservation code passenger’s first and last name. 
  • Click the continue option and check your entered Silver Airways booking details. 
  • In case you have booked the round trip, it is mandatory to cancel the whole trip. 
  • If you want to check the refund status, click the Travel Funds option. Here, you can also check whether your ticket is refundable or non-refundable. 
  • Finally, choose Yes to confirm the flight cancellation on Silver Airways. 

Cancel Silver Airways over a call 

  • Dial Silver Airways Customer Service Phone Number 801-401-9100 to cancel your flight. 
  • Once your call gets connected, provide all your booking details to the live person. 
  • Next, request the live representative to cancel your Silver Airways flight ticket. 
  • Now, you need to check your refund options.

Flight Cancellation at the Airport.

  • Initially, visit the nearest airport or where you have planned to board the flight. 
  • Next, you have to visit the Silver Airways Airport Ticket Office. 
  • Here, talk to a live person face to face and ask them to cancel your booking. 
  • The refund money will be credited to the same card that you used to complete the transaction. 

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